Sunday, August 13, 2017

$2M for a small piece of Ridgewood

This seems like a bit much for a property that only has 2 residential units and an office and isn't right near a subway station (the M is about 5 blocks away and will be out for a while).


Anonymous said...

Would not want to live there if the property was offered at $500,000,

M. How said...

Yes, but there's a basement with another $42,000 possible income. Illegal rental doesn't matter because DOH doesn't do anything even if it is.

JQ LLC said...

Utter madness. And the NY Times focus on Ridgewood as a hot burg was 3 years ago I believe.

Anonymous said...'ll sell.

Anonymous said...

There's always a sucker willing to pay such astronomic prices.

Anonymous said...

Those sucker are chinese without loads of cold hard cash which they have to launder.

To the first commenter, you are stupid to not buy it if it was 500k. NO where in queens where a 2 resident property with decent size and brick and not bank own be offer anything less than 600K.

I will buy it and flip it to the chinese for double the price. they will go for it if it was at least 900k.

Problem is, 500k will get bid up to 800k before you know it..and someone will buy it all cash.

And to these stupid agents. Yes, it's true.. no chinese means no booming real estate market in queens. But these agents also forget that money from china cannot come in. They thought it was in 2016 when ppl launder money in. Sorry. you missed the boat. RE slowed down this year. Like I say, no chinese, no real estate market. So ppl who has many chinese neighbors should feel lucky because their RE value goes up..and yet they complain about the chinese. hypocrits.