Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Time limit proposed for sidewalk sheds

From Metro:

Scaffolding and green makeshift “sidewalk sheds” seem to be everywhere in New York, and in some places, around forever. A Manhattan city council member is pushing a bill that would limit the amount of time a scaffold can be in place.

Council Member Ben Kallos introduced legislation Tuesday that would give building owners up to six months to finish repairs and take scaffolding down. If there is no construction done in a week, the bill would also require the scaffolding to be taken down.

The bill would set a 90-day deadline for building owners to fix a dangerous condition, according to Kallos' office. Another 90 days could be requested if an extension is required.

After the deadline, the city would finish the construction work or repairs and the building owner would have to foot the bill.

If construction is halted for seven days or more, the scaffolding would have to be removed, if the bill passes.


(sarc) said...

This wondrous piece of proposed legislation is obviously presented by someone who has never been involved in the construction industry nor does he have any knowledge whatsoever there of.

And yes the city will complete a project in an efficient, cost effective and timely manner.

Does anyone remember the Wolman Rink???

Anonymous said...

Here is another example of a grandstanding public official proposing
a solution to a complicated problem without thinking through its' ramifications.

The results of this simplistic approach would have significant safety and
financial ramifications to many.

The plan could prove to be yet another costly burden to all New York City taxpayers.

JQ LLC said...

The contractors or landlords will probably hire a couple of chumps to do some superficial repairs for a few hours to keep them up.

Anonymous said...

Everytime scaffolding is put up and taken down , the city gets a fee. That's millions of dollars for the city every year. It's all a money- making scheme...much like the red- light camera shakedown.

Anonymous said...

7 days is ridiculously short in the construction industry. This is nuts.

Anonymous said...

The idea isn't the worst, but the time limits are way too short.

Anonymous said...

"The idea isn't the worst, but the time limits are way too short."

It's another bullshit idea from a do nothing councilman designed to get press in a desparate move for re-election...

Anonymous said...

There have ALWAYS been expiration dates. Nobody enforces our laws , so what's the use of having them?