Thursday, December 15, 2016

Rockaway getting another hotel!

From On Rockaway:

For the past decade or so, visitors coming to Rockaway for a wedding or other affair, or even for a visit to the beach were told that there were no hotels in Rockaway suitable for even a short visit. Those travelling to Rockaway were often sent to hotels at Kennedy Airport or on Rockaway Turnpike in Nassau County.

Now, however, Rockaway Beach is about to get a boutique hotel designed by famous Wythe Hotel architect Morris Adjmi.

New building applications were filed Tuesday for the six-story project at 108-20 Rockaway Beach Boulevard, between 108 and 109 Streets, where Irish saloons and the famous McGuire’s Bar once stood.

According to the development Website NY NIMBY, the building would reach 86 feet high and hold 61 rooms, including seven extended-stay suites.

Hopefully it's more successful than the last "new hotel" in Rockaway.


Anonymous said...

Why bother calling it a hotel. They put them up,they fail and then become homeless shelters.

JQ LLC said...

Boutique. If this was truly meant for the intention for people related to the middle class residents of the area, which sounds like the recent incentive plan for relatives of homeless people, why does it have to be an upscale hotel.

And why a hotel? Despite the obvious suspicions, wasn't this tried already with that odious hipshit venture with those crooklyn hedge funders and their lame ass chefs and bars at the aforementioned playland inn. And does it have to be mentioned again and again that the beach, despite all that federal sand and pretty new concrete boardwalk, is still vulnerable to climate change and the city has steered funding for shore protection to refund the deliberate failure of build it back.

Not to hurt economic interest, or claim exclusivity to or malign an area. But Rockaway is not a tourist area like the coastal areas of California or Miami Beach, it's a local beach for the residents of the boroughs, which is still visited and patronized yearly by the millions way before all that foodie and hipshit culture came in, but our deranged city planners are still trying to beat this dead horse that the entire 5 boroughs, especially queens "the worlds borough" (vomit) is a goddamn theme park. Look at the recent intrusion of tour buses and the city plundering of residential parking at Dyker Heights this month as an example.

The developers behind this, who shall remain nameless thanks to LLC's, deceived the community of it's original size, so who knows what this is going to end up looking like, despite the original drawings and plans. It could look like that new building by 94th and that apparently is going to be a cluster site too. Boutique.

Some people, especially greedy people, will never ever learn.

Who the fuck is this morris asshole anyway and how did this hack earn his supposed fame? By re-purposing a dirty old warehouse factory and putting another building on top of it. Literally putting frosting on shit. And as creative and innovative as a 2 year old playing with blocks. In Fucking Brooklyn? Fuck Brooklyn (not the citizenry who counts, the branding)

This hotel is similar to that post Crappy linked from IMBY of that ruined apartment building in Park Slope.

When Ayn Rand (no fan here) wrote the fountainhead, I don't think she had this in mind.


Anonymous said...

After a few months as a failing hotel, the owner will try to convert it to condos, but realizing the cost to do so, will sell it to the city as a shelter. Next!

Anonymous said...

Hotel today....tomorrow a homeless shelter

Anonymous said...

"The hotel is being developed by In Good Company Hospitality Group and JBS Project Management, and they are reaching out to the community for support as they work through the earliest stages of the project.

They hope to open the hotel by 2017.

"We're still in preliminary stages," said Terence Tubridy, an owner of In Good Company Hospitality Group, which also runs Bungalow Bar in Rockaway Beach, and bars in Manhattan and Brooklyn, including the Refinery Rooftop, Parker & Quinn and Libation."

JQ LLC said...

My mistake about the identities, I meant to use LLC's as an example.

It still doesn't mean that this project is on the up and up. Especially since they are based in a WeWork cubicle. Also it's a bit ambitious to build a hotel because you run high mark-up trendy bars and glorified diners.

Anonymous said...

How about simply building a MOTEL? Especially since there will never be a need for a 61-room compound which will stay empty for the most part, and losing money (except during warm weather seasons), and will inevitably fail for the purpose for which was originally intended, thereby creating the formation for a future homeless shelter (stick them out there further and further away from urban society).

Hence, the plan is already doomed to fail, so unlike a MOTEL, which would serve its purpose and not be at the mercy of exploitation for unintended purposes once the business revenue stops flowing.

Anonymous said...

Can they hire me? I need a job.

Anonymous said...

Let him build it, but make him sign a legal document that it cannot be used to house the homeless. Once he realizes that there's no money to be made, he'll back out of the deal.

(sarc) said...

It is a good business model if you can get a piece of it...

Anonymous said...

Again why do we need hotels??? especially in the outer boroughs??
Especially here in Queens?? Really??
They put a Holiday Inn Express in Maspeth's industrial area. No real means of transportation. The traffic to get into lower Manhattan or out East to Long Island is crazy.
It is out of the way and never understood why they put it there in the first place.
We got the Comfort Inn and if anything someone should have invested in cleaning up the Grand Motor Inn.
I thought these places were designed for people to stay 2-3 days the most. Maybe a week but to have people "live in them".
If you want to smaller holding 20 people the most.

Anonymous said...

When Rockaway stopped being a summer retreat it went down the toilet little by little.
Playland closed and a lot of it became drug ghetto land.
Solution.... turn it into a resort gambling mecca. Build some posh hotels. Have cruise ships dock there.
Everything else that's been tried has failed. Maybe this is they way to revitalize it.
Aside from the privileged nabes on " the Rock" the whole area hangs in the balance.
It is too far away from the main isolated portion of NYC.
Sorry...but that is history folks.
Unless a real economically sound business plan is adopted, Rockaway will continue to be a money pit and a dump for all that's not wanted in the big apple. Push it all far out of view. Encamp the homeless , etc. there. That will become the last chapter in its history.
Oooh....those rich it in Breezy Point...must be spending a lot of sleepless nights.

faster340 said...

How fast will this be turned into a shelter when occupancy gets slow or non-existent... Unfortunately maybe there is a reason there are no quality hotels in Rockaway. It's not an all year long hot spot.. What are you going to do in the Rockaways in the middle of winter unless you are visiting friends or family...

Anonymous said...

Come on. A hotel operating in the boondocks? How could it possibly succeed during the torturous winter months by the sea? Everybody who has a pea brain knows what the developer is really up to . People of Rockaway: DON'T BUY IT!

Anonymous said...

now that addabo is reelected they can do anything they want down there

Anonymous said...

Well that's just it, during the slow months of winter, the city will house the homeless. Come Spring, well you know the city can't force the homeless out of a shelter. The birth of a new shelter.

Anonymous said...

Stop bringing in the savages and their endless babies on the city's dime into Rockaway. the drug dealers, prostitutes and loan sharks are killing Rockaway. go to Beach 113th, Beach 114th and Beach 115th Street on Rockaway Beach Boulevard. The crack dealers will be playing football in the street until 3am.

Anonymous said...

Nothing will rescue the Rockaways.

JQ LLC said...

"Nothing will rescue the Rockaways."

Sans Sandy, the place never needed to be rescued or be remodeled and re-appropriated by rich kid assholes from Brooklyn.

And Crime is steady everywhere. Even lame ass faux lux and cool Williamsburgh has seen an uptick,