Saturday, December 31, 2016

Kew Gardens Hills businesses destroyed by fire

From PIX11:

Three firefighters were injured and at least 14 businesses were destroyed when a massive blaze ripped through a row of stores in Queens Friday evening.

FDNY received a call about 6:30 p.m. of a fire in a store that is part of a one-story building on Vleigh Place between 77th Road and 78th Road. The fire spread to neighboring stores located in the building on the block.

By 7:30 p.m., the row of stores were up in flames, FDNY said. Fourteen stores and businesses were destroyed.

The fire has burned through the roof, causing part of it to collapse.

Three firefighters were injured. One suffered a sprain and another fainted, FDNY said.


Anonymous said...

Another set of lives disrupted by ancient crap construction. "Common cockloft" is just another name for "death trap".

It is not unusual for a business owner or employee to occasionally sleep over in a small business if they have an early morning opening and a long commute especially during bad weather or when workers are out sick.

The owners of these old dumps should be made to install rated fire walls going through the roofline and add sprinklers...or knock them down and build to modern standards.

Anonymous said...

Watch this.......Coming soon a Luxury Condo with retail stores on ground floor oh and don't forget HIGH RENT RETAIL STORES....

JQ LLC said...

This looks like arson, considering all these businesses were closed, and knowing the area, because of Hanukkah coming late. Somewhere an inscrupulous developer donor to hack electeds in the district is tethering his fingers.

Anonymous said...

Strange that this happened when all of these stores were closed for the sabbath.

Anonymous said...

Full investigation please.

Anonymous said...

No doubt arson, they want to build and go for the BIG $$$.
Epidemic of these fire happening in Los Angeles where they changed the height & use zoning.
Scenes exactly like the above photo.
Rows of one floor restaurants, clubs and stores that been standing since 1940 are suddenly having electrical fires and being replaced with glass boxes. Especially the ones near the new subways. All it takes is a clever electrician or contractor to rig things.

Anonymous said...

Anon# 2: I don't believe that the zoning for that area allows for luxury condos and high rises. Maybe Graziano can give us an insight on that area's zoning.

Anonymous said...

Midnight Lighting !

Anonymous said...

Look at the corner of Queens Blvd and Broadway....most of the stores ruined by a fire and now what is there? A huge apartment building and one going across the street from it.
Sad to say the area has seen an increase in panhandling and do not forget the traffic and noise...parking is horrible and for 2,400 I rather live somewhere else where I do not hear the constant fire engines leaving.
Watch and see what they put there!!