Friday, December 30, 2016

To curb cut or not to curb cut?

From PIX11:

Martin Grillo can't believe after decades of serving the city, he says he now has to fight for a driveway to his home.

Grillo has been a paramedic in New York City for 38 years.

He was there on 9/11 and he helped victims who lost their homes to flood waters during Hurricane Sandy.

While he was helping, his home was being ravaged by flood waters.

Now, as part of the Build-it-Back Program, he says, the city promised him a curb-cut driveway that would flow underneath his home to his door.

"I have good and bad days. I can't always walk. I need this driveway," Grillo said.

After 9/11, he has trouble breathing and walking. A driveway would make it easier for him to get in and out if his home, and help him with parking.

"Why don't they just do what they said they would do?" Grillo said.

But after more than a year battling several city agencies, he says he is getting no action and no respect.


Anonymous said...

So is there a reason to not give a curb cut besides taking away parking from the neighborhood?

Anonymous said...

Parking one's car use to be a breeze in almost all of Queens but in the last 10-15 years it has gotten too congested in many neighborhoods. I see all types of games people play to "hold" spots and make parking even harder. Hell my friend won't move/use his car after 7pm because he will not find a spot within 5 blocks of his CO-OP.

JQ LLC said...

More arbitrary bullshit. It also sounds like they are trying to gouge this guy, a hero of the city, to get whatever funding they need for the out of state contractor plundering of and the continuing failure of build it back.

Anonymous said...

A driveway doesn't fit there, a car doesn't fit there. Why should the city make an exception for him?

Anonymous said...

It doesn't make sense to me to allow someone to may a permanent change to what essentially is public property if the guy can move 1 month later and then the next owner gets it.

Anonymous said...

I have seen this guy's house. Everyone there knows it was a dump before Sandy now he has a brand new raised house that didn't cost him anything. He also keeps several cars on the street that don't run. Maybe if he got rid of those he and others won't have an issue with parking.

Anonymous said...

Curb your politicians under penalty of fine or imprisonment!

Anonymous said...

He’s a scam artist and always will be. This scum deserves no sympathy.