Sunday, August 27, 2017

City to help churches become developers

From Curbed:

A new program backed by the city and community partner Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) NYC will help nonprofits throughout the city develop affordable housing and community space on their underutilized properties.

The program, called the New York Land Opportunity Program or NYLOP, will provide free assistance to the institutions as they seek to develop their underused properties to benefit the community at large. Participation in NYLOP will come with access to lawyers and architects and help the institutions with issuing requests for proposals so that they can identify and select experienced developers as joint venture partners.

NYLOP is launching with five nonprofit institutions in its first round. All five institutions are faith-based organizations and include The Community Church of New York Unitarian Universalist with property in Murray Hill, Manhattan; St. Luke’s Episcopal Church in The Bronx; Shiloh Church of Christ in Harlem; Wakefield Grace United Methodist Church in the Wakefield neighborhood of The Bronx; and St. John’s Global Ministries near downtown Jamaica, Queens.

“Working with New York City’s community-based organizations, and particularly faith-based leaders, we are finding new ways to turn underutilized lots into modern affordable housing and community spaces that will benefit New Yorkers in need,” Mayor de Blasio said in a statement.

In addition to helping nonprofit institutions bring affordable housing to their neighborhoods, NYLOP will also help the churches create space for crucial community programs.


JQ LLC said...

Nice juxtaposing street signs.

Just says it all about the desperation and ignorance of the Gentrification Industrial Complex.

Anonymous said...

All the asians in Frushin will hop on this band wagon and create the worst overcrowding anyone has ever seen in this city. I'd like to know how the city is going to control over population in these communities or if they've even considered the fact that some neighborhoods are over crowded already and there is no need for more people to be moving in. Stop the Madness.

Anonymous said...

These places would make perfect non profit locations - small groups may not have Democratic Party supported funding, nor have a perspective on programs that further the Party's agenda or grip on people's thought, but they will use the money a hell of a lot more effectively than Party mouthpieces.

Stop starving non-profits! Stop strangling the arts!

More than one person has commented on the staff at the Queens Library, for example, as "just doing their job with bored faces" - just the types you want to water the pot of creativity.

Anonymous said...

The Koreans and Baptists are way ahead of you on this. They are wonderful slum lords and the Koreans are on their way to controlling all of Queens. The worst landlords are Korean churches.

Anonymous said...

Oh shit, this is the biggest neighborhood busting Trojan to date!

Translation: City to church: "Take in our garbage we will let you do whatever you want"
All the church property's and catholic schools will be replaced with boxes of jailbirds, homeless, drug addicts and sec 8s.
Nightmare for the police, services and property owners.
The churches will pocket $$ billions of government money and not pay a penny tax.

So this is how the city's going to blockbust every neighborhood at gunpoint!
The same shit WILL happen with all the detached garages, illegal basements & apartments.
BIG trouble coming for everybody !

georgetheatheist said...

What happened to separation of church and state?

(sarc) said...

georgetheatheist said...
What happened to separation of church and state?

George, and any of the other Constitutional scholars,

Please show me EXACTLY where in the Constitution of these United States the phrase Separation of Church and State exists.

Hint: a piece of correspondence from the author of the Declaration of Independence does not count, especially when that individual was serving as ambassador to France at the time of the Constitutional Convention.

Cue up the crickets.

I imaging that I will be waiting for quite a length of time...

Anonymous said...

Freedom of religion is not freedom FROM religion

georgetheatheist said...

Never said the phrase was in the Constitution. But Jefferson whom you are alluding to wrote of it as President in his 1802 Letter to the Danbury Baptist Association The phrase has been used - the Living Constitution by cracky! - in Supreme Court decisions.