Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Eric Adams won

 PHOTO: New York democratic mayoral candidate Eric Adams wipes his eyes as he speaks to the media and supporters upon leaving a voting center after casting his ballot, in Brooklyn, New York, on Nov. 2, 2021.

ABC News

Democrat Eric Adams is projected by ABC News to win the New York City mayoral race.

The win, while expected in a city with many more registered Democrats than Republicans, makes some history as Adams is only the second Black mayor in the history of the city.

Curtis Sliwa, who founded the Guardian Angels as a response to crime in the subway in the 1970s and was later a political commentator, was the Republican nominee.

"This is is an amazing day, to reach this point," Adams told reporters Tuesday morning as he took to the polls. "Back in 1977, my mom brought me into that polling place. Every little boy or little girl who was ever told they'll never amount to anything -- every child with a learning disability, every inmate sitting in Rikers, every dishwasher, every child in a homeless shelter -- this is for all of you. I only have three words: I am you."




Aiser said...

No surprise here. City has a nasty habit of electing a particular genetic strain of garbage into office. The Cuomos, Deblasios, Rangels, Diaz's and now this Adams fellow. There's a certain flavor to the vileness and emptiness that is the NYS and especially NYC politician that is really uniquely different from the rest of the country.

Anonymous said...

I dropped a deuce this morning that would have made a better mayor than DeBlazio so Adams can only be an improvement.

jachilles said...

Adams is an “inmate sitting in Rikers”?

Anonymous said...

Buck Joe Fiden. Period.
Virginia voters send message to Democrats: Leave our kids alone !

Anonymous said...

@No surprise here.

Correct. We can say NYC is the most corrupt city in the world. Chicago is second.

SEERofZOG said...

Think about it: no more DeBlasio. You have to have some joy at that, even if Adams is a mug. And seems NYC voted in just about every D slob and passed all the stupid voting rules designed to keep Ds in power fohevah and evah.

Republicans sweep across Long Island, and may even have taken NJ Gov, though "too close to call" generally means what happens next is "hey, look we found this box of D votes in Newark" and Goldman Sachs puke Murphy will keep his job. Enjoy your forthcoming vax mandates, idiot D voters.

Republicans sweep in Virginia, too. Amazing night. Trumpism is alive and well!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the continual death of NYC at the hands of the always destructive Commiecrats. Decent people had better flee before it's too late.

Anonymous said...

Gangbangers, violent criminals, sex predators, con artists, pimps, thieves, and the mentally ill homeless people are all celebrating the criminal lover has won.

NYC is Doomed.

Anonymous said...

SEERofZOG: a BLATANT unashamed anti-Semite befouling Queens Crap with his bigotry

Anonymous said...

On the bright side, there may be as man as 5 republicans on the City Council when all is said and done. The Propositions about redistricting, absentee voting, and someday registration went down to defeat statewide. A message has been sent.

Anonymous said...

@Virginia voters send message to Democrats: Leave our kids alone !

The right wing nuts whipped the asses of the commie nuts.
Go Brandon!

Anonymous said...

Just another democrat. Don't let me hear you folks complaining. You get what you elect, each and every time - democrats.

Anonymous said...

An interesting commentary on this election are the following stats for the Mayoral race with 98% of scanners reported (Unofficial):

9 Candidates plus assorted Write Ins;
8.2 Million NYC residents; and
992,802 votes cast in ADs city-wide

The number of votes cast for Mayor of New York City in 2021 says a lot... less than 1/8 of the city's residents voted.

Is it time for New Yorkers to be more involved with who makes it to the Primaries in the first place?

As Ben Franklin said: "You have a republic if you can keep it."

Anonymous said...

CNN, MSNBC and ABC Call VA Race For Glenn Youngkin Before Fox News

Faux News!

Anonymous said...

If anyone out there is familiar with Nesara/Gesara and less flighty than me:

Is it possible that this has been a faux race?

Elections have to be called 120 days, I think it is, after Nesara is put in place.

How many of all these country-wide elections will need to be re-done?
As one of the 13 Original colonies, is NYS locked-in to these results?

Clarity, please!

SEERofZOG said...

"The number of votes cast for Mayor of New York City in 2021 says a lot... less than 1/8 of the city's residents voted"

Wow. Makes you wonder if every possible Sliwa voter showed up, could they have pushed him over the top? Probably not since NYC is still Clown Town and Prog Central.

Still, no more Warren and Sir Laine! What a friggin' relief.

Anonymous said...

@"SEERofZOG: a BLATANT unashamed anti-Semite befouling Queens Crap with his bigotry"

They don't call it "Queens Crap" for nothing you now. Anyway, why should Anti Semitism be anyw worse thatn all the other right wing bigotry on this site?

Anonymous said...

Trumpism is alive and well!

Quite a few of the Republican candidates went out of their way to distance themselves from the twice-impeached, one-term loser. If they weren't proud to be Trumpists, then I wouldn't say that Trumpism is alive and well.

Ned said...

Headlines should read "New York City Commits Suicide"

This ghetto speak trash mayor elect has over 100 school, redlight, parking tickets and has been seen parking in driveways and driving on sidewalks.
A precursor of the chaos what will come.
Free daycare for every single mother and welfare brat ?
Force private industry and tech company's to hire & pay inner city useless $20 hr minimum?
How is Addams to enforce and pay for such socialism ?

NYC voters are jackasses, many stayed home watching the word series baseball will get what they deserve.
deBlasio 2.0 - now over 6 black lesbians elected to city council.
"The Black Addams Family"
This will be a total disaster for folks that own anything nice. I'm gonna sell my shit, rent a trailer and move to Texas. I'd rather deal with the Mexicans. At least the Mexicans work hard, don't vote and make good BBQ.


Frien of Disgruntled Citizens said...

Adams is a dishwasher and a little girl with a learning disability

Anonymous said...

Eric Adams welcome party by BLM


How terrible, no Trumpanzees.

Anonymous said...

The two-party-machine-failed duoupoly and CULT-disease has destroyed all pretense of public trust, ethics, integrity, accountability and transparency. Why? Because, there still exists: Dark money in politics, super PACS, super-delegates, lobbyists and special interests (known to the rest of the accountable world as bribery and extortion), gerrymandering, electioneering, voter fraud, election fraud, favoritism, cronyism, nepotism, cover ups, kickbacks, payoffs, etc.

Now, any single ONE of the above transgressions would be tantamount to de-certify and nullify an election contest - and, We, the People have ALL of the ABOVE.

Face it, indentured servants and slaves of New York and the REST of AMERIZUELA: Your police state, totalitarian nation of oligarch obedient, political sycophants, henchmen and robber barons will never change. They OWN EVERYTING, and you barely own your remortgaged homes that will soon be foreclosed upon or usurped by Eminent Domain.

And, THIS is what happens when one pledges their allegiance to an entrenched, hyper-corrupt and establishment-rigged, party-machine-failed cabal of 'Monetary Locusts,' ALL of whom are about to voraciously swarm down upon your plebeian lives of oppression and human misery with a vengeance - and, sadly (and as usual) you have no idea what dire and desperate consequences await your neo-feudal stations in life that will only continue to worsen by the hour.

Anonymous said...

What a Shakespearean tragedy it was on Tuesday, November 2, 2021, to witness an Ozone Park polling site comprised of more than six election districts that stayed open from 6:00 a.m. until 9:00 p.m. with only 350 voters showing up to vote during that extended time span, all of whom were immigrants who clearly showed no interest in assimilating to any level of American standards, but whose ballot sheets were completely beholden (and obedient) to the Democratic system that will surely enslave these pseudo American peasants for life, as the system continues to hasten their demise.

Worse, there were hundreds of ballot sheets that had to be 'voided' because of human error, chiefly because of these naturalized, American citizens, too many of whom were unable to follow simple directions in English regarding the selection of one candidate per column. Despite living in a country that is predominantly English speaking, they have willfully chosen to 'inoculate' themselves into the city ghettos and slums of their cultural disparities which only made the whole tragic spectacle only that much harder to realize how this once great, Blue Collar, American city has devolved into a pile of overflowing, DemonRat political garbage that no amount of waste management could ever cleanse, much less control.

Note to White people: YOU are the NEW MINORITIES of New York that the Eric Adams 'tribal gangs' will happily (and vengefully) feed off of your tax dollars, while you are forced to quarantine yourselves for fear of getting trapped in the crossfire of the barrage of lawless gunfire that brazenly claim whole, formerly middle class neighborhoods with tyrannical anarchy, the likes of which have never been seen in this ugly, besieged dystopia of imploding sociopathy - replete with the blessings of City Hall and Albany.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ned, keep sending in your NRA dues, Susan LaPierre needs another makeover.

Anonymous said...

@Hey Ned, keep sending in your NRA dues, Susan LaPierre needs another makeover.

Great hit piece from a liberal crypto commie degenerate.

Betsy Woodruff Swan (née Woodruff born October 31, 1989) is an American journalist who is currently a national political reporter for Politico and contributor to MSNBC.

Impeccable credentials if you ask me for the Brandon Regime writer.

Anonymous said...

Former cop. Tough on crime. Roll back covid restrictions. Emphasize good education.