Friday, August 11, 2017

Falling back on fallout shelters

From PIX11:

Decades after the end of the Cold War, old “Fallout Shelter” signs are still all around New York City. But people are beginning to look at them in a whole new light given the nuclear tensions between the United States and North Korea.

These bomb shelters were built after Gov. Nelson Rockefeller called for a massive shelter program in 1960 (he later had shelters installed in the governor’s mansion and his three homes). Shelters were built in office and apartment buildings and even high-profile places, allegedly including The Waldorf-Astoria and Grand Central Terminal. In 2006, a shelter in the Brooklyn Bridge was also uncovered.

The shelters were stocked with supplies like aspirin, toilet paper and biscuits. By the 1970s however, the shelters had run out of financial support nationally and locally. The remaining supplies were either removed, destroyed or forgotten.

Most of the shelters have been repurposed, with only their faded signs remaining. And until recently, few have given them a second look.


(sarc) said...

From what I recall, the "survival biscuits were unpalatable when they were new some fifty years ago.

I do not believe that the flavor has improved.

One can wager that the water rations have gone the way of so much in the government, GONE.

Have you ever tried to eat crackers without something to wash them down???

Anonymous said...

Around here all the DIY bomb shelters built in the 50's and 60's now house families of illegals.

Gary W said...

Duck and Cover, good for nuclear fall out.

Duck and Cover(your wallet) when you see a NYC pol.

Anonymous said...

Most important thing is having Potassium Iodide, canned food and water hidden low AND TELL NO-ONE YOU HAVE IT.
If Korea gets in a small 25K nuke it likely going to go off in the atmosphere to create a nasty EMP to knock out transportation (including planes) and power grid. . Potassium Iodide will block your body from absorbing the fallout in the air and water. (you pee it out) The burn from the flash and shock-wave is far more likely to kill you and a for a 25K Ton its under a 2 mile radius-- not the whole city as people believe.
If it hits the ground, the ground absorbs most of it with far less damage and fatality.
This is the result when you have years of Clinton, Bush, especially Obama doing NOTHING.

This Kim Yang Mentally Ill in N Korea killed members of his own family, you can bet he will use nukes if he can mate them to missles. --Then go out in a blaze of glory when the B-1s and our 50 Megaton missiles come for his ass.

Anonymous said...

I always wonder why we don't have more of these, given that NYC would be #2 on the nuke list after DC.

I understand that the food that was stockpiled there in the 70s turned out to go bad pretty quickly, but you can always buy more food, but building a new shelter after construction is done is near impossible.

(sarc) said...

Potassium iodide only protects your thyroid by filling it with safe iodine
the rest of you is totally susceptible
you would also need to shelter INSIDE for a week or so the fallout from above is out of the atmosphere
you got 10 days of food & water?

JQ LLC said...

They only supplied the bunkers with biscuit crackers? They obviously did not take a nuclear attack seriously even back at the height of the hysteria.

Although we wouldn't be in this if we dropped 2 at the end of the wars in the first place. Which encouraged the whole missile competition with Russia.

Oh, what the hell Trump was talking about when he said we are the most powerful nation with nuclear capability when Russia has more and we haven't upgraded our stockpile in decades

Anonymous said...

Who will kill us faster,Nk or de Blahzeo?

Anonymous said...

Hide underground in the subway system. Great job on this story PIX. No one else is talking about this.

Anonymous said...

"you got 10 days of food & water"

Yes, perhaps 30 days counting pastas, beans, canned food's, crackers, 5 and 55 gal drum of water I cycle fresh with lawn & garden watering, deep cycle golf cart battery's. Most people do since the hurricane. Also some kerosene and other thing's I don't care to mention too.

Its a must these days because if something happens those who believe the police and government will be around for them are fools !!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, and you'll have to stay inside for about 100 years until the radiation subsides.
This is a contractor's prayer come true. Fearful dumb clients will puss away thousands to feel secure.
Fear, anger, frustration....a new byproduct of the Trump administration.
Kim Jung Un and his generals are laughing 'til they piss their pants.

Molan Labe said...

Some Anon said
Most people do since the hurricane.

Most already forgot except a few along the shore
and don't forget your guns
otherwise all your canned beans will belong to the next guy with a gun
it's very important to train, train and train some more

Another Anon said
stay inside for about 100 years until the radiation subsides.

most of the radiation is decayed in 10 days or so
and most of fallout, fell out of the sky, just pray for rain to wash most away
prepare for the worst, and pray for the best

Anonymous said...

Labe, you are an idiot.
Go and raise your kids in that area and see what future medical problems they will encounter.
Yeah, you pray when a cancer cluster arises.
Science proves you wrong.

Anonymous said...