Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Dante de Blasio and his college pal his dad hired are producing propaganda videos to legitimize 34th Avenue open streets program and to make his daddy and mommy look good



 Dante de Blasio was first introduced to most New Yorkers when he appeared in a campaign ad for his father’s 2013 mayoral campaign, at age 15.

Now he’s moved behind the camera, bringing along a friend from Yale to shoot short video spots highlighting some of Bill de Blasio’s accomplishments as the two-term mayor gets ready to leave office and potentially launch a run for governor.

The first video focused on the “Open Streets” section of 34th Avenue in Jackson Heights, Queens, and was shared on the mayor’s official social media channels without mention of Dante’s involvement.

A person close to the production told THE CITY Dante actively worked on the spot.

“A registered volunteer [Dante] promoted a beloved city program alongside a qualified freelancer — they created a great video,” Danielle Filson, a spokeswoman for the mayor, said in an email in response to questions about the circumstances of the younger de Blasio’s working for City Hall.

 Filson said the freelancer was hired and paid through a temp agency used by the city for freelance projects, which she described as standard practice. The administration has worked with 20 video and photography freelancers over the years, she said, but declined to say how much he was being paid.

The freelance filmmaker happens to be James Nydam, who attended fellow Yale University at the same time as Dante de Blasio and has worked on at least two personal film projects with the mayor’s son. Their most recent production shot in August, according to Dante de Blasio’s social media accounts.


So this officially makes NYC's "gold standard" open street a total farce and it's a sure bet Blaz jr. also directed this dry heave in bodily motion


SEERofZOG said...

Speaking of Mayor, just got back from casting my likely pointless Republican votes in Queens. Things of note.

1. Walked right in. Zero line. Maybe two other people voting while I was there.

2. Wasn't wearing my Sacred Amulet of Karen (aka face mask) and nobody cared.

3. No ID check, of course! Lolz!!! I had my little voter card. So if you collect these from various people (e.g. nursing homes, people willing to sell it to you for some loosies, etc.) you could go from district to district and vote for whoever using their voting card. But we have the MOST HONEST elections ever!!! No way would anybody stoop to this totally obvious, uncatchable and simple form of cheating. No way.

4. Given what seems like a super-low turnout, if EVERY Sliwa voter bum-rushes the polls today, it might even be close! The question is, with Dems totally expecting a cake-walk, will they have set up the necessary vote stuffing teams? Hillary lost because she was too confident and didn't rev up the fraud engine. The Dems didn't make that mistake with Biden and cranked it to 11. What's happening in the Big Rotten Apple? Don't mind the maggots.

SEERofZOG said...

Why is that ugly man dancing?

Anonymous said...

You gotta be shittin' me? How much is that crap costing taxpayers???

Anonymous said...

About time he did something useful.

Anonymous said...

@Why is that ugly man dancing?

Man? What man? I don't see anyone man or woman.

Anonymous said...

What a Nutso city!