Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Looking to adopt the Ridgewood cats?

From CBS:

On Tuesday, Animal Control replaced the usual construction crews. CBS2’s cameras were rolling as five cats were rescued.

But when Bauman tried asking the building’s owner why construction went on for so long with so many furry tenants inside, there was no response.

“There was no way they started tearing down this whole building and never saw these close to 40 cats,” O’Neill said.

“At some point, you see them somewhere,” Aguirre said.

Animal Control told CBS2 they will continue to leave traps and safety remove animals until it is clear all the cats are out of the building. And until then, construction is on hold.

The volunteers are still trying to find home for many of the cats. To find out how you can adopt, click here.


Anonymous said...

I hope that all responsible get bowel cancer...despcable human beings!

Anonymous said...

Well, people wants for old buildings mean nothing but if its animals there is a week's stay of execution.


Gino said...

Why are people blaming the owner when it was the sick tenant who initiated this problem along with some contractors work crew ?
Do people have any idea how long (and how many hearings) it takes in court to get a tenant out of your building or a mental well being check on a tenant ?

Especially if the tenant is getting section 8 on disability (mental disability in this case) or paying the rent with cashed checks to prove it.
It takes 2- 3 year's or till the lease is up and even if you win a case the city WILL NOT do an eviction unless it has a shelter space for the tenant.
Drug addicts, cons recently released on parole and women with kids get priority with shelter's. In the case of crazy old crow off her medication or single occupant nutcase your stuck with them. These shit liberal judges in NY will not sign an order for the sheriff to execute a physical eviction.

Ease up on landlord bashing because it ant easy being one !! 2: It is the city's liberal f-ckturd appointed housing court judges (80% liberal minority racists judges of color) who create these tribulations by automatically handing the tenant the upper hand on everything, refusing to even let a landlords speak or finish a sentence in court.
Oh--Its even worse if you a white landlord who doesn't reside in the building

Queens Crapper said...

They are blaming the owner because he claims they only knew cats were inside when the walls started coming down, yet cat parts were found strewn about by rescuers and he told workers it was ok to dump ammonia and bleach to suffocate them. They should not have been left behind by the hoarder but once they were discovered he could have contacted rescue groups instead of telling his crew to just get rid of them by any means.

Anonymous said...

Some confusion: The Hasidim are demo the whole historic building or just the inside. ?
What kind of shitbox is going up now in Ridgewood, these people disgust me.

Anonymous said...

Go to any NYC transit train yard. Tons of cats. Can someone trap and spay /neuter them?