Saturday, December 3, 2016

City says contractor encroached on parkland

From DNA Info:

A longtime construction company located right next to LaGuardia Airport could get the boot by the city — after allegedly taking over a section of a public park to use as a personal storage area.

C&M Roofing, located inside owner Bob Myers' home on 24th Ave. and 82nd Street, illegally installed three fences to extend the home's back yard into the adjacent Landing Lights Park, according to a lawsuit filed by the city in Manhattan Supreme Court on Nov. 17.

Myers has cut off public access to the green space and is "effectively treating a substantial portion of the subject property as an extension of the rear yard," they said.

At an unknown date he built a wood fence, a gate, a metal shed and two driveways on what is the city's land, according to the lawsuit. Last year he installed a new metal fence, and gravel for drainage, the suit says.

Now the city is moving to take back the disputed land, alleging Myers has created a public nuisance and is trespassing in the park. They also said he's caused damage to the park's vegetation by trespassing.


Rick D said...

On a somewhat related note, has the city finally gotten all the homeowners who illegally extended their backyards into the Vanderbilt Parkway space out of there?

JQ LLC said...

Not to condone this jerk's action, but it's a mere offense compared to what this stupid city and it's parody of a parks dept permits that denies ample space for the public citizenry, like marketing events for movies and tv shows, food markets, fairs and bazaars with sponsors and ties to banks, developers and high-end moneyed non-profit groups and LLC's.

Anonymous said...

This was done decades ago. There should be some sort of statute of limitations and he should get the easement.

(sarc) said...

I think that the only fitting punishment for such an egregious act of violation against vegetation would be the DEATH PENALTY!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the picture with the Jet from LGA flying over the park polluting the public with noise and air pollution. Who could use the park with the Jets flying overhead ? Why don't the Jets fly over Central Park and the upper east side on some days and give Queens a break ?