Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Now you can rent a "luxury tent" at Fort Tilden

Just when you thought you'd seen everything, "glamping" at a national park happens.


JQ LLC said...

To gentrify a beach and federal parkland part 2. The pathetic attempt to turn Rockaway into the Hamptons continues.

With this, they are showing and confirming how stupid and idiotic the hipshits and tourists are. And how crass the brass at Gateway are, for this is a collective of shitty sponsors and hedge fund group from California behind this retarded plan. But why not outsource Park "improvements" and "attractions" since the city outsourced ferry service to a contractor from San Francisco.

Also, that there are demented plans to privatize parks. Pretty soon, this shit might happen at the Rocky Mountains and Yellowstone.

Tilden and some parts of Riis, for some stupid reason, has been inundated and pretty much taken over by the hipshits. But like the beach bazaar and the second annual movie night on the sand, this will fail too. But the powers that be will not be deterred.

Oh, can you say Frye festival?

georgetheatheist said...

Rumor has it that the glamping experience will soon be happening at the Rufus King Park in downtown Jamaica.

Anonymous said...

Nothing says nature like a nuclear missile launch site.

Anonymous said...

So, so, so wrong!

Anonymous said...

This DOES sound retarded. The people who go for this should probably view their "nature" and "wildlife" from the safety of their living room on Discovery channel or something. Historically, the people who delighted in nature and the outdoors were willing to put up with whatever discomfort it took to spend time admiring the glories of landscapes and the charm and fascination of the daily doings of wildlife. Having to deal with the inconveniences and discomforts winnowed out the crass tourists from the dedicated wildlife watchers. The latter had an intrinsic respect for the precious treasure of what they were able to observe and experience and treated the land with respect. I know that's how I've felt while standing on a mountain in Rocky Mountain National Park, in the deserts of Arizona, on the prairies in Colorado or New Mexico, on the trails in Utah national parks, out in nature in Texas, etc. I was in AWE of the beauty and wonder surrounding me. I felt like a privileged visitor, more than if I had been invited to dine at a billionaire's mansion.

Anal orifices who seek to turn nature into an open door living room like this are exactly the same type who would disrupt animals' critical life behaviors with loud music, loud talking, leaving their trash everywhere, removing parts of the ecosystem which have a critical place in it (like picking flowers, shells, catching animals, etc.). They are generally ignorant of the needs of the animals for undisturbed living space, of the fragility of coastal vegetation and its intolerance for being trod on, and for the environment to remain pristine, unsullied by their trash. They are the unwashed boors crashing a royal affair, ignorant of the necessary protocol and ruining it for everyone. And they destroy the places they invade, which may never be able to be restored. It is good to make nature accessible, but not too accessible, to keep in place the necessary filters to keep out the louts.

Anonymous said...

Does this come with an armed guard? This doesn't seem very safe. Only a short bus ride away on Rockaway Beach Boulevard are the many crack houses. Go down Beach 115th Street and you will see what I mean. Rockaway is headed back to the bad old days. Sad.

Joe said...

Bad old days much better then the Disneyland hipshit nonsense we have now.

2 hotdogs and 6 pack run ya $2.75 and you could drink it on the boardwalk or beach and nobody gave a shit. Large crowds from inner Queens beach 116, large Italian & Irish guys and their women. The thugs of color and druggies didn't go near them it was 100% safe. You could tip the guy and go up in the Astro tower with a drink, smoke weed (for the record I dont I'm allergic to THC) and spin around 6 times before coming back down
Cheap subway fare and places to eat. Now everything jacked up and you cant have ANY fun unless you leave home with one or two C-note's to do so. Dam developers, trust fund fairy's, sec 8 projects and hipshits have effed everything completely up.

--Bad old 70's days were much better despite the little problems.

georgetheatheist said...

I wonder if Vickie Schneps of the Courier will be booking a tent?

JQ LLC said...

Umm, what if the tide comes in? And how are they going to clean the linens and rugs?

I wonder what the residents of breezy point think about this pop up clusterfuck that's steps away from them.

I hope people who rely on bus transit realize that the reason they have frequent delays and probably not enough buses is because they are using them for the Q35. These buses run constantly to the beach.

I don't know who runs the national parks service (I will find out very very soon) but they better put the kibosh on this.

JQ LLC said...
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JQ LLC said...

To really describe the odious crassness pf the luxe atrocity exhibition that is going to take over an acre of beach at Fort tilden for a fucking month, check out Walk In The Park's longform tribute to the first anniversary of Karina Vetrano's murder in Spring Creek Park, run by Gateway, and the appalling lack of upkeep and the actual worsening of the path she ran on all the time. ((In fact, WITP has wrote some astounding articles on the exploitation and inequitable funding of parks in the last few weeks)

If this glamp bullshit is successful, and it surely won't be, will any money go any infrastructure improvements or even the cleaning and beautification of spring creek?

That's some great nostalgia, Joe and great use of the term hipshit. I was a little taken aback by "people of color didn't go near them" part, but those were different times back then and rockaway is still quite segregated even to this day. The difference this time is that they are using the underhanded tactics of the predator developers and privitization to take away public parks. And it's really creepy.