Monday, August 28, 2017

How's that for height?

From NBC:

Residents in a quaint, townhouse-filled Brooklyn neighborhood are furious over a developer's plan to build the borough's tallest high-rise building in their backyard. Lori Bordonaro reports.


JQ LLC said...

This is hysterical, hyper-developed tower pestilence has been going on there for nearly 2 decades thanks to the city rezoning and former district councilman and public advocate De Faustio's gift to Bruce Ratner's Atlantic Yards now Pacific Park luxe projects (although there is no actual park) and now the residents are NIMBY complaining because now there will be a behemoth literally in front of them.

And for what, so new schools will be built. It's now like everything to maintain civic services like education or safety net like affordable housing has to rely on the building of more luxury towers.

You think with all the money that has come to this city from the influx and consumerism of massive tourism would have been enough to construct a school standing by itself.

(sarc) said...

Simple economics!

Footprint area is a fixed value.

With the appropriate air rights and zoning negotiated and purchased, height and depth are relatively unlimited.

It is cheaper to build up than dig down...

Anonymous said...

It's getting ridiculousness !

Anonymous said...

Funny how the city got to decide on this without a vote for approval from the residents. Within the 5 Boroughs if a property owner wants to elevate their homes attic space by way of a dormer you have to get your neighbors permission/ok along with approval from BOD.

Let alone this is going on in all the boros. So much for "No one is above the Law" (Thomas Jefferson)