Sunday, November 14, 2021

Far Rockaway school is the third "gold standard" school to shut down because of COVID infections


Village Academy in the Far Rockaway section of Queens will close Thursday after health department officials determined COVID-19 is spreading in the school, according to the education department.

It is the second New York City public school closed this week, and the third closure this school year.

As of Wednesday, city data show there had been nine partial classroom closures at the middle school, which shares a building with other schools. The school reported 14 cases among students over the past week and two among staff, according to state data.

Students will transition to remote learning for the next 10 days and can return to in-person learning on Nov. 22. Any student without a device can pick one up tomorrow at the school.

The co-located schools will remain open.

“We do not hesitate to take action to keep school communities safe and our multi-layered approach to safety has kept our positivity rate extremely low,” Department of Education spokesperson Katie O’Hanlon said in an email. “All staff at DOE are vaccinated and all students at Village Academy have access to a device to ensure live, continuous learning.”

The closure was announced on the same day that P.S. 166 was shuttered. The school, which sits on the border of Long Island City and Astoria in Queens, saw 22 students and three staff members test positive since Nov. 3.

The fact that there have been so few closures this year, “speaks volumes to all the precautions that were taken to create a safe environment,” Mayor Bill de Blasio said at a press conference on Wednesday.


Anonymous said...

Let's all meet back here in five years and see what shape Public Schools (colleges and universities too)
are in then.

If parents knew THEIR history, they would understand that public schools were set-up for purposes of control. Education itself has a totally different purpose. Education is to teach how to research, how to think critically and how to apply knowledge. And not that grades or money come first.

Your kids getting any of that?

These kinds of closures are the beginning of the death knell for public education. In five years School Choice will allow an entirely different landscape and Public Schools will be a small minority.

Can't wait!

NPC_translator said...

"The school reported 14 cases among students"

No. Actually, the school reported 14 likely false positive tests from the fraudulent PCR testing regime. Did any of the students have symptoms? If not, they are not a "case." COVID is the first time in history we have declared "cases" for people who are non-symptomatic, and the same person gets counted over and over. The "case-demic" was part of how they fooled all the rubes into thinking Covid was a problem.

I'll say it again: if we never had lockdowns, media hysteria, etc., and life just went on as usual, you'd never even know something different was going on. Because nothing was.

Anonymous said...

Debozio and the DOE are at it again.
How will the Sheeple deal with this ?
How is this good for the environment ? More buses, cars ,trains, traffic...
DOE eliminates zoned high school option that guaranteed neighborhood seats

Anonymous said...

Simple folks, UTF and the crew don't want to work.
The vaccines don't work either, hence boosters are required.
In reality NPC is right, the virus is a bunch of baloney, the clot shot is the problem, spike proteins enhanced in labs are bio weapons and the RT-PCR Drosten tests are nothing, but outright fraud.
Could it be that the powers to be want to knock off a few people since 2008 they did nothing , but steal and corrupt everything in sight? You know, like 401k-s, pension funds, etc.
Social Security is slated to be ZERO in 2026.
When this comes out a lot of people will be very upset.
But hey, enjoy your bike lanes, inflation and the yoyo in charge.
We still have football, cheap beer and pizza. Life is good.

Anonymous said...

When schools close, the UFT wins!

Anonymous said...

Fuck the UFT !

ron s said...

Re: NPC "I'll say it again: if we never had lockdowns, media hysteria, etc., and life just went on as usual, you'd never even know something different was going on. Because nothing was"

I think the families of 750,000 dead people would disagree. But maybe you missed that. Or maybe OAN didn't cover it.

Anonymous said...

@"Simple folks, UTF and the crew don't want to work."

Says some commie clown living on welfare.

NPC_translator said...

"I think the families of 750,000 dead people would disagree."

Nearly 3 million people die every year. At least half (probably more) of the 750K so-called Covid deaths would have died anyway. More than half were over 75 years old. Had we acted like adults, all you would have seen in the press are stories like "Flu outbreak kills 20 in local nursing home." That's it.

So yeah, while it's sad if your granny happened to die three months sooner, from a societal point of view it's totally meaningless. The lockdowns have resulted in more deaths, and those will continue for a long time. Vaccines are now causing increasing numbers of deaths as well. And this whole time, we've had effective and cheap therapies that were shut down so Pfizer millionaires could become billionaires. And the new Pfizer "miracle" pill, for like $300 a pop, works with the exact same action (only not as well) as Ivermectin, for 6 cents a pop.

Wake up, rube.

Anonymous said...

@Says some commie clown living on welfare.

Meaning the commie asshole living of mommy's welfare.

Anonymous said...


I think you are full of shit.
2019, do you know how many people died, because of the flu?
You cult members are really pathetic.

Anonymous said...

I think the families of 75,000 dead people would disagree. But maybe you missed that. Or maybe OAN didn't cover it.

Monday, November 15, 2021

There-that's more accurate.