Sunday, December 11, 2016

Bill signed to curb Jamaica Bay pollution

From the Forum:

The Jamaica Bay Borrow Pit Bill creates a five-year extension to legislation prohibiting the dumping of toxic materials into the borrow pits – areas of deeper water depths in the bay created by projects that excavated, or “borrowed,” seabed sediments for use in other areas – under the bay. This extends through 2022 language in state Environmental Conservation Law requiring permits for filling borrow pits with materials generated by dredging projects in area waterways. Under this restriction, the sediments must also meet the State Department of Environmental Conservation’s Class A criteria for chemical contamination, the state’s highest sediment classification.

The law is set to take effect immediately, with an expiration date of June 30, 2022.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe that ANY polluting has been allowed in this day and age! NYC is so toxic, both the land and the people!9

JQ LLC said...

That water by the peninsula is a color that is indescribable, and the sea level has got higher . This is long overdue, although the water may be beyond replenishment. Thanks to reckless dumping from the JFK airport and that treatment plant by Beach Channel Drive.

But it's good sentiment, Mario's son.

Anonymous said...

How about doing something about the untreated effluent...aka....SHIT....that winds up in Flushing's waters?
That mucho million dollar retention tank that was built ain't doing shit to stop filthy residents dumping into the sewers.
Where are the elected officials? Koo, Meng, CB7 and the rest of Flooshing's scurvy lot do not give a crap. Why?
Because the do not live on top of the stench! Uh...Flushing Chamber of Commerce, One Flushing, the BID exist to surface decorate, spin doctor Flushing's biggest problem. Trash, pollution, overcrowding don't seem to be on top of their list.

JQ LLC said...

Ah, flushing waters, can't come up with a more apt description. Remember Several Zippers? Whenever I saw that neon sign as a child through the car window, I immediately held my breath and pinched my nose.

Anonymous said...

What about all the dot heads that pollute the bay with their crap.

Scooter D. said...

There should be no dumping of any wastes into any body of water anywhere. Any kind of discretionary dumping today or five years from now is just another loophole for corrupt politicians and bureaucrats to sell permits and waivers to crooked polluters for dumping the poisons into our waters that the US Clean Waters Act was supposed to stop 50 years ago. Everyone should write to their legislators to change this bill for banning waste dumping from 5 years to forever.

Anonymous said...

How about getting that loud mouth (and permanent resident shithead), Chuckwagon Schummer on this, and while this camera-loving narcissist is at it, why not also order ALL city council members (all of whom get paid $165,000 a year off of our pubicly unauthorized, taxpayer-funded backs) to take a walk and actually SEE all of the pollution in their own communities, not to mention the filth and curbside trash that never disappears.

And, how about putting all Sanitation inspectors to work by examining the ever growing filth in the streets, especially 108th Street (between 107th Avenue and Liberty Avenue), and 111th Street in Richmond Hill (between Atlantic Avenue and Jamaica Avenue), and too many other streets to name??

That would fall into Eric Ulrich, Joe Addabbor and Michael Miller's terrain. But, I won't hold my breath. All three cradle-to-grave government parasites, along with the biggest parasite of them all (Schumer), only come out at election time to dupe their public fools into yet another term, where lunch and a manicure is STILL a stressful day for these vacuous vultures of epic fail!

Nice job, southeastern Queens residents. You get the representation (or in THIS case, the lack thereof), that you so richly deserve!

JQ LLC said...

I don't condone the term dothead, but there has been a lot of refuge during the warm months by that rest area between the bridge and broad channel. Tiki torches, coconuts and wasted food and sundries. One time stopping to piss there, I saw a massive group of raccoons heading towards me with their beady eyes flickering from the lights in the lot.

Also, for a few summers there were hundreds of dead geese all over the bridge and the boulevard. It must have the result of that gruesome and cruel policy the feds were doing for airport safety reasons.

That area has always been a dumping zone. Southeast Queens to this day gets no respect.

Anonymous said...

Love your "Chuckwagon Schumer" handle.
He's crazy glued to his seat. If he dies in office, they will have to bury him with his chair.
No solvent can remove him from it.

Anonymous said...

To last Anonymous: Chuckwagon Schumer is so entrenched in egomania (and failed public service), that even Mafia goons couldn't dissolve him in a vat of acid (much less the chair that he's permanently glued to for life)!

In fact, the only living things left after nuclear proliferation will be cockroaches, Shithead Schumer——and Cher!