Friday, November 5, 2021

Rockaway's long belated and selective resiliency concern

Impunity City 

 Climate change was somewhat kind to New York City this year compared to the devastation that continues to happen in other states and nations with tropical storms, hurricanes and tornadoes and the apocalyptic hell fires that are happening frequently in California;  although with the exception of the remnants of Hurricanes Henri and Ida causing record amounts of water vomiting from the sky which led to destruction and sad deaths of the city’s lower income citizens here. Mostly because of the record heat NYC has received this year, with the hottest July on record, this mild weather has also led to what will sure to be the warmest October in this city in 2021, which comes to mind the last time summer stuck around for another month in 2012 when the pleasant weather gave way to the kraken that was Hurricane Sandy a few days before Halloween.

 Sandy laid destruction and death of her own in a 24 hours across the coastal towns and areas and updated flood zones of the five boroughs, notably in Rockaway Beach where she destroyed the entire boardwalk 9 years ago. But with funding from FEMA,  it took a few years to build another boardwalk, this time with rebar and concrete to replace all the wood that was reduced to kindle and also billions of pounds of sand for dunes. This led to longer treks to find some real estate to lay your towels and coolers down on the beach, but at least it provided protection from the hostile waters of the Atlantic that has been rising and eroding the shores of the peninsula for years before that bitch Sandy arrived.

 And nigh a decade later, Rockaway Beach’s shore is in dire straits again. Most evident on the most conveniently accessed and popular beach area at Beach 98 st., the boardwalk entrance ramp to the sand is more fit for kayaking than a path for sunbathing.












SEERofZOG said...

This is directed at Impunity City, not our gallant host.

"Climate change was somewhat kind to New York City this year"

That's not how it works, and indeed totally invalidates the CO2 theory. C02 is continually rising, yet global "heat" goes up and down, up and down, every year. This totally contradicts the global warming theory (aka totally bs climate models).

"compared to the devastation that continues to happen in other states and nations with tropical storms, hurricanes and tornadoes"

There are no more of these than ever before. Hurricanes, to take one example, are driven by the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation which is a natural 50 to 60 year cycle. You have no idea what you're talking about.

"and the apocalyptic hell fires that are happening frequently in California"

This is entirely due to poor forest management, which is to say non-existent forest management, thanks to Green fanaticism. Even so, there was way more wildfire damage in the 20s and 30s than there is today. Again, you have no idea what you're talking about.

"Mostly because of the record heat NYC has received this year, with the hottest July on record"

Again, not true and based on the usual distorted data coming from NOAA. Even using their deceptive reporting, NOAA’s “July hottest month ever” claim was both exaggerated and deceptive because it was based on a trivial and miniscule 0.01 degrees C above the prior July NOAA peak monthly anomaly measurements which occurred in years 2020, 2019 and 2016.

Lol! 0.01 degrees! HOTTEST EVAH!

And meaningless anyway. One particular month temperature anomaly means nothing, and in any case these have been steadily declining since 2016.

So what are you going to say when we have a very cold winter this year, which is likely given the La Nina condition.

Oh, yeah, you just spew the lies you hear from the media and don't have the slightest idea what's actually happening.

lipper LLC said...

thank you and holyshit.

JQ LLC said...


I am impunity city and thanks for calling me gallant. And it's your city too and while July's temperature was miniscule, I was correct and it's coming off two consecutive years of record jumps (and has been rising for quite a while), the impact it's having on the antarctic and rising sea levels cannot be understated.

And I don't base my takes on the media, I've been following independent and nature sites for decades. I didn't need Al Gore or celebrities to influence my thinking on the climate crisis that exists, although I do see your point where hyperbole can diminish the reports or data about it. Which is why I did this post. And why I let the pictures tell most of the story.

Thanks for your contributions but you should change your handle, getting a lot of antisemite comments about it.

Anonymous said...

Climate change and global warming issues are nothing new throughout the many climatic cycles of earthly events. Case in point: Forty thousand years ago, Greenland was a tropical climate. Likewise, there are other regions of the globe that were tropical, like Greenland, and many millions of years later, they have completely shifted to cycles of dramatic difference from those earliest cycles of major climate shifts.

Admittedly, scientists will never agree on the many theorems that are still in constant debate, but one fact is certain: The ONLY permanence with climate, like life, is CHANGE! (Whereas, there are contributing, ecological factors regarding humankind and their larger carbon footprints that may impose certain adverse effects on our global climate cycles, the depth of such impactment has not been sufficiently studied for impirical results to prevail.)

georgetheatheist said...

Yes. He should change his "handle". He makes interesting points which go by the wayside with that gratuitous ZOG moniker.

NPC_translator said...

Fair enough! I knew you were gallant. And you're wrong about the climate thing, but this is not the place for such an argument, as we have other fish to fry.

As for the handle, I'm kind of tired of the bleating myself. Ok already, I'll change it!

PS - Your monthly crime and mayhem rundowns on Impunity City are friggin' classic.

Anonymous said...

Well, people get what they vote for. Vote for climate change deniers, and nothing gets done. Joe Manchin getting his $$$ from the coal industry couldn't care one cent for Rockaway Beach. Kristen S and the entire Republican Party likewise.

The city shouldn't pay one cent to protect Breezy Point and Fascist (I mean Staten) Island. These people vote for Trump and other climate deniers, let their homes flood come the next hurricane, and leave them flooded.

As for the BlindManOfZOG, I couldn't be bothered reading his nonsense. Time for him to get a real job and get out of his mothers basement.

Anonymous said...

@getting a lot of antisemite comments about it.

To discredit you and everybody here. Smear tactics of the commies.
As far as climate change goes, the Sun is in charge. Pollution is not to be confused with climate change. There are super documentaries with the best experts in the world, not some IPCC jockeys.
News too all, according to the latest data warming has been detected as far as Pluto!

Don't get fooled, the globalist want carbon tax. The biggest polluters.
CO2 is 0.4% of the atmospheric gases. Without carbon no life.
Globalists are against live as we can all see now clearly.

Excellent documentary:

Anonymous said...

@Vote for climate change deniers, and nothing gets done.

Polluters. Climate change has been going on for billions of years.
Ban coal? Ok. Offer an alternative. I'm all for it.

Anonymous said...

If all the sand disappears where are the Dems going to put there heads ?

Anonymous said...

Its still good, maybe better with the erosion because you have more privacy because the cops & shitheads can get down. It also traps the sound people don't even know your down there.
We went to the annual party and Warrior's movie viewing on the beach.
Lots of people smoking pot and mushrooms, it was just like back in the 1970s. Nobody gave a shit, nobody bothered anybody. Then a full cleanup, every beer can, cup and piece of trash as if nothing happened.

Agreed, The city shouldn't pay one cent to protect Breezy Point.
Those people call the cops on everybody else then go do the same things only WORSE like getting piss drink, DWI, Wife beatings. Very strange considering Breezy is this colony of hard drinking racists, wall streeters, firemen and other civil service people already living good, with golden parachutes and pensions off the city and other people money. Most all of them Irish, the worst alcoholic's in the NYCPD and FD !! Worst brat boozing teenagers also!!
The inner city coloreds in Rockaway have nothing on those brats who give "daddys" badge number and walk whenever they get in trouble.
The city should be protecting us from THEM considering all the DWI relate accidents on Rockaway Point Blvd ---always heading west into Breezy!!
Fff_ Breezy Point, and the Crowleys

Anonymous said...

@"Yes. He should change his "handle". He makes interesting points which go by the wayside with that gratuitous ZOG moniker."

Hmmmm. Seems GTH and BlindManOfZOG are one and the same person.

Prove me wrong ....

Anonymous said...

Climate Engineering Documentary !

Disgruntled Citizen said...

What’s with all the hate on Breezy Point? The criminals are mad because the inhabitants won’t allows themselves to be made victims.
It’s White Hate! Breezy Point is a privately owned Co-op. And yes like the rest of the City affected by Hurricane Sandy they received FEMA & Build it Back Grants.As they should! Like every other home owner in NYC who got government assistance.

And no, they don’t want it made into a dangerous ghetto that’s been creeping down from Mott Avenue.
How about you spot light convicted felons who live in and commandeer Hammels, Redfern and Bayview Towers for drug dealing, pimping, loan sharking, breeding pit bulls and gun running?
These people are destroying Rockaway faster than the Ocean is eroding the beach.The sand can be replaced.
There are more and more shelters full of mentally ill drug addicts being dumped in Rockaway.
If anyone picked up garbage on the beach it was not anyone from Hammels, Redfern or Bayview Towers. They’re too busy selling fentanyl, the drug of choice that kills many Rockaway residents.

Molly Malone said...

If Anon with the Irish Hate feels so unsafe by Breezy Point or on any road leading to or from it perhaps he best stay himself on Mott Avenue and not wander too far afield.
In that area His dog may be robbed at gunpoint, he may be hit with a stray bullet but he will be safe from those he’s misrepresenting.
He may be robbed or become a junkie but
he won’t have to put up with the sound of bagpipes or Danny Boy anymore.
There are two kinds of people in the world, those who are Irish and those who wish they were Irish.
In the meantime the Atlantic is busy dragging the beach under. Won’t be long until the Ocean meets the Bay again.

Anonymous said...

@Molly Malone
The guy who hates the Irish is an equal opportunity bigot who often posts under the handle "Joe" from Orchard Beach. He has an echo chamber who often posts under the handle "Zoe", who is also an equal opportunity bigot, and hates the Irish just as much as Joe. But at least they hate everyone else too, except for themselves I presume.
Anyway, it's OK to hate the Irish, as you explained. We're not a protected species like Jews, Italians, African Americans, Asians etc. We can handle the hate, cause we know who we are and couldn't be bothered with Amadans.

Joe said...

"He has an echo chamber"

Actually I have two !
A Roland 301 Space echo, the other is a Maestro Echoplex. The older model with the 12AX7 tube.
Don't bother looking them up you cant afford them.

My comments on Breezy and all those Irish politicians living in that Balkanize sandpit (an other places) are based on experience and consider those comments already sugarcoated.
We also hate bagpipes and the Catholic church having both been victims of Irish priests and nuns in parochial school. Age 7 or 8 those bastards hit me and other kids with sticks, bats, Even killed one kid for being disruptive, Small black kid named George turned out He had a brain tumor and was having a seizer. They banged his head against a blackboard "here clown" till blood came out his nose. He was then dead!!!
Zoe was molested an assaulted by nuns.
No we have the church importing and flooding our neighborhoods with problem people and illegals.
Oh how the Irish (including Irish Catholic Cops) defend and protect such criminals and church to the end with their lives yet have the balls to call organized business and Italians criminals?
Its called brainwash sickness.
I have good justified reason, actually several pages of it.

Hey, even the Mafia and crazy Albanians don't prey on women, children and the sick.


georgetheatheist said...

Nothing against the Irish, but I hate bagpipes too. ("Too much squealing Dick and you can't dance to it.") I like an Italian feast band and German oompah.They use real musical instruments.

Joe said...

Molly Malone AKA: Liz Crowleys sister writes "Joe" from Orchard Beach.

Stupid, picking fights and demagaga bullshit must run in the family.
No homes or residential in Orchard beach stupid, its park and part of the Pelham Bay Park City Island Protected Wetlands.
I live on City Island now.

Anonymous said...

Climate HOAX 2021 aka COP26 Glasgow, where Brandon released methane around the Duchess of Cornwall

Tax his ass! First-Fart-in-Chief.

Zoë said...

Hey, what do I have to do with this St.Patricks day, Breezy Point crap?
St.Patricks day
It's cool to celebrate. It's not cool to be a drunken douche-bag. St. Patrick's Day was a holy day in Ireland to pray, now its a day for drunk people to vomit with their pants down in pubic.
Im not racist, Every ethnicity has it ticks but I never want to see a bunch of drunk white guys screaming while dressed up as dragons on Chinese New Year either.

Stop puking on people. Stop picking fights.
Breezy Point? My grandparents lived in Breezy Point when it was Italian and Polish. The Irish ran them out with this CoOp colony you have now.

Hey, How about I propose holiday excuse for other types of asshole's too?
April Fool's Day would be great redo. Hmmmm..How about the one day trannys run around this city picking up guys. Guys would love it. Take em home the "girl" gets undressed and shouts, "April Fool's! That wasn't my cell phone you felt in my pocket! It's my@%#^@ pen!s and it's a big one!"


Grace O’Malley said...

If it weren’t for the Irish there wouldn’t be a USA.
Where’s the gratitude? I sense a lot of jealousy and envy on this thread.
All of your boring and barely able to read commenters who had a fiesta of Irish Hatred moment are simply talking into a mirror about your own self loathing. When you point a finger three are pointing back at you.
Rockaway aka the Irish Rivera, will be sliding into the Ocean Soon. It’s being pushed by the Democratic controlled Community Board, real estate developers and the drug dealers who commandeer all of the NYCHA projects starting with Hammels.
Any minute now that concrete monstrosity that you call a boardwalk will be on its way to Cork.
But chirren don’t fret, the S Shuttle train is above ground you can take it as the waters rise.

Anonymous said...

The Joe and Zoe show is a regular event on QC. Mix that in with other assorted bigots like George T Idiot, Blind Man of ZOG and a few more Right Wing “Doofii”.

Anonymous said...

The pissed of liberals and socialists are going full time here.
Rockaway aka the Irish Rivera, will be sliding into the Ocean Soon. It’s being pushed by the Democratic controlled Community Board

Rivera? It looks like some kind of run down Cuban Alameda de Paula promenade hell to me.
Good, let the ocean take it all.
The good news is people here can learn from this:
Same shit in Montauk, It starts with accepting illegal immigration because the Irish all have many family's members who did the same thing.
Then you have pope and church preaching "god is watching you welcome the stranger" Catholic guilt and sin complex atop action.
Refuse birth control (god is watching) have 4 or more kids on a $50K household income then complain "hard times in Ireland" need $$, daycare help, hire & house cheap illegal domestic help and let their family come in too. Now need a bigger house, dig out the cellars then complain about flooding, then houses bigger with additions, schools bursting, complaining and democrat voting.
Yea, Yea, yea we heard it all a million times.
Woodside, then Sunnyside, College Point, Breezy and Montauk all destroyed by generations of the same family's making bad choices.
Many of these bad US Citizens are worse then the illegals.
Elect more who promises you free stuff and magic fix's in exchange for your vote. Yeah, Keep digging a deeper hole !!
What a dam shame, we all have so many good memory's of Rockaway during the 1960s and 70s. I would rather see the sea take it then the savages.