Saturday, August 12, 2017

Getting to MS-13 through immigrants

From Fox News:

Critics of the sanctuary city crackdown say it will chill immigrants from helping ICE go after MS-13 gang members, but the feds say they have plenty of tools – including a change in visa status - to win cooperation from the immigrant community.

The options seem to be paying off, with investigators from ICE’s Homeland Security Investigations saying immigrant cooperation is making a big difference in the fight against the lethal and ruthless MS-13 gang.

In an atmosphere where cooperating with law enforcement is a death sentence imposed by the gang, most illegal immigrants appear to be more concerned about how to obtain legal resident status than financial reward, said one investigator who declined to be identified.

But at the same time, critics warn that the visa tool should be used only sparingly, since it could lead to fraudulent claims.


(sarc) said...

As President Donald John Trump says:

"Those are some bad hombres"...

Anonymous said...

Why would illegals risk being deported themselves? They stay in "the shadows" as some libtards contend.

Anonymous said...

All thanks to Moya, Ferreiras, and Viverito. The FAKE progressives lobby in city hall has ruined this city!!

former federal law enforcement said...

But Donald J. Trump DOES NOT know his ass from his elbow when it comes to INFILTRATING such gangs. He's a teenage John Wayne without "The Duke's" real pair.
The FBI needs to use agents that can blend in and infiltrate. That means LATINOS, doofus.
Imagine a white "hombre" who cannot speak the lingo and wears Trump ties trying to pass himself off as a gang member.
Caramba! Machete meat! Trump is a gringo who lives in a retarded stage of arrested development. Daddy always took care of his sandbox brat. In fact Donald has more in common with gangsters, after a second thought on the subject. He's a heavy handed thug. "You're fired!" You're dead, hombre. LOL!

Anonymous said...

If illegals want to cooperate with the police regarding illegal gangs, they can anonymously call the police. If they don't want to cooperate, make those renting apartments and hiring them, paying the price. Or course, that would require legals to have some decency..

M. How said...

To former federal law enforcement who said... "... Donald J. Trump DOES NOT know his ass from his elbow when it comes to INFILTRATING such gangs."

That is an evident statement which is why he has enabled Jeff Sessions to do the job. A good manager surrounds him or herself with those who can carry out his objectives. So far, Sessions has done a good job with MS-13.

Now, if the rest of our overpaid government employees in the House and Senate would get off their duffs, stop thinking about feathering their own nests, do what those who elected them want and need, then Americans would get their money's worth.

former federal law enforcement said...

Call the cops on your cell phone and they know who you are , you dope.
They remain in the shadows.

M. How said...

To former federal law enforcement who replied: "Call the cops on your cell phone and they know who you are, you dope. They remain in the shadows."

I cannot believe that you are "former federal law enforcement". Of course, they are in the shadows but it appears that SOME are being flushed out. We will never apprehend ALL of them but finding, imprisoning and/or deporting THOSE WE DO FIND is a start. At least MS-13 knows we are on their case and carte blanche is no longer on their menu.

As far as using a cell phone to call the cops, that is not necessarily the only way to communicate. One can always send an anonymous unsigned letter or use a public computer to contact the police with information.

By the way, are you sure you are not a troll? I am entitled to my opinion without being called a "dope".

My last words will be: Good bye and have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

Good call, and dignified ending, M. How. And, when in doubt, always remember this famous quote: ❝I've learned long ago not to wrestle with pigs. You get dirty, and besides——the pig likes it.❞ ——George Bernard Shaw