Sunday, December 11, 2016

Apartment denied, deposit pilfered

From PIX11:

Demaris Morales and her mom Delia need help getting a new apartment in Queens. Why? Because they gave a $6,600 deposit to a broker they knew as “William” at Britati Realty in Woodhaven.

Demaris and her mom are Section 8 tenants. They’re housing is assisted by the federal government. But they told us “William” never permitted the Section 8 inspector to check out the Jamaica apartment they wanted. And next thing they knew, another tenant was in there.

So, of course, “William” gave them their money back, right?

Of course not. If he did the right thing I wouldn’t be involved.

Oh, and by the way, it appears “William” may actually be Anthony Ferrerosa. He’s used both names. In 2013, The NYC Commission on Human Rights found “William” and “Anthony” were the same person. And fined Ferrerosa $7,500 for discriminating against tenants with subsidies or vouchers.

Anyway, when we went over to his office, “William” wasn’t very happy to see us. First, he said there was a paper the ladies had signed that seemed to suggest he was off the hook. No such paper exists. And then he bolted out the door and then just walked away.


Anonymous said...

Not to be a heartless jerk, but where does a Section 8 recipient get $6000?

JQ LLC said...

That scumbag realtor should go to jail anyway. It's like some skell steals a purse from an elderly woman and avoids arrest because he or she gave it back. And to blatanly deny section 8 vouchers like that, those women would have probably wound up in Blaz and Banks byzantine homeless industrial complex.

That was the best help me yet from Howard, that guy got so scared he left without his coat in the cold.

It would have been better if a few cops with a warrant showed up at that bogus office of his (is that a realtor or a printing copy shop?, but we all know where this city's priorities are when dealing with enforcing laws being broken related to homes and shelter.

Where did that scumbag get the 6 large so fast? There are 2 banks on Jamaica Ave. but that lowlife darted around a corner. Smells fishy...

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...maybe Italian mob type realty agent denying Latinos an apartment?
Trying to keep the "wrong people " out.

Anonymous said...

Good work again by Howard !
He has the guts to help people in need !

Anonymous said...

If you're a section 8 tenant do you really need to put a deposit down on an apartment? Did the government them this deposit money?

rikki said...

Not to be a heartless jerk, but where does a Section 8 recipient get $6000?

drug dealing of course......i have a full time job and i cant come up with $6000....but then i've never been arrested either.

Anonymous said...

@ Richard Stefan
"Not to be a heartless jerk, but where does a Section 8 recipient get $6000?"
Here is a hint or two for you to think about before you make such a ignorant statement.
Maybe their family or friends gave or lent them the money ?
Might have some life savings or sold jewelry for cash ?
Do you think everyone on Section 8 dose not work ?

Anonymous said...

I think the deposit and commission are paid by the government when it is a Section 8 rental. I have been out of the real estate game in NY for a long time--can a newly minted real estate salesperson verify this?

kapimap said...

Private home dont want to take section 8 vouchers, thats what happened.

That agent is a scumbag and should have returned the money immediatly! He knows they are stuggling, while he drives his mercedes benz suv, what scum, look out for the little guy.

There are real estate agents doing this all over queens. Posing as a multi service, taking deposits, plain and simple scam.

Dont give up money without getting the keys and an empty apartment. Ever!

Anonymous said...

Not to be a heartless jerk, but where does a Section 8 recipient get $6000?
Moving weight.

Nino D said...

Nobody wants to rent to Sec 8s because once "in" they get pregnant, cry hardship, stop paying the rent share, electric & heat. (any number of scams to play the system)
Its then a 3 year circus with the liberal judges in housing court, the people destroy your house and if you turn the heat & electric off **YOU** get fined and possibly jailed. Also say GOODBYE the the tens of $10,000s you paid for electric, gas and repairs.

Library holds seminars on "How To Get Over" on landlords and all sorts of services--Most these classes are only held in Spanish & Chinese so most people never hear of it.

--Eff that I will gladly take and pay the fine then that 3 years of hell !!