Saturday, December 3, 2016

Taxpayer-funded program will pay families to house their relatives

From the Daily News:

The city is offering to pay friends and family members of homeless shelter residents to take in their less fortunate loved ones for up to a year as part of a new program timed to the holidays.

The “Home for the Holidays” program launched this week, and is being offered to 5,000 families who have been living in shelters for at least 90 days.

The host family will get a taxpayer-funded $500 gift card for their hospitality, and extra money toward their rent.

Depending on the size of the family they take in, the host families will receive $1,200, $1,500 and $1,800 a month for up to a year.

The homeless family will also get a $500 gift card to help them settle in.

Department of Homeless Service Commissioner Steven Banks said that the program aligns with the administration’s belief that everyone has to pitch in to address the homelessness crisis, which has led to a record number of people living in the shelter system.

I suppose the timing of this announcement has nothing to do with this:


Anonymous said...

Totally use tax payers money to do this! It's your family member and you do this??
You the tax payer are paying for this just to get it back while taking in a family member?
Some families do their very best to try to help people who do not want to be helped. Family or friends.
And then there are families who do not care and never made the attempt to help family or friend.
Then you have people already doing this. Doing this with no tax payer money. Hey if the family member is getting Medicaid who is homeless should it not be right to give at least something to that family member for staying with them? 50 or 100 to them for staying there?
The DeBlasio administration should find a real solution for these people. Sometimes people just want a place for themselves.

Anonymous said...

And how will the city determine if someone is really homeless and not just lying so that the family can play this city scheme and pocket the money? How will the city keep track? This mayor really needs to go !

Anonymous said...

Everyone to pitch in??? Hey my taxes are paying for so many things. I have always had a small family and now it's even smaller because of family passing away.
I have no one in my family that is homeless and my circle of friends the same way.
The city does not have to remind me about my fair share and if I had a family or friend in need I do not need the city to pay me for what is morally right. I would take them in.
But to those who do not have anyone the city must find a real solution to this?
By the way what happens if these people have family out of NYC???say North Carolina...are you paying for that with taxpayer's money???
Yet with the Bloomberg administration these people were given a bus ticket back home.
That was called inhumane. What is this called?
Who will make sure these people are taking care of them and just not in it for the money?
Come on doing our fair share?? How about you find real solutions?....

Anonymous said...

I hope this excludes renters! The city now officialy encourages dangerous, overcrowded housing! What an easy program to scam as well! Who came up with this shit program?

Anonymous said...

Let mayor dumdum house the homeless in his own house....the one he rents out for 5000/month.

Anonymous said...

I understand that it is cheaper to house homeless with families. I don't see how it would be free from abuse. Yet, I see homeless people sleeping in bank vestibules, etc and they have to sleep somewhere.

Joe Moretti said...

"Department of Homeless Service Commissioner Steven Banks said that the program aligns with the administration’s belief that everyone has to pitch in to address the homelessness crisis, which has led to a record number of people living in the shelter system."
BUT the problem is people like Banks IS NOT Pitching in nor are any of the elected officials. I mean ask Banks, ask deBlasio, as Stringer, ask James, ask Katz how many shelters are in their neighborhood, on their block.

This whole "every body pitches in bullshit" is just that BULLSHIT. In a city where there are the largest numbers of billionaires just on Park Avenue, the countless millionaires, thall pitch in. Why are the middles class or lower class always the ones who have toe tons of rich celebrities and sports figures. Let them all pitch in. Why are the hard working middles class or lower class (some with two jobs) always the ones who have to "pitch in" and make sacrifices or volunteer. Some of these folks are living paycheck to paycheck and they are told to "pitch in".

FUCK YOU. You 1%, you elected officials, you mega rich celebrities, Trump and his cronies, YOU FUCKING PITCH IN. You all certainly can afford to. Hell, Trump has not paid taxes in decades, but then we will never know how much since he refuses to show his tax returns like every other president has done for decades.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, "family re-unification" as in bring in 1/2 of Mexico's children and mothers here and make US pay for them and have OUR children's classrooms packed and dumbed down to fingerpaint and ESL.
These "guests" will never go home
This program is a bad TROJAN and should be illegal !!!

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter - the Hillarys all want you to fund their programs, their lifestyles, and their agenda.

No politician will say a thing, no government agency will move against this, no media will cover this, and no community board will do anything effective.

The Democratic Party must me spraying all that fascist garbage (as rumor has it) in those playgrounds cause after 80 years of one party rule you have a clique that has hijacked our government for their personal agendas - they are our own home grown Nazis, eh?

Anonymous said...

What Tax Payer money?

That is Bill DeBlasio's money! Every Cent!

He doesn't work for the tax payers.

He works for the 'people'.

God Bless Sanctuary Cities!

Anonymous said...

of course the HRA/DHS workers who process these applications are already on the phone to their relatives and friends.

Isn't there a per person ratio for an apartment? tell me all of these so called "relatives" are going in family in NYCHA projects? How do they prove that they are relatives?

Anonymous said...

there are also two (2) hotels one in woodside - Quality Inn located at 53-05 queens boulevard and LaQuinta Inn located at 37-38 Queens Boulevard which are homeless shelters too which Jimmy Van Bramer knew about since May 2016 and has done nothing about all he has said was that he does not want protesting there and meanwhile you have regular guests that are paying top dollar to stay there -- put them in his area where he lives - oh wait not in my backyard -

Anonymous said...


Search "DAILY CALLER"type : NORWAY,to read what VIKINGS are doing to erase WORLD FORCED ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION.

JQ LLC said...

Everybody has to pitch in. OK, how about on 57th st/Billionaire's row in Manhattan, especially those blade runner ominous monoliths 157 west and 432 park ave (you should see those buildings now, mile high total blackness, nobody lives in there). What about the pied-e-tiere's. Reportedly, there are hundreds of them in luxury buildings old and new. What about those new towers by Atlantic Yards, Park Slope, Williamsburgh and LIC, those buildings have loads of vacancies.

Who's idea was this really? Was it the Dope of Park Slope mayor Big Slow? Was it those loitering rodents from Berlin/Rosen? Was it Hipshit Lincoln Restler. Or was it Weasel Banks himself, because if it is then Weasel Banks has played himself big-time with this lunatic proposition and it's clear that the well is bone dry of cheap ideas to dump the homeless crisis they are fomenting on the constituency, for they are now basically bribing people to alleviate the damage these elected and appointed incompetent bags of dicks and shit and the Gentrification Industrial Complex have exacerbated for the past 5 years.

The future days of living in these 5 boroughs are very foreboding. Especially after Jan. 20. Because after that, city hall will get overhauled with the arrest of the Mayor and his agents and federal aid is going to get cut. Then what the fuck is going to happen to all these unfortunate people, broke and working?

It's scary mentioning it. But I guarantee the new gilded age will be sustained.

Gregg Popovich was right. We have become Rome.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Joe has some anger issues , poor snowflake.

Camel bladder said...

You know folk there was a time long ago in America where people took in their family members who had fallen on hard times without the big strong, compassionate,all helpful government having to pay the family to do what families alway did. However the family members were usuall not chronic substance abusers that were being paid a monthly cash stipend by the state simply for being a substance abuser, you know "disabled". You see, bAck then if you were a drunk, or a drug addict or just a lazy scumbag you didn't get money you got shunned by society and government and maybe you didn't survive. If you were really mentally ill you got put into an insane assulumn, were insane people really belong. Back then a family could take in a family member down on their luck because they usually were not drunk, drugged, fucked up or crazy.
Isn't it great how modern government has helped us?

Anonymous said...

What a totally stupid crock of crap! It will attract even more illegals and people from out of town to feed off the NYC taxpayer teat. Anyone staying at a relative's house for any reason can now apply to feed. Eliminate this utterly ridiculous nonsense.

How about the homeless have to prove NYC residency for at least a year, and a finite term of benefits, not just handing them out forever?

Saturday, December 03, 2016

Anonymous said...

Utterly insane!

Anonymous said...

Place ICE agents at the junction blvd station on the 7 line.

Anonymous said...

Someone got a nice bonus thinking this up.
Well while your administration puts shelters in our areas...take a long hard look at Queens Blvd...with three shelters on it why do I see
people living under the has a bunch of suitcases and the other has his collection around him. I guess the hotel was not a good option for these people. All I see is more street people around...especially the tents on the LIE.
We need more solutions here.

Anonymous said...

How are they going to stop people - who've been housing their adult relatives long-term without complaint, relatives who never even considered themselves homeless - from telling them "hey, go down to the office and say you're homeless because I'm kicking you out so I can get some extra income. We'll split the difference."? It's an enormous perverse incentive. Does DHS even think before they spend?

M. How said...

Joe Moretti said... "This whole "every body pitches in bullshit" is just that BULLSHIT. and

JQ LLC said... "Everybody has to pitch in. OK, how about on 57th st/Billionaire's row in Manhattan,..."

and Anonymous replied: "Looks like Joe has some anger issue, poor snowflake."

And my reply is: If we all have "anger issues" does that make us "poor snowflakes"?
Good Grief -- this City has gone to hell in a hand basket and those that have the guts to complain are denigrated?

Maybe this "Anonymous" would be so brave as to use his or her name so we all can see who is content with this three card monty government using taxpayer money to keep themselves in office.

This particular "game" has all the earmarks of a scam. Joe Moretti and JQ LLC seem to be the only ones speaking out. I join with them and say we ALL have to start speaking out. It's the right thing to do. Besides, it's OUR MONEY. Who gives this government the right to decide how it is to be spent? There is no public input and that is totally wrong!


Anonymous said...

Most of the homeless aren't even from nyc so how can their families house them If their families don't even live in this city? That makes no sense.

Anonymous said...

The lunatics are running the asylum.

Anonymous said...

How much does the city pay the landlords for increased water, hot water, heat, additional garbage to take out, depreciation, etc., etc.?

Or do they get stiffed for being the property owner?

Anonymous said...

The city will have to include a social worker to oversee these arrangements. This will add $millions to the cost of the program...over $100 million!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thans for poting his address. I'll make sure i piss on his front gate the next time im in the area.

Anonymous said...

Not to mention the anti-social behavior of the "visitors". Their (multiple) kids have no sense of respect for property or others--just watch them when they are on their way to school in Elmhurst, or the family is doing the laundry in the laundromat---jump property fences, pull out flowers, climb on parked cars, run up and down stoops and pull mail out of boxes. Do not give a shit and parents ignore behavior, texting on Obama phones or openly smoke reefer. And then the "welcoming" family provides ready-made baby-sitting so Momma can hang out again! Graffiti, and pee in elevators, loud music oh wow, what a delight for the long-term residents! And as if the NYCHA doesn't have enough unauthorized and doubled-up families...include the gift payments as income and raise the f-in' rents

(sarc) said...

Sounds like a great program to me!

Where do I sign up?

I have some useless relatives that I may parlay into some quick cash!

Regarding "M. How's" comments on referendums, remember that These United States are a Constitutional Representative Republic, and a democracy is two wolves and one sheep voting upon what is for dinner.

I choose to be a Sheepdog!!!

Anonymous said...

"How much does the city pay the landlords for increased water, hot water, heat, additional garbage to take out, depreciation, etc., etc"

The city basically blackmails these landlords with "play or pay" and this may be coming to private home owners next. The next census workers will be demanding to see how many are residing and how much unused square feet you have in your house.

Anonymous said...

""(multiple) kids have no sense of respect for property or others--just watch them when they are on their way to school""

Yeah just wait till they are teenagers, army's of them with no skills or jobs. Demanding what's yours belongs to them including money.
All these Mexican and Central American children are being raised to believe America was stolen from them and what's ours all belongs to them.
Big BIG trouble is coming.

Anonymous said...

"The next census workers will be demanding to see how many are residing and how much unused square feet you have in your house."

The city could only hope for this ability. Unfortunately for them the census is a federal program and the boy mayor and his leftist minions have no control over it.

Anonymous said...

I don't get it. This is the first decent idea to deal with the homeless crisis that this administration has had, and people are treating it like it's equivalent to converting hotels into homeless shelters.

Now I don't trust this administration to do anything right, but the idea is sound. It seems akin to the Bloomberg initiative to take care of ailing seniors in their homes, instead of paying for costly nursing homes.

Some important bits from the article:

"is being offered to 5,000 families who have been living in shelters for at least 90 days." So no just reclassifying your kids/parents as homeless and collecting the money.

"The program could also end up saving the taxpayers money.

It costs a whopping $40,000 a year to shelter one family in the system, which is nearly double what the city would pay for a family getting the maximum stipend for the same time period under the new program."

While I doubt DeBlasio and co will do a good job of running this program, it's still likely to be cheaper than both shelters and paying a premium for hotel rooms.

Anonymous said...

"Unfortunately for them the census is a federal program"

Yeah thank god Trump was elected because Census workers entering you home with sheriffs was coming at federal gunpoint under Clinton's Obama II regime, a liberal stacked Supreme court and the NYC Mayor.

Still that federal issue & immigration enforcement being federal law may not mean much for NYC.
This mayor (and the Governor will join)is doing everything possible to "bust up" neighborhoods, and has promised he will disobey anything Trump signs including disobeying federal law to continue his agenda full steam to do cause so much damage & chaos it cant be reversed without the whole US army.

Remember this mayor is so crazy he's likely to set all the criminal illegals currently in jail for serious crimes free to loot & torch the city if the feds or Trump try to touch them.

Anonymous said...

People will feel differently once the money runs out and then are stuck paying for their family members from their own pocket.
Like the old saying goes...Fish and having family stay over for longer than three days....begins to smell.

Anonymous said...

TEX.Congressman states "on 1/21/2017 the SANCTUARY CITy/COUNTIES will lose $15million EA.,if they do not follow fed. immigrationlaws ...already on the books.

NYC may lose $7.7 Billion in total fed.$$$$. where do you think DeB/City Council Marxists will get the $$$$$ from ?

Ned said...

"where do you think DeB/City Council Marxists will get the $$$$$ from"

For starters: $1200 a year automobile city usage fees, $1000 traffic cameara tickets and a shitload of new taxes and surcharges for homeowners. As in open up that extra room or basement for an exemption or PAY UP to keep that X_amount SQ foot home you own and live in private !!

History has proven Marxist's always succeed onc eyou get at the younger population is dumbed down as in "re-education" and indoctrinated into what they want. Exactly what's been going on in all the big city schools and colleges. Most of these brainwashed will be voting in the next elections
People say "oh stop, it will never happen" but it very well could !!

Obama, the #1 America hating Marxist imperialistic thug getting not only elected but re-elected was a perfect example. NEVER beleive the words "it cant happen"


Anonymous said...

Hey Ned, if Marxist reeducation always succeeds, how do you explain Hillary losing so much of the youth vote?