Wednesday, December 21, 2016

City deed restriction lifted by donation

From DNA Info:

The city has struck a deal to build 38 affordable housing units on a formerly deed-restricted plot of land.

The area, formerly owned by the Dance Theatre of Harlem at 152nd Street and St. Nicholas Avenue, will be developed by BRP Companies.

Earlier this year, The Department of Citywide Administrative Services accepted $875,000 from the developer in exchange for lifting the deed restriction, which had been in place since 1976 and ruled it could only be used for cultural groups.

​The developer bought the lot for $3.1 million. They also made a financial contribution to one of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s political causes, the New York Times reported. BRP Companies did not respond to a request for comment.

Oh, well that's never happened before! And is 38 units really a lot?


JQ LLC said...

Forgive me for being redundant, but this was the the city sanctioned plunder that came after the Rivington house plunder.

Donation = bribe.

And has crappy pointed out the miniscule amount of affordable dwellings, Our local news media seems to be overlooking somehow and not reporting the fact the majority of apartments are market rate and out of reach for the citizenry in need which makes up the majority. These units are going to be deserted.

Just look at what's happening in Ratner's project by Barclays, they can't get any buyers for their mixed use eye-sore towers.

(sarc) said...

They must have read "The Art of the Deal".

A lot of people are doing the "Happy Dance" today...

Anonymous said...

So the Rivington House deal wasn't a fluke, it was business as usual!

I am Shocked!

JQ LLC said...

re: happy dance

Hopefully this will be on the itinerary when the dance studio opens.

For a news site called dnaINFO they seem to have left out the info about the amount of market rate apartments.

Curbed also. Which seems like a cut and paste

Something funny is going in the fourth estate of government

(sarc) said...

JQ LLC said...
"Something funny is going in the fourth estate of government"

"This is an election about truth, and you're not going to get it from the dishonest media. Some people can't handle the truth." Donald John Trump - President Elect of these United States of America

Anonymous said...

Somehow I don't want lectures about the truth From President Elect Trump.