Saturday, August 5, 2017

DeBlasio needs matching funds to stay humble

From DNA Info:

Mayor Bill de Blasio stood by his decision to take on more than $2.5 million in matching funds from taxpayers — saying he'd be forced to turn to big donors instead of everyday New Yorkers to fund his reelection, despite having raised millions more than his nearest competitor.

Speaking on WNYC's the Brain Lehrer show Friday morning, de Blasio, who had raised $4.78 million in private funds according to city records, said he didn't take the upcoming 2018 election for granted and said he relied on the city's matching funds program to focus fundraising efforts on small donations.

"You cannot assume the outcome. People who do that are sorely disappointed," he said.

"We focused on house parties and we focused on reaching out to every day New Yorkers," he said. "Now if you had’re not going to have access to a serious amount of matching funds than that would encourage me or any other candidate to go try and find larger donations and that's not the world I think we should be creating."

The city's campaign finance board approved $2,579,427 in public funds to go towards de Blasio's reelection campaign on Thursday.

He'd be forced to turn to big donors? I guess all the developers and unions are small potatoes?


JQ LLC said...

The ego of this corrupt, powermad, megalomaniac mayor. These are the ramblings of a delusional sociopath. He is basically telling Lehrer, who must have been puking in his mouth, that if he doesn't get/hog these funds he will, ahem, resort to soliciting, ahem, bigger donors with nefarious motives and insatiable demands.

This city has had nothing but rotten and good but turned out rotten mayors for the past 50 plus years but De Faustio might be the worst of them all. He has exhibited duplicity since day one.

Our local news media needs to cover Albanese and Nicole more prominently these next few weeks, because right now there is none and De Faustio is treating city hall like it's a big safe zone. This must change.

Anonymous said...

"We focused on house parties"... I think you mean mansion parties.

Anonymous said...

Follow the money.

Anonymous said...

Run him out of town with a pole up his ass at the polls!

Anonymous said...

He needs it to pay for his legal fee debt. And someday he will finagle a way to do
just that.

Anonymous said...

Wow, he truly has no shame.