Thursday, August 24, 2017

Strange goings on at Sunnyside condo

From PIX11:

Elevator surveillance video allegedly shows Neil Milano, wearing a mask of the president, plastering the door with Trump stickers in a would be attempt to “menace” his neighbors in Sunnyside at a building on 39th Place.

“This is not the type of neighborhood for him,” said a neighbor, Renee, who does not want to disclose her last name.

She says Milano has been menacing neighbors who get on his bad side.

“Every time he does something like this, he escalates his behavior,” she said.

Milano is the condo board president of a building around the corner, where he’s put up other references to President Trump, and a lot more.

From provocative Jim Crow-era images, to banners of Adolf Hitler, all framed around what Milano’s lawyer calls a historical display.

Queens City Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer could not disagree more.

“We are asking the NYPD to investigate this as a hate crime, and for the human rights commission to investigate what can be done here,” Van Bramer said.


JQ LLC said...

It's just stickers. Jesus tap dancing Christ. Just remove them.

Oh, Councilman Jimbrowski, just fuck off, you opportunist jerk. A hate crime would be if that loon would have physically restrained a person and plastered those stickers all over his or her body. A hate crime is taking thousands of dollar in developer donor money resulting in a condensed eyesore metropolis that has sprouted in Queens Plaza like a bunch of malignant tumors.

How did they get in his apartment, by the way?

Albanese mentioned this in the mayoral debate last night (good job, try not to get flustered at the next one though). These attacks on people's freedoms, no matter how disagreeable and protests against and for statues are a slippery slope and a dumbass distraction away from real and relevant problems.

JQ LLC said...

I was mistaken about the apt. these posters are in the building's hallway, as are other posters extolling U.S. history, racial unity, liberal causes and concerns

Still, who gives a goddamn. Freedom of speech and expression people.

R185 said...

"A hate crime would be if that loon would have physically restrained a person and plastered those stickers all over his or her body." So I guess burning a cross out front is OK too?

(sarc) said...

Had this individual put up a sticker of our previous president, Barack Husain Obama, he would have been given a community service award and a parade down Queens Boulevard!

The list of potential hate crimes is growing exponentially to a point at which certain types of breathing will be considered offensive and worthy of a trip to the gulag.

Fidel would be proud...

Anonymous said...

Would it be safe to say that the rent in this building is comparably lower than the rest of the neighborhood due to the fact that the landlord is so poltically expressive and conservative ?

Anonymous said...

I knew there would be plenty of comments from nazis here hiding behind 'freedom of speech'.

Milano is an actual menace to the neighborhood. He hangs out on the street saying disgusting things to women. He puts stickers all over the neighborhood - including on peoples cars. He trespasses into the the buildings of his neighbors and vandalizes their hallways. Heaven forbid if you park in 'his' parking spot, because he has broken people's windows and mirrors for that. He threatens people in person, and claims to own multiple firearms (a felony within NYC) He, like many others, has really gone off the deep end since last November, feeling entitled to harass whoever he wants whenever he wants.

He has covered the building exterior in gross looking fences, security cameras, illegal signs, and spotlights that he would shine towards neighboring buildings.

So tell me, all you 'but free speech' people - is this someone you want to live next to? With him standing on the corner every day (all day because he has no job) leering at your kids and shouting at them he wants to have sex with them?

The nazi bullshit in the hallway is barely a fraction of what this lunatic is guilt of (hint: actual crimes, for which he simply hasn't been arrested for yet)

This isn't about 'free speech' - this is about an unhinged lunatic who needs to be arrested and given a psychiatric evaluation.

Anonymous said...

>History is now a hate crime

What the fuck went wrong with the Democratic party? We're supposed to be the good guys. We're supposed to be for freedom of expression, for letting people live their lives. It's the Republicans who censor people, who deny and reject history, who try to silence other views.

What the hell is happening?!?

Anonymous said...

Oh look actual video of this lunatic threatening and harassing tenants and visitors.

But hey, 'free speech' right? You still want to defend this raving lunatic coward who hides from the police?

Anonymous said...

Oh I get it - freedom of speech = freedom to terrorize, stalk and harass your neighbors.

kapimap said...

"Did the condo board vote on this display?" is the big question.

Did he just lower the condo owners property value?

As an owner , I would be very concerned with this presidents mental capacity. That lobby looks like someones war bunker. I would be embarrassed to have people over.

Anonymous said...

Typical Trump Republican.

Anonymous said...

It is peculiar that after all these decades, this shit is coming out now. Guess these old lunatics are finally losing their marbles. So what's the answer you looking for, Liberals-- exterminate them all? That it?

Kate said...

That is not what freedom of speech means.
This is private property.

He can not post whatever he wants in the common areas if this violates the bylaws. I'm sure it does.

Is he doing this to harass people? That is also illegal.

What grown man does this? Someone who is mentally unstable.

>>Freedom of speech and expression people.

Anonymous said...

Old fascist enclave....anti immigrant....has existed in Sunnyside for years. Now it's unmasked!

Anonymous said...

So what that hell is this compared to the ethic cleansing of entire communities and taxpayers right across the river from the UN - vets, widows, minorities - whole neighborhoods turned over to developers.

If you want to hear bad language go to one of the Democratic hacks offices and have their petty assed flunkies berate and humiliate you.

This guy is a nut job - but how many people did he hurt. How many did he evict?

eh Jimmy?

Ned said...

Bottom line liberals don't like freedom of speech or expression.
The display is of historical significance, a tribute to the many who died fighting for those freedoms no different then a private museum or art gallery no matter how bad taste is not illegal.

Its a private building, those people signed a contract by there own free will to live it. Outside agitators have no business in it. -Don't like it don't look at it!
What do these libs want to do make laws like in Germany where they toss you in the crapper over trench art, you grandfathers WWII helmet, flags, pins or anything else they don't like ?
I agree the Hitler image may be way over the top but his is still America, Trump is our elected president and the Constitution is still in effect last I checked.

Go back to Germany Von Bramer your in the wrong country !


Anonymous said...

If this Milano fellow is such a terrible person, how did he get elected Condo President? If he's committing actual assaults and other felonies, why not get him arrested for that, instead of absurdly trying to get him in trouble for exercising his freedom of speech?
If they're attacking him based on putting up Trump stickers, clearly it's Trump and free speech they're upset about. Otherwise they'd be calling for him to be arrested for actual crimes instead of thought crimes.

>I knew there would be plenty of comments from nazis here hiding behind 'freedom of speech'.

Calling people "Nazis" for supporting a basic freedom, one which actual fascists are allergic to, tips your hand. You clearly don't care about his crimes - only about associating people who still care about freedom with the most repulsive behaviors you can imagine. You disgust me.

Anonymous said...

and of course JVB is calling this a hate crime -- which it is NOT -- look on his twitter page and see what this man is writing and also articles in spanish too -- he always needs a crowd around him --

JQ LLC said...

Looks like I got to do some clarifyin'

@R186-No, burning a cross is not the same, that is an act of terrorism. These are stickers of a fading, long time bigot and figurehead of his party and this country and put up by a person who aspires to be him.

To the others who scolded my observations. I do not condone or endorse this misanthrope nor what he believes or who or what he admires, I am just pointing out his freedom to express by placing dumbass stickers. Even if he is wearing a Trump mask like a nutjob.

As for his past heinous transgressions, why weren't the cops called? Why was he never arrested for harassing tenants and being a perpetual nuisance? How does this guy get away with breaking windows and harassing women? How is this cretin able to hide from the cops? Since this guy has been such a notorious menace to the community, these are questions that should be asked of the NYPD. Imagine if some Muslim was hanging ISIS flags in the lobby, what would have happened? Imagine if some black or puerto rican guy was breaking windows, what would have happened? (Well you can start a crime fighting program with that name, oh wait...)

But now because of the Seige Of Charlotte and Trump's blind support of fascism, this jerk is now getting attention, and especially from that media whore hack Bramer.

Did anyone think that this guy placed those stickers knowing full well that there was a camera in the elevator, that way it would get attention and make the news? Especially by wearing a rubber Trump mask, which is certain to fly off the shelves on Halloween or maybe at the next alt-right/anti-fa showdown. This is just like that flag collector and window dresser in the East Village. That jerk had those flags up for months and had iron cross flags up before that and he also was a dickhead irritant to his neighbors.

Hell, since that misanthrope in the East Village got off, possibly Neil here is hedging on the first amendment to protect him from his shady and abusive style of building management. So get him on bullying tenants and not on his political leanings or even his idiotic fascist nostalgia. Because when he lawyers up on free speech grounds, he will be back.

We got to get back to priorities people. There is an election for mayor going on, and De Faustio has just assembled a bogus search group to monitor other symbols of hate. Which means he just hired more useless aides to suck up more tax payer dollars. This guy Neil, for all these allegations and videos should have been kicked out, fined or arrested ages ago.

Goodnight and Good luck residents of Sunnyside.

Molan Labe said...

Anonymous said...
"He threatens people in person, and claims to own multiple firearms (a felony within NYC)"

i wish people would read the constitution and understand penal codes & laws
threats and statements are not equal.
Second Degree Aggravated Harassment in New York, pursuant to New York Penal Law 240.30, is a crime that is always immersed in a pool of many questions.
you got a lot more questions than answers
has this knuckle head ever been arrested and charged?
prosecuted? convicted? is he a felon or not?
more fake news leaving more questions than answers
if, and i say if, he is not a convicted felon, he can have lots of guns legaly so long as they are locked in a safe, he has a license and they're registered
we are still supposed to be living in a constitutional republic
we have the right of our presumption of innocence until convicted by a jury of our peers
the constitution says nothing about being an a$$hole
just like most bullys, everybody is scared
call the cops and lock him up if he destroyed your property
a bully will usually stop when confronted and stood up to
if he were an Obamabot trashing stuff it would never be a story

Anonymous said...

If he is a condo board president that means he was elected to the board by owners of the condo. Apparently they must like the guy or he wouldn't get the position.

Anonymous said...

Trump supporters = Nazis.

hah hah hah enjoying my freedom of speech!

I hope they take down all the nazi confederate white power statues. Even the one of Columbus.

Go educate yourselves :)

Anonymous said...

If a crime( not an infraction or violation) was committed,he'll be arrested.

Tom said...

I can't find these details.

Is this a private building owned by this person putting up stickers?
If this is condo, this wouldn't be allowed in the common areas. They are community owned and governed by the bylaws. JQ LLC , that is not what freedom of expression means under the law.

Freedom of Speech doesn't protect you in a private businesses , private property...etc...defacing property, harassing people.

Freedom of Speech is the the right to express yourself publicly.

>> Anonymous Ned said...
>> Bottom line liberals don't like freedom of speech or expression.

Gino said...

**Freedom of Speech doesn't protect you in a private businesses , private property...etc...defacing property, harassing people**

Bullshit on private property it does for the most, especially if the owner, one of the owners lives on the property (reserves the right). Some offended sissy liberal or rabble-rouser SOB could launch a civil suite but wont have a leg to stand on. Especially if they are a guest or were trespassing in the building.
When your a sign the lease or HMO to buy you agree to the owners and building managements charter.

Now if that were Sec 8 or public building it be a different story.
I wouldn't put a photo of Hitler or sticker kind of agree with the guy because I have my rights to decide who I rent to. I don't want no liberal troublemakers in my building also. Liberals, artists & hipster's are not welcome in my building because eventually have a hard time paying the rent then start trouble!! I do have Democrats and even people of color in my building but they are the good ones and love my ways.

Anonymous said...

Stupid idiots: New York Penal Law 240.30 is form's of communication "deliberate intended threats" to cause physical harm as in strikes, shoves, kicks, threaten unlawful harm to property.
You cant say jack shit about some private building's taste it art, hobbies, tributes etc any more then call the cops to force some dirty hipster to shave and take a bath.

It's these politically correct assholes looking to sterilize every aspect of our lives, history, culture and society in general who are behaving like Nazi Gestapo militia

Anonymous said...

Why is it okay for illegal aliens to wear Che Guevera shirts, buttons and all that but he can't put up an educational display? I agree with the poster who said if he put up an Obama sticker, he'd get a community service award.

Too bad all the Americans, disabled, vets and retired people are being forced out of this neighborhood and Woodside by such judgmental people, who are not even Americans. Perhaps the problem is that immigrants want to believe that American history starts with them.

From the videos, it looks like they're been edited and I would say that he is being stalked and that the person with the camera wants to start a fight with him.

JQ LLC said...

I noticed that the video was a bit choppy too. And Neil looked as if he was being provoked, which probably wouldn't be that hard to do.

Someone is saying faintly, "get it on film too"

Although alleged, I do not approve of Neil's proclivity to invade people's privacy or his homage to hate breeders and fascists and Figurehead Trump too, but I wonder if the fines he made up for people having guests was to discourage them from using Airbnb.

There is something fishy about this story and all this schism going on in that building.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous JQ LLC is on to something and YES !!

Without Question it would stop Airbnb listings because most using that service are Europeans looking to get some cheap jolly's in New York.
Prospects are always liberal hippie types also who would freak out if they saw all that stuff because in most of shitty Europe simply owning 1/2 that stuff (even locked up in in a closet) would get you arrested.

Without question Neil is being provoked, they are trying to trap him on camera. Perhaps a trap to get him to say something they can use against him much like the liberal circuit court judges obstructing Trumps Muzlem ban used his own words to re-reference the intent of the ban as un-constitutional.
The liberals & activists know all the dirty tricks and will use every one of them.
I bet the people taking that video aren't even from New York but only here for kicks, to protest and start trouble.

Anonymous said...

The property manager at a Queens condo building adorned with symbols of hate is charged with harassing one of the building’s former residents.

Neal Milano, 70, was busted Sunday afternoon, accused of repeatedly following, grabbing and pulling a 43-year-old woman, cops said.

Milano runs a 47-unit condo building on 39th Place by 48th Ave. in Sunnyside, where the lobby is decked with photos of Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini and Joseph Stalin. Lobby displays show swastikas, as well as Confederate icons, and the building directory lists two of the tenants as Nazi war criminals Rudolf Hess and Josef Mengele.

Milano’s arrest Sunday is not related to the lobby display, a police spokesman said.

NYC agency to probe Nazi symbols in Queens lobby
The woman made a complaint to police on July 13. Milano, who has been out of the country, was arrested when he returned to New York City, cops said.

He’s charged with stalking and harassment.

Queens property manager covers building with offensive imagery
The city Human Rights Commission launched an investigation last month into whether illegal harassment was taking place at the building, according to the panel and Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer (D-Queens).

Van Bramer said police met Milano at the airport Sunday, after he returned from a trip to Thailand and Italy.

Queens condo terrorizes tenants with 'racist, pro-Nazi' display
“He flew back to the United States and was met by the NYPD,” Van Bramer said. “There were a few harassment complaints on the books, but this particular stalking complaint was the most serious and is what he’s being charged with.”

The victim was a former resident of the building, Van Bramer said.

“I believe this was a legitimate stalking complaint, where he was following this young woman,” Van Bramer said.


Anonymous said...

Nice to see this PERP arrested. May he face even more arrests and charges in the months to come.

So where are the racist windbags defending him now?