Monday, December 19, 2016

Co-op wants to mow down trees for clubhouse

From the Times Ledger:

Windsor Oaks Tenant’s Corporation is seeking approval by the Board of Standards and Appeals to amend a variance between the co-op and the neighboring housing development so they may clear a wooded area for a new clubhouse and 98 new parking spaces, according to Steve Behar, legislative council to Councilman Barry Grodenchik (D-Oakland Gardens).

The variance to maintain the 100-foot wide section of trees goes back to 1951, when the co-op was built, and serves as a buffer between the two communities.

The land where the variance is in place is between Bell Boulevard and Springfield Boulevard and as many as 15 homes border the variance.

A Community Board 11 meeting in 2015 heard strong resident opposition to the plan to clear the woodland and the co-op’s application through CB 11 to amend the variance was shot down. In 2011, the Tenant’s Corporation had secured a loan to build the 5,000-square-foot clubhouse which was refinanced four years in a row without construction moving forward.

“In our last meeting before coming in front of the community board, it was suggested that we sit down with the residents of 77th Avenue and see where we could come together,” Windsor Oaks President Ronald Kaye said in 2015. “Sadly, they wanted no part of that. They just don’t want the project at all.”

But Behar said the co-op is not backing down from its resolve to level the trees standing between them and their future amenities.

“Over the years, they’ve cut down the trees, which they weren’t supposed to be doing under the variance, and now they’re asking the BSA to eliminate the variance,” Behar said. “This is a buffer between the cooperative and the homes. These people are up in arms because they bought their homes knowing that there was a variance, that they would be protected from this big co-op. We’ve also received a lot of complaints from people who live in the co-op, but don’t want this either.”

What exactly is a clubhouse needed for anyway? What hardship is associated with this?


Anonymous said...

So many people in Queens are disgusting pigs that care nothing about the environment or animals! You see this all the time in Flushing...almost all of the trees are gone!

(sarc) said...

The only reason that the Board of Standards is not approving the variance is the issue of one hundred new parking spaces.

This is in direct opposition to the city policy of increasing motorists misery factor!

If they were to request the clubhouse and removal of ninety nine trees it would have already constructed...

Anonymous said...

A clubhouse? Greedy and selfish morons.

JQ LLC said...

Clubhouse? that is a new one.

like the he-man woman hater's club?

that's the only clubhouse I ever heard of. That, Skull and Bones, the Hell's angles hangout in the east village, and that place Gotti's captains had on 101 ave

Anonymous said...

The creation of a driveway and parking in the protected green space and the building of a clubhouse will, without doubt, change the nature of the community and have a negative effect on the neighborhood's home values -- for those people living in the Windsor Oaks Development as well as for those people whose homes border this preserve of greenspace which has never been cleared. There are articles in the New York Times in 1950 which speak about the fact that those trees were left to provide a buffer between developments. For people who live on either side of these lovely woods, if the variance is granted, they will be exposed to a driveway, cars parking and a more than 2,000 square foot club house.

Anonymous said...

The "clubhouse" will be rented out for birthday/anniversary/engagement parties, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs and whatever the co-op can make a dime off of.
And without a doubt there will be a professional kitchen in the "clubhouse" and all the exhaust vents spewing smoke, noxious odors and associated noise will face the houses on the other side of the buffer.
It's all about the cash.

Anonymous said...

Good to see stevie b landed himself a government job again. Now he is mouthpiece to a cpuncilman relic of the claire shulman days. Notice he says nothing of substance. What is his position? What is his boses position? What are they planing on doing? Nothing nada zip.
Just talk.

Joe Moretti said...

WHAT THE FUCK does this city have against trees and greenspace. Had anyone ever had science 101 for fucks sake. Does anyone grasp the concept of what trees, grass and plants do for the planet, besides the fact they help with noise.

NYC will in a few years look like Blade Runner or Mad Max or worse The Road. Over populated, polluted air and dead.

FUCKING MORONIC CITY. THE worst in the US, even fucking Detroit is better.

Anonymous said...

If you want green space and trees move to the country!

I need a place for the No Ma'am meetings!

Anonymous said...

Stevie B. Now thats some funny shit. Saw this guy loose it at an adult softball game. Hes nuts. Doesnt stevie b live in windsor oaks?

Anonymous said...

The trees will accidentally be cut down,a small fine will be paid. New trees will be planted and die within 2 years and then be paved over.

Anonymous said...

A clubhouse for who....the alta kakkas (Yiddish for old shits) ?

Anonymous said...

Ronald Kaye, the crooked WOTC board president, needs to watch his language, drop the stupid variance fight and start refunding all the legal and planning fees he's burning on this and return some equity back to the shareholders and residents. Let's start with roofs that don't leak, reliable heat and reduced maintenance fees. Get some sense, Ronald.

Anonymous said...

I live in windsor Oaks and thank God the BSA has made a final decision and Turned this down. Ronn Kaye the co-op president is as corrupt as they come. Nasty piece of crap he is.verbally assaults women in Windsor Oaks he is a Bully and needs to go. love that fact that where I live I can look out my windows and see trees and wildlife. love watching the racoons, cats, squirrels and many many different species of birds. All this man thinks about is making a buck off of us the people that live here that club house was going to cost a fortune that he was going to charge a fee to use none of it made sense I truly believe it was all about him getting kickbacks to put in his own pocket. He is just a greedy man. Karma is a Bitch