Sunday, August 6, 2017

BDB helped his corrupt friends

From the Daily News:

Mayor de Blasio repeatedly ordered his aides to intervene on behalf of two deep-pocketed donors who sought favors from City Hall before both were arrested in a sweeping corruption probe, newly released emails obtained by the Daily News reveal.

Brooklyn real estate developers Jona Rechnitz and Jeremy Reichberg sent several emails to the mayor personally and to his top aides, often demanding City Hall’s help with real estate problems.

Whenever the mayor was contacted by Rechnitz, in particular, he responded immediately, steering the donor’s requests to the top levels of City Hall.

Both men appear to have benefited from their top-level access.

After meeting with a top City Hall aide to contest citations for operating an illegal hotel at a Manhattan building he owned, Rechnitz paid fines but dodged a vacate order — a tactic the city has used against others.

Reichberg got a discount on what he felt were overcharges to a water bill after reaching out to City Hall.

Rechnitz secretly pleaded guilty to corruption charges last year and cooperated with the Manhattan U.S. attorney's probe of de Blasio's fundraising tactics.

Reichberg faces charges of bribing several top NYPD brass to get favors. He has denied wrongdoing and faces trial.

Rechnitz and Reichberg both sponsored fund-raisers for de Blasio's 2013 campaign. Rechnitz also wrote a $50,000 check to de Blasio's now-defunct nonprofit, Campaign for One New York, on Jan. 28, 2014, and steered another $102,300 to an upstate Democratic committee as part of the mayor's failed 2014 bid to swing the state Senate to the Democrats.


Anonymous said...

Gee.....tell me something new!

Anonymous said...

Taxing the rich should have been enforced on a 'sliding scale' income, exactly the way it ALWAYS used to operate like!

Case in point: President Dwight D. Eisenhower was the last, fiscal conservative (and sane leader!), to occupy The White House, where every single highway, hospital and public building got built without a 'taxation without representation' credo, BECAUSE corporations were taxed as high as 80%——and, NO ONE SUFFERED in beggary, obscurity and quiet desperation like what's happening over the last 40 years, and counting——LEAST of all the corporations themselves, all of which paid a higher, sliding scale amount——and, why wouldn't they, when they earn so much?

Further, JQ is right: This was another low performer's idea from yesteryear: Michael Genaris, and as usual this latest embarrassment to actual primates is taking credit for something that was never his idea in the first place!

Hey, Shithead Bill: You want to save We, The People money? Stop ignoring fed up and disgusted constituents like ME (as well as Whitestone resident, Vickie Paladino, when you said to your no-neck muscle on Friday, July 21, 2017: "Get her away from me"), and stop misbehaving with a dereliction of public duty, ANSWER ALL of your telephone calls from complainants like me (my curb has been damaged by the DOT since 2007, and my Assemblyman, Michael Miller is actively engaging and covering up massive NYC pension fraud - likewise Laura Acosta of the Public Advocate's Office - regarding a complaint that BOTH Miller and Acosta are wholly aware of since 2009).

And, finally, stop leaving the country and clean up City Hall and the five boroughs with inclusionary results, and cease and desist from showing up at your gym in Park Slope (replete with city paid bodyguards), and pay for a Stair Master inside of Gracie Mansion with your OWN f**king money——and speaking of which: why are OUR tax dollars funding your wife, Chirlane McCray's two personal assistants to the tune of more than $300K a year——when she is not a publicly elected official? Pay for her Affirmative Action lackeys YOURSELF! And, that's the LOW END of your grinding, profligate, wanton waste, and OBSCENE public dereliction of duty, both of which are WILLFUL!?

In fact, if there was any justice left in this filthy city and state government (where even Mafia capos would blush!), then 'Tall & Stupid' would be locked up by now, and staring across from that oversize asshole/jackass/public spendthrift nuisance would be many 'OTHER' city/state criminals like Joe Bruno, Shelly Silver, Dean Skelos & Son——and the endless stream of all of Mario's son's politically failed hustlers of 'Gargoyle Andy's 'Friends & Family' state payroll plan, in order to keep his bogus pals on the take (like 'CRIMES WITHOUT CRIMINALS' Peter Vallone, Czarina Christine Quinn——and WAY too many 'OTHER' corrupt, black politicians from the over polluted Jamaica swampland, to name in this missive).

So, THERE'S YOUR WASTE & MISMANAGEMENT, Bill & Mario's son! Both of your cradle-to-grave government pensions are MORE than you could have ever earned, much less deserve (as your ever languishing constituents continue to rot in virtual obscurity for life)! And, that's why everyone else in the rank and file never get ahead, because the tax debacle in New York State is even worse than the odds of that chronic and disastrous bordello (and soon to be expanding), Racino foreign gambling mill at Aqueduct——where the 'House' & 'Gargoyle Andy' NEVER LOSE——so unlike everybody else who walks through that giant vacuum cleaning entrance way (that automatically sucks the money and mortgage payments RIGHT out of their pockets, EVEN before they can order up their first overpriced, second rate swig of booze, followed by a greasy meal, where the food is ALWAYS marginally preferable to HUNGER!)!

And, the public be damned (again and STILL)!

M. How said...

Anonymous said... "Taxing the rich should have been enforced on a 'sliding scale' income, ..."

FIRST: This is an excellent "missive."

SECOND: Anonymous should have used his/her real name and taken credit for a well written argument backed by factual information. Bravo/Brava!

THIRD: The statement about deBlasio's wife, namely, "why are OUR tax dollars funding your wife, Chirlane McCray's two personal assistants to the tune of more than $300K a year——when she is not a publicly elected official?" is something many people have commented on BUT deBlasio has managed to side-step.

FOURTH: Will we ever, ever, ever get rid of this so openly corrupt elected official?

FIFTH: Who will have the money to oppose him?

SIXTH: Any ideas? Please share.

Anonymous said...

He skated on everything,including the Rivington house rip off. That's why Preet was shown the street.

Anonymous said...

❝A government that robs Peter to pay Paul can always count on the support of Paul.❞ ——George Bernard Shaw