Wednesday, August 23, 2017

De Blasio thinks he's doing more than Bloomberg did

From CBS 2:

Mayor Bill de Blasio has touched off a battle royal with former Mayor Michael Bloomberg over who is the biggest workaholic.

As CBS2 Political Reporter Marcia Kramer reported, it began with de Blasio insisting that he needs way more top-dollar special assistants because his agenda is bigger.

“It’s about getting the work done,” de Blasio said.

De Blasio was just back from vacation Monday and apparently feeling pugilistic, as he metaphorically bopped former Mayor Bloomberg on the noggin.

De Blasio was defending is decision to hire nearly three times more high-priced special assistants than Bloomberg had. The current mayor laid down the gauntlet, challenging Bloomberg on his work ethic.

“We’re trying to do a lot,” de Blasio said. “I can’t tell you all the intricacies of the Bloomberg administration. I can tell you in this administration, we’ve put together very ambitious goals.”

Bloomberg had 109 special assistants, while de Blasio has 298.

“I can say on a number of items, we’re trying to do things on a bigger scale,” de Blasio said. “We’re running this government very differently, and we’re doing a number of things that weren’t touched at all in those years, and we’ve got to have the personnel to make it work.”

But former Bloomberg director of communications Bill Cunningham was quick to fire back.

“It’ a joke, right?” Cunningham said. “He’s trying to fill in for Jerry Lewis and Dick Gregory since they passed away.”


JQ LLC said...

First off Cunningham is an asshole for disrespecting Dick and Jerry who died recently, and his touting of Mayor Fun Size's accomplishments, the 7 extension (the state runs that), the high line (only used by tourists not the residents) and trying to get the Olympics to come here (colossal waste of money trying to get it and didn't) are dubious to say the least. Does make a point of De Faustio's irresponsible handling of the city's budget just to give his underlings raises though. Funny how he did not tout the hyper-development he caused, the over-saturation of the tourism (which bloomberg basically designed his city planning around), and obscene overvalued cost of living that as resulted from it.

And why didn't CBS air clips of Sal Albanese and Nicole Malliotakis (who I think is adorable)when they were quoted? It's preposterous that they had to give air time to some flunky of bloomberg because of a slight and lame mention.

Now de Faustio is an abominable waste of life and his need for 3 times many aides shows how stupid and incompetent he is. And all he has done was extend Bloomberg's policies, just look at all the towers that been erected the past 4 years and has made the city more inequitable for the middle class and working poor. His army of subserviants resembles a cult almost, maybe more like a partisan political farm team of neoliberal non-thinkers.

Res Ipsa said...

He's doing so much more. That's why there's more homeless people and people are back to panhandling at intersections again. Please do less. In fact, just leave, mayor!

Anonymous said...

The only thing he's doing more of is taking naps!

Anonymous said...

Yea diblasio is definitely doing more. More damage. If we dont vote diblasio out I dont know if the city can sustain another 4 years of his nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Ignorance is De Blissio

Anonymous said...

Another Fugazio term as Mayor should seal Queens' fate. Get out while you still can.

Anonymous said...

He IS doing more than Bloomberg He's just not accomplishing anything....

Anonymous said...

This delusional, mad-with-unearned-power sociopath doesn't even pretend to be ethical, much less honest, accountable and transparent, and the 'Fake News' media give him a free pass, as they challenge nothing——and, now these counterfeit journalists are allowing City Hall to secure them in an actual pen when they ask their vapid, incomplete questions that this empowered idiot and total incompetent doesn't even bother to answer, because he already told the free press, ❝I don't care❞ (when caught in a lie about why there was a delay on a Brooklyn train recently, as he blamed the MTA, when it was de Blasio himself who held up the train).

❝The war is not meant to be won, it is meant to be continuous. Hierarchical society is only possible on the basis of poverty and ignorance. ... The war is waged by the ruling group against its own subjects and its object is not the victory over either Eurasia or East Asia, but to keep the very structure of society intact.❞ —George Orwell, 1949, from the book '1984'

❝Politicians are the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex.❞ —Frank Zappa

Anonymous said...

All of 298 assistants (not to mention the two, six-figure lackeys for whom every taxpayer of NYC funds for his wife, Chirlane, when she is not an elected official), and not a SINGLE ONE has ever helped me with a written complaint that I submitted to the mayor himself, regarding serious, documented corruption and cover-ups perpetrated by the New York City Department of Investigations (as well as other public watchdog agencies that have completely ignored corruption altogether, and failed me and my family), that should have been adjudicated way back in January, 2014.

That was when City Hall assigned me to one of de Blasio's incompetent, unaccountable lackeys named Jean Ross, who spoke to me directly only one time, followed by her personal assurance that everything would be reviewed and correctly handled——and then I never heard from her again. Worse, she ignored dozens of my telephone calls, until her City Hall telephone number was disconnected shortly thereafter, altogether!

That's the REAL Bill de Blasio (and his corrupt, confabulating and dissembling administration), all of whom have demonstrably betrayed all pretense of public public trust so completely, and with impunity, Queens Crappers, that he now DEVALUES honesty itself!

So devious and diabolical a total coward is he, that he ordered one of his 298 henchmen to actually disconnect the telephone number on a calling (and fed up) constituent like me, instead of addressing a serious matter of corruption that is STILL within the mayor's purview to properly address, acknowledge and adjudicate.

Hence, the scent of corruption, graft and dereliction of public duty is all over this arrogant coward, who not only thinks that he will be reelected, but then to even mention a run for the presidency (when he already sucked as a council crook, and then he sucked even worse as public advocate), shows a total reinforcement of what a complete waste of skin he is at his current, position of default at City Hall, as he continues to deplete the Earth of precious oxygen with a vengeance!

In the end, the continual propaganda lies, deniability and corruption that defines this mendacious mayor of epic fail has destroyed my trust (and the trust of an entire city and state), for life! He gives mendacity a bad name!

Anonymous said...

Is that the same Bill Cunningham who has that style section in the NYTimes?

DonaldJTrump45 said...

Comparing Bloomberg to DeBlasio is like comparing two turds. You have to determine which one smells worse.
The last good Mayor New York had was Giuliani.

Anonymous said...

He sure is wasting a hell of a lot more money.

Anonymous said...

At least Bloomberg had the wits to buy up all the web domains that could potentially be used to mock him, unlike

Anonymous said...

Bloomberg had 109 special assistants, while de Blasio has 298.

in other words, he tripled the payroll. Good work.

Anonymous said...

Giuliani was only good in 1995-96. The rest of the time his ego blinded him

Anonymous said...

More construction, more people, more taxes, more overcrowded schools, more welfare recipients, more homeless people, more homeless shelters - Yeah, he's doing more than Bloomberg. He needs more assistants because he's so incompetent. Dump him in November. He really needs to go.

Julie B. said...

People who hated Bloomberg and yet couldn't predict that deBlahBlah would be so much worse are morons

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

$10.00/hr for ''armed'' security safeguard function..?
are you crazy? You live in a free of charge nation. Either you take the work & starve OR
you go grow your own crops [but that'd be illegal so you'l starve doing that to] lol @ free country