Monday, December 12, 2016

A streetcar named cha-ching!

From the Daily News:

The Daily News undertook a comprehensive examination of the mayor’s fund-raising tactics, interviewing officials, lobbyists and donors, as well as reviewing thousands of pages of records to determine who made donations, how they came to make their donations, their possible motivation for giving and what, if anything, they got from de Blasio.

Collectively, the findings point to a concerted City Hall effort to target those doing business with the city for checks far in excess of routine campaign donations.

Investigators looking at de Blasio’s fund-raising tactics have found evidence that donors expected something from City Hall in return for their generosity.

From the Daily News:

All aboard the mayor’s money train, a planned streetcar from Brooklyn to Queens that appears to have triggered developers with projects along the route to donate big money to his favorite causes.

First came the push to get Mayor de Blasio to back the $2.5 billion taxpayer-supported streetcar running from Sunset Park, Brooklyn, to Astoria, Queens. Supporters call it the Brooklyn Queens Connector, or BQX.

Then came the checks from seven developers, totaling $245,000, to support de Blasio’s favorite causes. The developers sent the checks to the mayor’s nonprofit Campaign for One New York.

Then came the mayor’s announcement, in his State of the City address in February, that the city would go full steam ahead with the 16-mile trolley line.

Shortly after de Blasio took office in January 2014, chief fund-raiser Ross Offinger drew up a list of business and real estate leaders from whom he planned to solicit “support” for the mayor’s newly formed Campaign for One New York.


chico0100 said...

And as an added bonus, the VALLONE'S are involved as well!!

There are so many reasons to vote Paul out, this is it. Just like Grace Meng and her dad, Paul Vallone and Peter and his father are bad news....they're toxic. They take and manipulate and lie.

This quote from the Matrix movie, sums up the Vallone family quite well:

"Every mammal on this planet instinctively develops a natural equilibrium with the surrounding environment; but you humans (Vallones) do not. You move to an area and you multiply, and multiply, until every natural resource is consumed and the only way you can survive is to spread to another area. There is another organism on this planet that follows the same pattern. Do you know what it is? A virus. Human beings (The Vallones) are a disease, a cancer on (Queens) this planet, you are a plague....."

Anonymous said...

Who will run this "streetcar" service? $4, $5 fare? What happens during the winter with snow and ice which rendered the old trolley car system back in early NYC useless? Where will stations be installed? Will it run 24/7?

Anonymous said...

When will a reporter confront Lincoln Ressler?

JQ LLC said...

I wonder if this yuppie hipshit will react the same when the feds confront him with badges. What a weasel.

"oh wow, I'm sorry, I can't,How long have you been waiting here..." and then the feds cuff his ass and lower his head into the back seat of the car.

These reporters need to be more aggressive, just pound them repeatedly with questions and make him squirm or coax a hostile response.

I can't wait till lil lincoln gets hounded by the press. Maybe gothamist can get an exclusive, rumor has it he's tight with them.

Anonymous said...

What a putz.

Anonymous said...

Don't ever count on all corporate fascist owned press to be aggressive in uncovering the truth, JQ——they take their marching orders from dishonest editors, all of whom demand their aggression to help COVER UP the truth, which has steadily betrayed all pretense of public trust, ethics, integrity, accountability and transparency over the past 50 years, and counting.

Just look at what is happening right now under the 'Cognitivie Dissonance' direction of a sociopath/psychopath named Bill de Blasio. They are all covering up for each other (whilst being vastly overpaid by the oppressed-and-ignored taxpayer that allows all taxation without representation to murder the remnants of NYC in the first place), and very soon this hyper-corrupt House of Cards will come crashing down with a sonic boom that would even get the attention of Boss Tweed, were he alive today.

And, the media are the ones who are willfully looking the other way because they are SO ORDERED by their corporate fascist employers of epic, humanitarian fail. That's why no one believes the purportedly free press anymore, because they aren't free, much less truthful at any level.

Now, they are just an insidious nuisance that doesn't justify their propaganda paychecks, as everyone around them knows the REAL story, as these counterfeit intellections (both INSIDE and OUTSIDE CITY HALL and ALBANY), continue to play dangerous games where someone always gets hurt, or worse, killed in a bloody battled over naked greed, a mental illness without cure.

These are dangerous times we live in——where telling the simple truth can invite a "stray" bullet to the head——ironically for the wrong party!