Monday, December 12, 2016

DHS ok with making people homeless in order to house other homeless

From the Daily News:

A faith-based Queens nonprofit is trying to boot low-income renters into the street in the midst of the holiday season — in the hopes of converting their building into a homeless shelter, residents told the Daily News.

The New York School of Urban Ministries in Astoria wants tenants out of the 46th St. building as soon as possible and has been using underhanded methods to speed up the process, residents say.

Pastor Peter DeArruda, the executive vice president of the ministry, sent notices out last month informing tenants they must vacate the building by Dec. 31.

City officials said they were approached about using the site as a shelter but scuttled any plans when they realized that there were long-term tenants in the building.

“We’re absolutely, positively not using this place,” said Department of Homeless Services spokesman David Neustadt.

This DHS is something else. They lured a young couple to NYC with the promise of free lodging under "right-to-shelter" and ended up killing their young children. Now they're ok with evicting low income tenants so that they can stash their homeless there instead - until they get a phone call from a newspaper.


Anonymous said...

What they are doing is completely wrong! You are making these people you are kicking out homeless! I guess this administration is smoking too much just not make sense kicking out low income families just to put the homeless in.
What is wrong with this picture? What is wrong with DHS? Hey this right???
What gets me the city will pay for NYCHA residents to move into a right size apartment. I think the moving expense will be 5,000 for the first 400. No one is offering to help these soon to be displaced people.
Mayor DeBlasio you show us you do not have any real solutions for this and you are creating more homelessness by this action.

Anonymous said...

Saw this on tv...booting out low income people to make a homeless shelter.
Where will these people go? I guess this non profit is looking to profit from the city. I hope the DHS reconsiders this. Displacing people like this is no solution to the ever growing homeless situation. Also this right to shelter is killing the middle and low income families.
Housing is not payers are paying for this. Nothing is for free in this world. There is someone somewhere paying for the "free".

Anonymous said...

More Christians acting Christian.

Anonymous said...

> Now they're ok with evicting low income tenants so that they can stash their homeless there instead

It's rare that I'd give the DHS the benefit of the doubt, but there's no evidence of this in the article.

Anonymous said...

its always easy to spend other peoples money- I learned this the hard way when my partner was stealing from me and living lavishly. Now I see it in our Left leaning government. We need a government that is more fiscally responsible. Our National, state and local debt levels are too high.....

Anonymous said...

I agree that they should not have to leave in 30 days. My question is when do you get to live at a school forever? Are they employees of the non profit? Has that place been some secret housing because I have never heard of it.

Watch, the building owner will turn around, sell the building to developers and they will tear it down, putting up a luxury apartment building.

Anonymous said...

This is supposedly a church-based group who wants to boot these present residents so they can bring in their own? How does that possibly qualify as an OK thing to do by a supposedly religious person or group? They are the biggest hypocrites going. Just want to hear the sound of Ka-CHING coming their way in federal or city money. They are not alone in this. It is a disgrace that all these church-based groups are raking in the loot for "settling" people we don't even want in our country--mostly illegals or unvetted Muslims. And why do we need to import homeless from other states? We don't have enough right here? Until this lunacy ends, taxpayers will be unfairly burdened footing the bills for those who can't seem to get off their rear ends to seek work and/or hold a job.

(sarc) said...

Keeping the homeless housing providers in business and the campaign cash flowing...

Anonymous said...

Corrupt POS, That's what they are. Top down. All of them.

Anonymous said...

The only POS are the politicians like mystery Mike Gianaris who shows up, gets a photo op for the Ditmars clique, then vanishes back up to Albany where he does his real work of raising money for the Democratic Organization which is the force behind this travisty.

Does Albany care (or Mike himself for that matter) to serve the needs of their constituents? Come one people, when you see cows grazing in a field do you care for them?

His interest is to build the organization which means accepting donations from landlords (it is landlords that make $5000 per room on welfare state programs as opposed to renting to a legal tenant for $1000 a room) and to find employment in make-work social service programs as the Sanctuary Cities Agenda for the party faithful (whose resume is primarily that of being a toady to a politician rather than any real job skills.)

Joe Moretti said...

This whole situation and especially the one where the small children were killed in the Bronx from the city who placed them in this slumlord's building shows just how fucked up this situation is, not only the way this city handles the homeless, but this whole right to shelter bullshit which the parents of those two babies took full advantage of from coming from less expensive Maine to outrageously expensive NYC with no jobs, no savings and no shelter and then the tax payers have to take care of them. Read to get the scoop on those parents who never should have been parents since they could not even financially take care of themselves let along two babies that the choose to have when they were unemployed in Maine.

Plenty of blame to go all around, yet this fucked up city and administration always want to shift the focus on uncaring, racists tax payers when the uncaring are actually this Mayor and the Department of Homeless Services, which their job is to help the homeless, not turn it into a big business.

Thanks Crapper for really exposing this majorly fucked up system that the other media outlets refuse to do.

JQ LLC said...

Talk about hubris and naked aggression. Rev. Fuckface here needs to read his bible again.

Isaiah 4:6

It will be a shelter and shade from the heat of the day, and a refuge and hiding place from the storm and rain.

Looks like this religious huckster finds the profits too alluring and the laws too advantageous to resist, and the irony involved hysterical.

Producing homeless to take in more homeless. This is blatantly and brazenly manufacturing a crisis.

Anonymous said...

God is punishing these people...obviously!