Wednesday, December 14, 2016

New plan for old Parkway Hospital

From DNA Info:

Developer Jasper Venture Group LLC, in partnership with Auberge Grand Central LLC, purchased the hospital's mortgages for about $6.5 million in 2012 and two years later snatched up the site with a $1 million bid during a foreclosure auction, according to published reports. Now developers plan to renovate it into affordable housing for seniors.

Builders plan to gut the original six-story hospital building, which features two basement levels, and turn it into 70 apartments for seniors, according to Michael Cohen, a spokesman for Councilwoman Karen Koslowitz. The company would also build an additional three floors atop the building to include 27 market-rate units.

The owners are also planning a 12-story tower in the parking area between the former hospital and the Grand Central Parkway that would feature 200 market-rate apartments, Cohen said.

According to DEC, the soil has "low concentrations (ppb) [parts per billion] of petroleum compounds in groundwater on the site."

"DEC is planning to request that the applicant gather more data to determine if remediation is necessary to protect the public and the environment," Kevin Frazier, a spokesman for DEC said in an email Monday.

The application, according to DEC, is currently “undergoing a 30 day public comment period.”

Comments are closed December 30. Info is here, site code is C241193


Anonymous said...

A proposed 70 units for the elderly with no parking and 227 market rate units for whomever.

Translation: HOMELESS SHELTER for Forest Hills.

Anonymous said...

I live near there and think the idea stinks! Have they not seen the serious parking issues Forest Hills has?? There's an elementary school next to the site which is overcrowded and there are waiting lists to get in, why is it a good idea to build a 12 story tower in addition to the senior housing planned? The tower will bring more families into the neighborhood and saturate the school system and parking situation further. Why not use the land to expand the elementary school and help alleviate overcrowding? Oh yea, no profit! And that location is not too convenient to the subway so I'm sure many tower residents will have cars too - big mess!

Anonymous said...

How about affordable housing? Not everyone can afford 2,400 rent. How about a place for 60+no children.
Yet I see another homeless shelter and soon NYC will be known as the homeless hotel city.

Anonymous said...

wait and see what will happen another "Homeless Shelter" watch

Anonymous said...

Think of all the homeless families that can be "sheltered" there. The meth heads will come all the way from Maine to live in that building.

Anonymous said...

The developer will build and sell it to the city as a homeless shelter. Hey Melinda Katz....why aren't you saying anything about this?

Anonymous said...

No parking,no building.

Anonymous said...

The property has plenty of space for a garage. The GCP service road facing the property gets congested during the afternoon rush hours. The block is a very long one and any city approval should mandate a pedestrian shortcut walkway between the GCP service road and 113th Street.

Anonymous said...

$2400 is cheap. I was actually going to say not everyone can afford $4000 a month.

>>Not everyone can afford 2,400 rent.