Friday, August 4, 2017

Northeast Queens set to get cease and desist zone

From the Queens Chronicle:

When, if ever, will northeast Queens receive the two cease-and-desist zones that New York State has proposed to combat aggressive real estate solicitation? It depends on whom you ask.

The office of state Sen. Tony Avella (D-Bayside) — a lawmaker who spearheaded the effort to protect homeowners with cease-and-desist zones — has asked homeowners to submit comments to the state Department of State “supporting the proposed regulations that are slated to go into effect” on the first of September. Comments, however, will be accepted until Sept. 8, the end of the 45-day period for them.

According to maps released by Avella, the DOS has proposed two sections of northeast Queens — Bay Terrace along with portions of Bayside, Whitestone, Flushing and College Point — as cease-and-desist zones. Homeowners who live in the zones could, if they wish, be placed on a registry that prevents real estate agents from soliciting them once the rules take effect.

But according to the DOS, the regulations could not go into effect on Sept. 1.

“Rules cannot be adopted until at least the end of the public comment period (ending Sept. 8), and September 1 falls within that comment period,” an agency spokesperson told the Chronicle in an emailed statement.

How about the timing for implementation of the rule, after the comment period? “We would not know at this time,” the spokesperson said.

Regardless of if or when the cease-and-desist zones will be implemented, the Long Island Board of Realtors, whose region includes Queens, plans to use the public comment period to urge the state not to go through with them.


(sarc) said...

We have "Do Not Call" lists, yet I receive numerous calls each day on my private phone.

People know and realize the values of their homes and the business will continue regardless.

Another nonsensical waste of your tax dollars, so the powers that be can say that they did "something"...

Anonymous said...

I have piles of brochures and the realtors are practically knocking down doors and demanding cash sales in my community. The homeowners are not pleased. This policy should be expanded to other communities.

Anonymous said...

Can we have a do not solicit list for those only offering last year's prices? Seriously it's a wet dream of mine to having someone knocking on my door offering me double what my house was worth last year. Hello waterfront mansion in Florida!!!

Anonymous said...

The realtors don't care.

Anonymous said...

We have "Do Not Call" lists, yet I receive numerous calls each day on my private phone.

But those people are using software to hide the real number they're calling from (some of whom are in India) - so you can't report them, and they can't be punished. But a realtor is not going to try to hide who they are, because they want the commission for selling your house - Maureen Folan is not going to pretend to be Judy Markowitz - so if they violate the cease and desist zone, they can be reported and punished.

Anonymous said...

Yea sure they will. I tell these Asian realtors no im not selling when they knock at my door but yet they still insist on leaving their stupid flyer on my door. So they won't listen... Its hopeless

Anonymous said...

they still insist on leaving their stupid flyer on my door.

Put a "No Trespassing" sign up in the front of your house.
When you see one of these Chicom real estate mobsters, call the cops.
It works, trust me.

Anonymous said...

They use what's called VOIP from an offshore calling center.

From what I understand from a lawyer:
If you do not have a "no trespassing or peddling" sign your wide open to solicitation. 2: If you do have a sign they can ring your bell because they are not SELLING you something.
The law needs to be fixed, the loopholes were Obama and the liberals way of stimulating commerce and helping the dirtbags. Its the same shit with "do not call" list where as long as they don't word to directly to sell you something or on behalf of a charity your free game.

Anonymous said...

I am posting a sign in English, Chinese and Korean:
LOL....and maybe a "posted" notification.
I'll set the dogs on ya"!

Cynical said...

Unfortunately, like Avella's other great ideas, the one will bite the dust too.

Anonymous said...

No historic districts and no solicitation free zones for you.
Too late because you voters say on your lazy asses for too damm long.
Show some gumption and dump Vallone!

Ned said...

This Avella is a real piece of work. Instead of wasting on all this energy and effort for laws that bring us closer to Marxism why not go straight to the problem and FIGHT to enforce laws already on the books and fight to reascend this EB 5 direct investment program allowing these people (shitheads and get overs from overseas)to buy green cards for the whole family with an small investment of $500K ?

Ill tell you why !!
Not since the run-up to the Civil War has the nation been more screwed up
Pricks like the NY Governor down to the shitty Mayor and you local liberals want to turn States into an EU-style technocratic tyranny's which they control from local government level.
Total complete authoritarian and centralized control over all aspects of life, from cradle to grave,” Sanctuary cities, gun grabbing, harassment are a perfect example’s

NO NEW LAWS ! Circumventing citizens Constitutional rights with state and local laws is what Hitler did. Just GET RID of this EB 5 investment program and enforce laws already on the books. Once these foreign nationals know their money cant buy green cards they will stop parachuting in, problems (including housing and the AIR-bnb problem will drop quickly and dramatically !!
Then fix the rest !


Anonymous said...

"Not since the run-up to the Civil War has the nation been more screwed up"

Another civil war is just about inevitable at this point. Just a matter of time...