Sunday, December 11, 2016

Residents come out for South Jamaica hotel protest

At the corner of 115th Avenue and Guy R. Brewer Blvd, a developer is building a hotel which residents fear will become a hot sheets type place or a homeless shelter.

You can see in the video that this property abuts the LIRR trestle. A large MTA bus depot sits across the street.

A group of residents braved the cold weather yesterday to protest this project at this unfortunate location.

There is an advantage to being able to see the writing on the wall.


Anonymous said...

Will the mayor's office call these protesters racist?
You see cluster sights do not work.
Hotels are not a solution.
Fight for your community South Jamaica
Do not let this mayor and his people lie to you and intimidate you.
This hotel shuffle needs to stop. They need safe and reliable housing like we all have. City must do better in this.

Joe Moretti said...

I notices that asshole Jamaica elected officials were not present for this first protest, not one asshole, no Senator Comrie, no Councilman Miler, no Assembly Member Cook who the asshole residents put back in office even though Rodney Reed (who as at the protest and been vocal about this issue) went up against her.

Yet, both Comrie and Miller made sure they were at the evenings holiday tree lighting at Rufus King Park to spout out typical canned bullshit that they are so good at.

Anonymous said...

Perennial Sliwa.
A kook from the 70s. At least he is out there.
Sliwa for borough president!
Let him really screw Melinda...right our of office!

JQ LLC said...

I think Sliwa would be more effective in City Council. Especially in the dirty southeast district of Queens.

And the angels were big in the 80's. I wasn't a fan back then of him and them, but the past few years he's been consistent on the issues plaguing our borough, so Curtis gets overdue respect. He's pretty funny too.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they should take the protest to the homes of all those elected officials who can't be bothered to show up at a public rally. And end the tour at Commissioner Banks' house. Every week, a different community who is screwed by Banks should show up at his house.

Anonymous said...

Jamaica has and always will be a cesspool of corruption. Elected officials spit in the faces of their constituents every day. Has not the black population learned anything yet? Vote out all of your elected. Don't listen to Rev Flake either who stole $20million from taxpayers to build a church while he was in Congress. Phonies. Liars. Cheats. They couldn't care less about your community. They are all talk and no action. Vote them out!!

Anonymous said...

was nys senator j. sanders,our pillar of Democracy there ?he demonizes the incoming FEDERAL Admin.with gusto & they were not in office for the last eight years? is he the racist,hateful,fake news perp?

Concerned said...

When is the next protest? Why is there no media covering this?

Concerned said...

Call your local politicians even though they may not show keep calling.

Anonymous said...