Thursday, December 22, 2016

Queens Chamber of Commerce awards Steinway Mansion crappification

From George the Atheist:

The Queens Chamber of Commerce hosted their annual Building Awards dinner and networking event on Dec. 7 at Terrace on the Park in Flushing Meadows Corona Park. Michael Stoler, president of New York Real Estate TV and managing director of Madison Realty Capital, delivered the keynote address. Chamber President Mayra DiRico and Executive Director Tom Grech PRESENTED AWARDS TO INDIVIDUALS AND FIRMS WHOSE DEVELOPMENTS ACROSS QUEENS HAD A PROFOUND IMPACT ON THE BOROUGH. - Queens Courier, December 15 edition

Proudly beaming with ear-to-ear shit-eating photo grins: (left to right) Steinway Mansion "Park" architect Gerald Caliendo with Steinway Mansion "Park" owners Salvatore Lucchese and Philip Loria.


JQ LLC said...

New York Real Estate TV? Who or what are their viewers?

Those are the buildings? I expected something a tad more opulent, but they just look like a glorified strip mall, a 99c store would compliment it nicely

Judging by their shit-eating grins, it was worth destroying a green area. May bad fortune or something comically or ironically tragic happen to them.

My condolences, George and the slow death of my borough of 4 decades.

Anonymous said...

The King Manor Museum, whose chair is Caliendo, not only ignored their mission statement by keeping him in office after his involvement in this disgusting blot to our city, but Nadezhda Williams, the museum's Executive Director who works under Caliendo's direction, has garnered all sorts of awards and honors, as, for example, being on the board of the Victorian Society.

Not only tolerating, but honoring someone like this, sends a message to the preservation and historic education community on its own standards.

The good thing is that when told about her involvement with people like Caliendo, her supporters were shocked.

She should really step down. Might be a good long term career move.

Joe Moretti said...

Oh, yes, that is a much better improvement than that dusty old mansion that is such and eyesore in Queens.

Guess, they want to keep the title of your blog: QUEENS CRAP.

Fucking douche bags.

Worst fucking USA city EVER and the downfall still continues.

Anonymous said...

Yet another example on how the politicians have pretty much hijacked the borough chapter and verse - how their questionable ethical standards now are the official moral code for everyone in Queens.

How do you feel Queens, when the outside world sees stuff like this and laughs at you holding you in contempt for other people's loutish behavior?

Four politicians, who are responsible for this, are supported by a few dozen 'civic leaders' - who have been around for decades - have a stranglehold on everything from the community board, to the civics, charitable, and business communities in Astoria.

This Steinway Mansion fiasco is exhibit A that they are increasingly out of touch. Cannot think of anyone outside of Astoria that says this was a good thing to do to the community or our city.

Their average age is something north of 70 so times they are a changin'.

Anonymous said...

WTF is Claire Schulman hanging out at these functions? Didn't she do enough harm as QBP? She should be hiding in shame!

Jerry Rotondi said...

For what....the destruction of Steinway's original front lawn prospect?
The Queens Chamber (Pot) of Commerce is up the ass of the local REBNY owned politicians and close compadres of the over developers.
But...let's face it...Donald Manes (the king of corrupt beeps) wrote the Bible on all this.
Someone has said that this Donald had once said that, "Queens has nothing but land (to offer) and I intend to build on all of it...".
Well, at least it went something like that.
Maybe he was right. The level of ignorance about politics, of the average Queens resident, is as abundant as its undeveloped or underdeveloped land. Might as well hang up a sign..."RAPE ME"!
Remain silent and stupid and you will get the representation you deserve. NONE! Welcome to the great Queens Democratic dictatorship.
Yes, I'm a registered Democrat, but I am appalled that there are no good Republican competitors to keep the system a little more competitive and honest. When you have , ostensibly, a one party system, as we have in this bumpkin borough, corruption flourishes.
This is the garden borough for the growth of a prize winning corruption crop.
Lord, help us!

Jerry Rotondi said...

Far worse than the Steinway sellout is the ravaged historic RKO Keth's Theatre in Flushing.
It's ravaged ruins remain hidden in a dank musty interior.
At least Steinway's disembowelment is out there for all to see.
The Keith's destruction was the legacy of the Shul-Manes administration.
Shulman followed Manes's dance steps in assuring that the Keith's was handed over to a rapacious developer, Tommy Huang, who was well connected to local political crooks...Manes, Shulman, Ackerman, etc.
Happy Holidays to everyone.
The RKO Keith's opened X-mas day in 1928. It has remained closed as it is since 1986.
Thank you John Liu, Peter Koo, CB7 rats, etc. for what still exists as as sunken vessel at the terminus of Main Street.
We ALL think you did not do your best here.
Sweet nightmares to you shady politicians.

Anonymous said...

And where is the Queens Historical Society?
Sitting there with their thumbs up their butts as usual, begging grants from borough hall, the partners in the destruction of Queens's history.

(sarc) said...

Nothing will change.

This last election is a perfect example.

With the exception of California and New York the rest of the the country voted to change direction.

You reelected the same local politicians that have served you this GIANT crap sandwich for decades.

The opportunity was right before you, and more of the same was chosen OVERWHELMINGLY.

Just wait until The Comrade runs for reelection, he will be reinstated and consider it to be a "mandate".

By that time new tax structure will be in place, foreign moneys will be coming back, the economy will be booming and New York will be the place to invest and make Yuge profits just like President Donald John Trump did in years past.

You consider the current times as bad? Just wait...

Anonymous said...

General Sherman did less damage marching to the sea than the low class, get rich quick, rapist-developers in Queens.
The quislings at borough hall approve of all this.
Then we have the stalwarts, like Jimmy Ban Bramer, the queen of corruption.

Anonymous said...

I noticed this is from published by that whore Vicki (I'll do anything for an advertiser) Schneps.
Consider the source

Anonymous said...

This is ONE thing you cannot pin on Jimmy. This is the heart of VALONIA good buddy.

Paul is free to use any of their mighty works for his campaign.

Anonymous said...

These "awards" are little more than income generators for the Chambers: entries are self-nominated, and require substantial entry fees, more money flows when the Chamber and press solicit self-congratulating advertising.

Anonymous said...

Pure and real mafia right there. They get away with it.

Anonymous said...


It doesn't say it has to be a positive impact.

Anonymous said...

Kick them all out now !

Anonymous said...

Why is it all these crooks always use Terrace on the Park ?
Who is the owner of that place and whats going on between him, that business and these NYC politicians ? Lots or wealthy men in robes & turbins are always lurking at the place and the Hall of Science receptions with always same Queens politicians.
This really needs to be investigated somethings not right.

Estelle Cooper and her bunch must have stole and laundered over $ million at Terrace on the Park with "fundraisers" special dinners & lunches.
Something aint right here !!

JQ LLC said...

Nice use of "I'm with stupid" t-shirt hand, too

Anonymous said...

We must admit, they are handsome fellows!!

Anonymous said...

Profound impact indeed.

Anonymous said...

3 douchebags

Anonymous said...

We must admit, they are handsome fellows!!
Actually, they look a bit sheepish knowing full well that something like this blog - and others - will dog them.

The best thing they can do at this point, before they get run our of town (if the comments here and elsewhere get increasingly nasty every time their names get linked to the mansion) is simply call Steinway and make them an offer.

A win win.

Anonymous said...

Lot to take the blame. Others (including Vallone and honcho Halvatzis) should be in the picture, too.

These are just the front guys.

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of central casting Ital looking goombahs.
Soldieri of REBNY. Mamma Mia!

Anonymous said...

Um...why are you mad at the individual developers? If it wasn't them, it would just be someone else. The land went up for sale, they bought it, they developed it. If you're mad that it was put up for sale...put the blame where it belongs.

Anonymous said...

All these commenters getting salty at museums/historical societies, who have no power to do much about this other than protest (did any of you??)! (And no money...when was the last time any of the folks commenting here made a charitable donation to either King Manor or Queens Historical Society?) Board members help keep them afloat by paying dues, but do not do much with operations or decisions made by museum staff. Before commenting, you should learn how small museums actually work! Neither institution has a mission of preventing eyesore buildings from blocking views of Steinway Mansion...they can barely keep themselves going! If y'all were so concerned about the land being sold, you should have bought it yourselves, since clearly you all know so much about these things.