Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Cuomo to introduce modified congestion pricing

From AM-NY:

Congestion pricing was killed the way many policy proposals die in Albany: behind closed doors.

In 2008, Assembly Democrats revolted against the inititive championed by Mayor Michael Bloomberg because it included East River tolls, which critics said would disproptionately affect residents of Brooklyn and Queens.

"It's really, really difficult for people in Brooklyn and Queens at this point to consider something like this. And I think we just need to start from the ground up all over again," Assemblywoman Cathy Nolan of Queens said at the time.

But with the subways in crisis and searching for a dedicated funding source, congestion pricing could be resurrected. Sources say Governor Andrew Cuomo is considering supporting a plan that would charge fees on for-hire vehicles like Uber and Lyft.

But lawmakers outside of Manhattan are still wary.

"Residents in New York want mass transit options. They don't want a financial burden. And they don't want to keep reaching into their pockets," said Assemblywoman Nily Rozic of Queens.


Anonymous said...

Abandon the whole freakin' thing, fire the MTA Board and start at the bottom.

(sarc) said...

This is but the beginning, there will be tolls on everything!

Then the powers that be will have figured the appropriate fee for the air you breathe...

Anonymous said...

Here we go again, they won't quit.

Anonymous said...

"This is but the beginning, there will be tolls on everything!"

And watch, the politicians will demand that a significant amount of the proceeds be funneled into social and not transit programs.
I can't see how this will help public transit when the proposal will only force more riders into a failing decrepit system.

Also, the boy mayor's new proposed tax on the on high earners will supposedly subsidize low income New Yorkers. Will that subsidy be for citizens of NYC or all residents of NYC including illegals and those who reside outside the five counties?

JQ LLC said...

Is Mario's son aware of the inconsistent and low pay of app drivers?

And why should people who choose to commute by car to avoid the worst fucking transit system in the universe should have to pay more taxes for city access.

I guess he feels the subway needs more wifi for the cellphone zombies.

Anonymous said...

Message to Queens nitwit politicians:

1. stop throwing public money away on programs to build your party and employ your hacks - we pay taxes for services including capital projects for us and our families.

2. we define capital projects without using the words 'pork barrel'

3. stop sending infrastructure resources to areas no one lives (i e brown fields and flood plains) just because those property owners (read developers) make donations: send it to where people actually live.

Anonymous said...

Extortion racket under the disguise of congestion pricing.
One thing is for sure, monies are disappearing at a record rate, while the infrastructure is crumbling.

Anonymous said...

When will the NY politicians stop piling more and more taxes on us!? We are already the most taxed people in the entire nation?! There's no limit to their spending OUR MONEY. How much of our hard earned incomes do we have to hand over to these irresponsible politicians in order to live in this city and state? There's no end to it!!!

Anonymous said...

Blame it on a terminal, cradle-to-grave government shithead like Schmuck (not Chuck) Schumer, and his former bitch, Preet Bharara: Preet couldn't even lock up Joe Bruno, Sheldon Silver, Dean Skelos and his son, much less the King of Albany's LEGAL criminal enterprise, Gargoyle Andy HIMSELF (and Mario's equally corrupt-and-imperious son)!

The problem is that there are two systems of justice in the 'UNITED STATES of AMNESIA and ENTERTAINMENT': One for the rich and guilty——the other for the poor and innocent! For further proof, get thee to a bookstore or library and read Jesse Eisinger's latest book entitled, 'The Chickenshit Club,' and you will understand how and why justice (and the truth) is now a closely held commodity. This is what corporate tyranny, neo-fascism, neo-feudalism, neo-Bolshevism and neo-liberalism look like, and the deliberately FOISTED class warfare is only getting uglier (and more violent) by the hour (currently in mid-level progress)!


Anonymous said...

Motorhead Cuomo isn't going far enough with this proposal. Everyone driving into Manhattan should have to pay congestion fees. The revenue would be more than enough to fix the subway and finally get people to work on time.

Anonymous said...

"The revenue would be more than enough to fix the subway and finally get people to work on time."

And every politician would drool over the revenue stream and the MTA would be raising it all the time like the tolls, bus and subway fares. Plus they'd figure out a way to give a huge chunk of the stream to the "needy" and transit would suffer while they bought votes.
How about having a new commuter tax to help pay for the subways and buses and killing the ludicrous trolley for LIC?

Anonymous said...

How fuckin' dare the City, State or Federal Government penalize a citizen (fees, taxes, etc.) for traveling anywhere at any time on public roads. The last time I checked the US Constitution a citizen was free to travel anytime, anywhere without checking with the Government first. The idea of paying a premium for intra-city travel is an assault on our rights as a US Citizen. Stand up for your rights and let any elected hack know that doing so would be political suicide and the end of their cushy job.

Anonymous said...

"From each according to their ability, to each according to their need"

Of course, a big part of the problem is that those with 'ability' are claiming residence outside NYC to avoid the resident income tax, and also registering their vehicles upstate or out of state where possible for further tax avoidance. The only 'need' they recognize is their own greed, which is largely why things are the way they are around here!

A smarter solution would be to set up parking zones below 110 St in Manhattan only, and require residents to purchase permits - residency would be required, of course, as well as NYS / New York County vehicle registration. Then send the DOR after all the locals who have been dodging city income tax... it'll never happen, but one can dream!

Anonymous said...

It's their money,cough it up.

Anonymous said...

This Cuomo dude already taxing people some extra - the Paid Family Leave act was enacted, at least the deduction from you paycheck portion, and is mandatory whether you are a single with no family or a caretaker with sick family members.
Now go to the website and find out how much is the percentage that comes out of your paycheck to pay for this socialist/communist utopia.
Can't find it? Oh well.

Anonymous said...

Congestion pricing should be real time, using EZ Pass. When there is congestion, up the price, when there isn't lower it.

Anonymous said...

If you want to equalize tolls (so folks don't arbitrage them by taking longer drives to the free crossings), make them revenue neutral by lowering the high tolls and raising the free ones, then folks won't accuse you of a tax hike by disguise.

Anonymous said...

This guy had the right answer to Bloomberg's Congestion pricing: http://www.nysun.com/opinion/traffic-troubles/52395/

Anonymous said...

Why aren't they bringing back the commuter tax instead? Why does the burden always fall on us, and not on all the other people using our services? It was only removed in the first place because of Sheldon Silver's rampant corruption. Why haven't they undone that yet?

And this should be a City decision, not a State decision. Why do a bunch of upstate lawmakers get to be the ones to decide on a local issue?

And why a tax on Uber/Lyft? More taxis means less people driving, isn't that the goal?

Anonymous said...

The late Dee Richard had suggested emulating Germany in moving deliveries and construction to the night time.

Anonymous said...

Now, when ever will a competent, not bought prosecutor introduce Cuomo to a pair of permanent handcuffs, I shouldn't wonder, when this dynastic, free walking, cradle-to-grave government enterprise continues to openly lie, cheat and steal――EASIER THAN HE BREATHES?

New York State is so entrenched in unprecedented levels of corruption, graft, endless greed, cronyism, nepotism, cover-ups, kickbacks and payoffs, that the entire system now DEVALUES honesty itself!

In the end, the corruption from within is destroying quality of life for ALL living things――and, it's only getting worse by the hour――and, the public be damned (again and STILL)!