Friday, February 13, 2015

Pols actually work when pressure is on them

From the Times Ledger:

Nearly 50 demonstrators rallied for the removal of the homeless families shelter at the Westway Motel in East Elmhurst Saturday, a day after a convicted child molester was removed from the facility.

Shouting “Westway, No Way” and carrying posters that read “The Westway is not the Best Way” the protesters demanded the closure of the shelter, at 71-11 Astoria Blvd., even after the Department of Homeless Services announced plans for a new policy change.

“We really put the squeeze on DHS,” state Sen. Jose Peralta (D-East Elmhurst) said. “Costa Constantinides, Aravella Simotas and then Joe Crowley got involved. We jumped on it and in a day and a half he was voluntarily transferred.”

Constantinides is the councilman from Astoria, Simotas is the assemblywoman for the area and Crowley is the congressman for that part of Queens.

State Sen. Michael Gianaris’ Astoria office received so many phone calls from angry constituents that he joined the battle even though the Westway Motel is in Peralta’s district. “The continuing lack of information and transparency surrounding the Westway is extremely troubling and validates the community’s concerns about this location from the start,” Gianaris said.


Anonymous said...

That is a small group in Yuckie and we all know how the Vallones and their hanger-on listen to them - while the rest of western Queens can put up with medical clinics in their back yards, out of control development, and 'bistros' tossing beer kegs under their windows at 4 pm.

I think everyone in western Queens are pretty much tired of this little clique while they are told to move if they have a problem.

This group is a big reason why there is no train to the airport and millions of people have to be inconvenienced because six blocks of hotheads.

Anonymous said...

That only works with sex offenders. Try blocking crooked over development. An army of thousands won't make a politician fight that because that is where his money comes from.

Anonymous said...

Lip Service

Anonymous said...

Glad to know he is helping someone as he pretty much ignores people in his district certainly south of the Grand Central, unless of course, you are a developer and need a stop sign to 'calm' traffic disrupted by your development project that sticks halfway out into the street..

Anonymous said...

On certain issues even a lazy politcian will respond. He knows that the voters have him by the "short hairs" come election time , so he will make a good impression to please them. Besides, this is the ultimate taboo, child molestation. Now if we can only get developers' pals like Paul Vallone to stop mollesting us, we would benefit greatly.

Anonymous said...

LOL! Yeah, maybe that's why Don Vallone is always so active with children's sports activities.

Citizens Committee For Public Service said...

I nominate Peter Koo and Paul Vallone for the Guiness book of records as the two sit on their asses...we don't give a fuck about our districts....laziest pols of the year. A small resin replica of Rodin's seated "Thinker" statuette will be presented at Flushing Town Hall by Chuck "follow the buck" Apelian. We have not decided a category for nominating Chuck next year.

Anonymous said...

Listen the public what do they need.
If you lose the connection With public .
They will disconnect your power.

Anonymous said...

Let's see these liberal idiots vote for the bill that would bar child molesters from family shelters. Senate passes it but it always fails in the Assembly. Democrats are just so stupid.

Anonymous said...

Why is Crowley involved? doesn't he live in Virginia?

Anonymous said...

Well, one question is solved. The folks up there are mostly in construction.

Their group gets all the attention from the pols (that routinely ignore the rest of us) because their members hire all those day laborers (that pollute your community) and are the builders of those wonderful confections that are so admired on this site.

Gotta love Yucka.

Anonymous said...

On certain issues even a lazy politcian will respond.


He knows that the voters have him by the "short hairs" come election time , so he will make a good impression to please them.


Anonymous said...

This was just done to make the pols look good and to calm the angry mob a bit. The offender is still hanging out in the area visiting his family there. During the protest, most residents were bused out to an activity, but a few stayed behind to support the protest. They said the place needs to be shut down because of the deplorable heat, people sleeping in bathtubs, rodents & too many criminals.

Jerry Rotondi said...

There are some interesting points being raised here. I would personally like to know what accomplishments Paul Vallone can list for what he has done to improve conditions in the neighborhood that both he and I live in.
I am open for discussion, councilman.