Monday, August 28, 2017

Calamus Ave residents concerned about water quality

From PIX11:

The DDC has now changed its regulations as a result of the mistake in Maspeth. In a statement to PIX11, a spokesman says “The agency has added a new specification to its construction requirements that mandates that only hose manufactured for potable water be used in future projects.”

So you mean to tell me that there was no regulation in place prior to this that hoses for drinking water be made for drinking water? How many other have been affected by contractors cutting corners?


(sarc) said...

And how many posters here have quaffed water from a garden hose on a hot summer day?

There is still a fair amount of dwellings In this City being serviced by a lead water main.

Most snowflakes drink only name brand bottled water when we have one of the best water supplies in the world!

This is "outrage" just for the sake of outrage.

Another story that allows me opportunity to highlight the stupidity of the general public and the fake news. Thank you!

Are we all happy?

Another unelected, unaccountable Government bureaucracy created another rule.

I can just imagine what that cost the taxpayers in man hours alone.

Let us not even consider the deforestation that will occur from the printing and promulgation of the newly instituted edicts.

I am hoping everyone is overwhelmingly joyful for this incredible victory!

When will the champagne corks be popping and flying?

Congratulations on a battle well fought and prevailing victorious.

I am off to my backyard for a drink from my garden hose in celebration...

Anonymous said...

If the consumer is concerned take a sample of the water to an independent tester. Aldo, if these hoses were installed and did not meet spec at the time of installation, sue the installer.

JQ LLC said...

This discovery and these revelations of city contracts and negligence and contractor cost cutting has a striking familiarity of Flint toxic water scandal, just substitute the filthy river with the hoses.

And it's quite heinous and demented that the DEP is writing regulations for this now after the project was exposed the first time 2 years ago. In fact it's funny how busy the mayor and city council have been the past 2 months.

And Ms. Crowley is quite a dingbat. It may have been a soundbite, but it showed how ineffective she is. (popper pipes!)

And for the second attempt to install the red pipes, payback for the Holiday inn express?