Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Donnie Richards brings civics to students

Queens Post 

 The Queens borough president has launched a new initiative to educate high schoolers about city government and the importance of civic engagement.

The borough president’s office is sending in staff into Queens high schools to teach students about the role city officials and elected leaders play in local government, as well as how city government can address quality-of-life issues.

The initiative, dubbed “Civics in the Classroom,” is being offered to one high school per week. The program kicked off this morning at Bayside High School.

Queens Borough President Donovan Richards joined the school’s principal, Tracy Martinez, and hosted a discussion in front of hundreds of students about the importance of voting and getting involved in one’s community.

Richards said that while the younger generation is leading many political movements, there are many young people who are not engaged with or educated about their local government.

“The youngest among us are courageously leading nationwide movements around systemic discrimination, gun violence, voting rights, climate change and more, giving us all so much hope for the future of our society,” he said in a statement. “But there are still far too many young people who are unaware of their power or unsure of their place in our city,”

This was Curtis Sliwa's idea.


Gino said...

“Civics in the Classroom”
Translation: Communism Class or Democratic Socialist Organizing Committees as they did in California and Seattle Washington. (And look what that gotten them)
UFT/Teachers have already been dishing out stealth communism and gas lighting our kids "your parents & grandparents way of earning things via blood, sweat and hard work is no good anymore" for decades but this will be over the top.
The teachings will be progressive biased and make young people hate the elder, capitalism and this country even more.
Its seems all these politicians hate America, want to erase it and create a new one.
It started with removing statues and renaming roads and bridges after fellow democrats.
Thomas Jefferson and photo of Richard Nixon banned and booted from City Hall?
How about we ban George Washington, American History and replace with statues of Comrade Stalin, Brezhnev, DeBlasio, both Cuomo's I & II and AOC next ?

After 30+ years plumbing, electrical and general contraction I had enough of this shit. I'm going to close shop, retire at 50 and just have fun. Maybe get drunk and say FUCK it because nobody wants to work, and homeowners are out of money anyway. The custom restorative work I have done around Ridgewood, Glendale and Maspeth will last more lifetimes as my legacy. I have enough $$ stashed. That Lamborghini on Northern Blvd looked good.


NPC_translator said...

I love how progressive half-wits think "talking to the students" accomplishes anything. So funny. As for his concerns...

"The youngest among us are courageously leading nationwide movements around systemic discrimination"

An imaginary problem for non-whites. An actual problem for whites.

"gun violence"

Blacks shooting blacks. Remove that, we have little problem.

"voting rights"

Not a real issue. Fraud is a real issue.

"climate change"


"and more, giving us all so much hope for the future of our society,”

Yes, because nothing provides more "hope for the future" then seeing the glazed over faces of a classroom of NYC dullards. Sorry, but the dusky third-world hordes in NYC schools only provide hope for future chock-full of corruption, ever declining living standards and third-world-ization of the nation.

Anonymous said...

Our “education” system is so bad. Kids today look down there pants and still don’t know what sex they are.

Gino said...

Kids today look down there pants and still don’t know what sex they are.
Hell, Their parents and I don't even know what they are either.
25 year old guys that cry and call momma when you tell them GET TO FUCKING WORK or your fired for the 4th time. "Gino yelling at me again mom"
Many also think a credit cards are free, just run them up and don't pay.
The educators are telling these kids "you cant live like people did in the past, you will never afford anything" " Our way is redistribute wealth equally so it makes no difference if your Elon Musk, A doctor or home doing art, smoking dope and gaming.
Everybody equal, nothing to fight about.
Both Obama and Clinton: "Be you who want to be" "Don't worry, the government will force all those selfish skilled hardworking to pay, feed, house and share with you"
Now you have the older one side the street VS young loaded with hate & jealousy opposite because they want the same things without working 30+ years.

Anonymous said...