Friday, December 9, 2016

Rego Park storefronts to be demolished for large apartment building

From Forest Hills Patch:

A number of stores located on the corner of Queens Blvd and 65th Road are about to face the wrecking ball to make way for a eight-story mixed use building.

Bahar Corp., the developer, filed documents with the Department of Buildings on Nov. 30 seeking to install a side walk shed in preparation of bulldozing the structure. The company filed for a demolition permit in October.

The new building will carry a 98-02 Queens Blvd. address. It will include 59 apartments, ranging from one-bedroom to three-bedroom, with balconies, 7,000-square feet of medical office space as well as retail on the street level and a parking garage for 59 cars.


Anonymous said...

I feel for the ppl in the immediate vacinity. Frank Behar is a slimeball. See his bldg on 72nd road. Tons of broken promises

JQ LLC said...

And the city's DOB continues it's 10 pounds of shit in a 5 pound bag method of granting building permits.

Anonymous said...

So that's why Masbia had to move from their prime location.

Julie B. said...

JQ LLC, at this level, it's like 20 pounds in a 2 pound bag. I doubt the sewers and the roads can handle it. Many people in the US can never fathom how we live packed like sardines--they'd rather die.

Anonymous said...

The subway is already like a string of sardine cans.
Glad I can use the LIRR. Do not want to have to rub my body with Vaseline in order to be able to squeeze into an "E" train.