Saturday, December 17, 2016

Not yet built hotels already for sale

From LoopNet:

Fair Fields Inn & Suites(Proposed Room Number 88, Buildable Area 23,118 sft.) and Court Yard(Proposed Room Number 131, Buildable Area 46,744) Franchise Agreement by Marriott Hotel Group and Certificate of Origin(C/O) are Included. Under the construction now. Zoning: R 3-2/ C 2-2. For further detail information, call the listing Broker for the information & showing.

By I-495, Long Island Express in Fresh Meadow, Queens New York.


Anonymous said...

It might as well read "Homeless Shelters for sale"

Anonymous said...

State Senator Avella and various civic associations from the Fresh Meadows area recently hdd a meeting with the owners of these hotels. The owners supposedly pledged that they were going to run this properties in a legitimate manner. So much for the integrity of the owners.

Anonymous said...

Wake up sheeple and vote for term limits !

Unknown said...

The latest in the spur of new hotels built to milk government funds For housing homeless.
WTF are community board for if they can't stop this

Anonymous said...

Yeah...Senator Avella again.
Big whoop!

Anonymous said...

Chinese will buy it.