Thursday, November 25, 2021

Crappy Thanksgiving!



Disgruntled Citizen said...

I can’t unsee that. You’ve ruined my Thanksgiving … again, for the 8th year in a row.
Can’t we have one nice holiday without Dem bums?

Tom said...

Even a turkey has its head on straight.

JQ LLC said...


I probably should have put Blaz's head where the stuffing goes.

Anonymous said...

"I probably should have put Blaz's head where the stuffing goes."

Was gonna say the head goes the other way around!

Thanks JQ, still very funny!

Anonymous said...

De Blasio: Unvaccinated Will Be BANNED from Using NYC Subways

De Bolshevik should be banned from Planet Earth.
After a quick trial for violating the Geneva Convention, Nuremberg Code, Helsinki Declaration for starters.
Throw in Fauci (or Pfauci), Daszak, Baric, Gates and Schwab as a bonus.

Anonymous said...

New York is now Garbage City. Under the abysmally failed leadership of Mayor Chirlane, I mean
Heir Wilhelm, the imploding DNC has trashed everything beneficial to a functioning society where there is now unaccounability and mayhem in its wake, across the board. Nothing works here and it's impossible to be connected to a live public servant when all of the citywide switchboards are controlled by virtual automation that leaves its citizenry in a vortex of rage, helplessness and despair. Anyone who chooses to live in this crumbling town of lawlessness and vigilantism is most likely indigent and/or unable to escape the crushing red tape and bureaucratic maze that were created and engineered by the DNC henchmen themselves. DNC: Does Not Care - about democracy. And the lightly treading media puppets and stooges retreat into silence.