Sunday, December 18, 2016

BSA may actually give developer a hard time

From LIC Post:

The developers of the Paragon paint building who need a zoning variance in order to construct a 28-story tower on Vernon Boulevard may well struggle to get it, according to the executive director of the Board of Standards and Appeals.

The developers, Simon Baron Development and CRE Development, must adhere to several conditions in order to be granted a variance—one of which is that the structure does not alter the character of the neighborhood.

“We told them from a staff point of view that they would have a difficult time making that argument,” Ryan Singer, the BSA executive director said. “There are not a lot of buildings in that area that are that height.”

Singer said that his staffers told the developers that their case on this point “seemed like a stretch.”

The developers are continuing to press ahead with their BSA application. On Wednesday, Brent Carrier, of CRE Development, said that they are still on track. He said that they will not be changing the design in any significant way. He wouldn’t comment beyond this, other than saying it is “an exciting project.”


Anonymous said...

BSA will put up a good show , then grant the variance.
This is REBNY controlled NYC.

Anonymous said...

Jimmy "the Library Boy" Van Bramer is coming under increasing attack from both inside and outside his community for the destruction of LIC with unsustainable development and the collapse of its infrastructure while he calmly collects money for a replay of DeBlaz II.

So this one event, which will be undoubtedly milked by him through the lapdog Queens press, will show his concern for sensible development.

A bit like always bringing out the Pepsi sign to show that community preservation exists in Queens.

A cruel joke.

Anonymous said...

The developer needs an architect or a lawyer with connections to BSA members.

Anonymous said...

Since when does the BSA give a rat's a*s about following the "in keeping with the character of the neighborhood" requirement? Meaningless hot air.

Anonymous said...

“There are not a lot of buildings in that area that are that height.”

huh? What do you call the hideousness of the 35 ore more storied East Coast towers blocking the waterfront one block away?

At least this is architecturally interesting.

It won't matter , all the City cares about is more ringing ever more subsidized housing for the mooching class.

Height restrictions and everything else go out the window in the name of economic equality , even if it means making the market rate housing even more expensive.

Anonymous said...

Yeah councilman Jimmy Van Bastard is now asking for revamp of BSA. Good show Jimmy jerk wad!
He refused to recuse himself from voting yes on two 40 story buildings that are going up on the old 5 Pointz site.
Of course he gladly pocketed the $10,500 chump change contribution from the developer.
Jimmy has a hardon to become mayor. He will sell anyone out in a heartbeat to achieve his goal.
Dump this dirt bag into obscurity. Go back to the bathouses, Jimmy.