Saturday, February 28, 2015

City wants large lot developed

From the Observer:

The city is looking for a developer to purchase a fee interest or a long-term lease and then redevelop a seven-acre parcel along the south side of Rockaway Boulevard near John F. Kennedy International Airport.

“This is an ideal location for businesses that benefit from the proximity to JFK International Airport,” according to the New York City Economic Development Corp.‘s recent request for expressions of interest, or RFEI.

The city-owned irregularly-shaped vacant lot is bound to the north by Rockaway Boulevard, to the south by Nassau Expressway and to the west by the Federal Aviation Administration office building, in Springfield Gardens, Queens. The area is home to one of the air cargo industry’s largest concentrations of customs brokers and freight forwarders, other airport-related industrial facilities, residences and retail uses.


Anonymous said...

Transfer of public land to private use and the resulting increase in carbon footprint certainly explains why we need to offset that by losing our streets to bicyclists and our sidewalks to trees and bioswales.

Anonymous said...

Is this the same EDC that built the airport logistics warehouse in the middle of the Idlewild marsh? Just say no!