Friday, November 5, 2021

Residents raise ruckus over displacement of theater synagogue and diner for luxury tower

NY Post

More than 3,500 residents have signed a petition to save the beloved Ohr Natan Synagogue — housed in an Art Deco-style building with an iconic clock tower — and the Trylon Theater & Tower Diner in Rego Park, according to a petition.

The project was hotly debated at a Community Board 6 meeting Wednesday evening.

“This is one of the most cultural, social, significant, historical, and architectural sites of the community,” the petition proclaims. “The redevelopment plan would not only demolish historic buildings, but uproot a synagogue providing religious & humanitarian services, and likely pose an economic hardship on all the small businesses in the area.”

During the public hearing period at Wednesday night’s meeting, many locals voiced their opposition to the plan.

“This proposed change is not just disturbing, it is devastating,” Queens resident Carol Hagarty said in written testimony to the board.

“No accommodations are in place to preserve whatever is of historic, architectural, or social value on the block!” said Hagarty, who has lived in the area for over 40 years.

Another public commenter, Joanne Davis, wrote: “Build apartment buildings elsewhere. Raze ugly square buildings. Do not destroy this beautiful building.”


SEERofZOG said...

"This proposed change is not just disturbing, it is devastating,” Queens resident Carol Hagarty

Lol! The Irish lady is trying to save the synagogue from the Jewish developer. Only in New York!


"Jewisn developer" See? SEERofZOG = indeed an Anti-Semite.

NPC_translator said...

Like you really don’t see the irony here?

Anonymous said...

The left says corrupt billionaires are the problem.
The right says corrupt government is the problem.
And I'm here like
You do realize corrupt billionaires are running the corrupt government, right?

Anonymous said...

"Beloved synagogue"?? Are people forgetting that this synagogue that happily destroyed what once was the Trylon Theatre and the wonderful exterior tiles???

Anonymous said...

Please another Bur

Anonymous said...

That whole block needs to be demolished.