Friday, December 30, 2016

NYC real estate prices on downward trend

From Crains:

New York City’s real estate market is showing telltale signs of slowing after an extraordinary three-year run that saw average office rents in Manhattan jump by 20%—from just under $60 per square foot to more than $70—and the median home price in the borough climb to a record-high $1.15 million from $800,000.

The pessimism centers on residential development sites amid concerns the city is overstuffed with high-end apartments.

Among the recent string of sobering reports is news that a 10-story building in Brooklyn Heights—one of three large properties being sold by the Jehovah’s Witnesses there and in Dumbo—will fetch a price 25% below the $300 million or more for which it was initially projected to sell. The parcels are considered prime places for both residential and commercial development.

Brokers said the decrease mirrors a precipitous drop in the value of land sites in the city by 20% to 25% so far in 2016. These brokers declined to speak on the record because several are marketing such properties and don’t want to openly disparage the products they are trying to sell.


Anonymous said...

good I hope the real estate market crashes -

Anonymous said...

if nys would be able to Frack Shale ,the cost of resident real estate would decrease enormously .CALL ANDREW CUOMO NOW .WE WANT LOWER HOME REAL ESTATE COST.

Anonymous said...

Pop goes the Bubble !

JQ LLC said...

Let's get some of these creative types to put up partition drywall on these 8 figure condos so the homeless crisis can be somewhat staunched.

And like the desired wall in mexico, let these predators pay for the sheltering and food.

Jerry Rotondi said...

The bubble is about to burst, once again.

Anonymous said...

What are they going to do with all of those overpriced residential units on downtown Flooshing?
Homeless shelters waiting to be occupied.

(Click GraphP said...

Sure enough, Deblasio, like Beame and Dinkins, crashes the market