Sunday, August 6, 2017

Gentrification trolley on track

From NY1:

A proposed street car line that would link Queens and Brooklyn is still on schedule, according to Mayor Bill de Blasio.

The mayor said Friday that construction will begin in 2019 or 2020.

"There's been a series of community meetings. There's a lot of folks in the community who want it because a lot of these areas don't have transportation options," de Blasio said on "The Brian Lehrer Show" on WNYC. "There are a lot of folks who are raising real concerns and critiques that we are trying to address."


Anonymous said...

We had these but were removed because the auto industry. It is a great idea. Glad to see it coming back.

JQ LLC said...

There was that report presented to show the absolute infrastructure unfeasablity and insurmountable costs. Was it even brought up by the developer's lobbyists/community board or even by Lehrer.

Look no further why De Faustio, our corrupt and arrogant mayor, where the 451 million dollars he refuses to give to the new subway transit plan is going to.

And for the love of Pete, look at those renderings! They look more stupider than ever. Do those tech pussies at We Work that got hired to make this demonstration really think a sleek trolley going the wrong way underneath the BQE is not going to cause chaos? Or taking a 2 crucial lanes away from a street is going to improve traffic. And most of all, to these dopes who I am sure take climate change seriously, think it's not wise to put this rail on the coastline where just the other day flash flooding engulfed this very path by Gowanus?

Time to put De Faustio and all his overpaid toadies and the Gentrification Industrial Complex on a short bus out of here.

The best picture may be the only where there are people, all white, dining al fresco has the gentrification express passes by.

Anonymous said...

Funds for this boondoggle but not capital maintenance for existing useful subways?

Anonymous said...

What is this asshole talking about. We have something called a GG train and a 2 track tunnel already built that can go Queens to Brooklyn in under 4 minutes.

This shit deBlasio wants do do will only result in deaths and major lethal traffic accidents. This is why trolley's done away with all the trains were elevated or placed underground in the first place. You will always have stupid people and dozens of tons of steel on steel rails simply can not stop fast enough lite rail or not. Its basic physics and nothing can change that.
Doesn't this asshole not know the history of his own city or was he stoned on the radio ? (they all is stoned liberals at WNYC-NPR)

In 1847, NYC authorized street-level rail down Manhattan's West Side to ship freight. So many people were getting killed the city had to hire men called the "West Side Cowboys" to ride horses and wave flags in front of the trains. However, so many accidents occurred between trains and other traffic that Tenth Avenue became known as "Death Avenue" Even some of the "Cowboys" and horses got killed
So will we have cowboys on horses again ?

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for this trolley to go online. Expect at least 10 accidents the first month this thing is operational. de Blas better not count these accidents or his Vision Zero #'s will go through the roof.

Anonymous said...

I live in Astoria, so I can only speak about Queens, not Brooklyn: this is bogus for NW Queens. To be continued. 11106

(sarc) said...

It is so kind and thoughtful of our benevolent communist dictator to inform "We the People" that we will be getting shiney new trolley cars, AND YOU WILL LIKE IT!!!

Anonymous said...

The dopey yuppies bought in the middle of a transportation desert!
It seems there is always money and plans to serve the better off and never enough to improve things in lower income areas.
Me......I followed the advice of my grandfather. "Make some money while you're young".
THAT is the only protection you have in the real world.
Nobody cares if you conduct public demonstrations. Money talks and bullshit walks.

Gary W said...

Relevant article.

Anonymous said...

You've got to be F'in' kidding me! DeFaustio brought in a Canadian to do the projections--says a lot about his faith in NYC. This line will only serve the hipshit neighborhoods, will be a nightmare and the money could be better used for transit system!!! Tax the rich? Which rich?

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to read about how many accidents are caused because of this thing.

Anonymous said...

Where does your councilman stand on this - they get bent over transgender, illegal, blah blah blah

sooooo where are they when you are suffering stuck in a broken down system because they spent your money on their bullshit?

so where is city council on this stuff - they certainly know that money should be spent on your commute - or do they only notice you when they want one of their gombahs in - isn't everyone getting repeated junk emails from Honest Joe and Katz on that unknown pol in SE Queens that want you to support?

M. How said...

Did anyone stop and think about how the mayor will be able to keep ahead of heavy snow for this trolly in Brooklyn when his score card for keeping Queens and Staten Island streets clear during past heavy snowstorms has been abysmally poor?

And, since this area is in a known flood zone and sea levels are steadily rising, how will he defend this pork barrel expense when it can't run underwater and proves to be only good for scrap metal?

Any ideas? Contact the mayor.

Anonymous said...

Any ideas? Contact the mayor.

keep it local - contact your local nitwit and do it in public, on line, and in print every chance you get - the only thing to lose is your chains.

Anonymous said...

At what point can this mistake be converted into a regular subway which would be easier to maintain?