Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Cemusa, DSNY not cleaning bus stops

"Hi Crappie, I don't know how it is in other parts of Queens but the bus stops on Grand Ave. in Maspeth have not been cleared since the first snowfall and are all ice making getting on and off the bus very tricky.

You just ran a story about Sen. Avella wants to make the Sanitation responsible for clearing snow from fire hydrants but who is responsible for bus stops? the city or building owners?" - anonymous

The answer:

"CEMUSA is responsible for removing snow at the bus shelters. CEMUSA must remove snow from the end of the bus shelters and three feet around them."

Agencies responsible for snow removal:
• Department of Sanitation – crosswalks, bus stops without shelters, roads, and pedestrian ramps
• Department of Parks – sidewalks and crosswalks near and in parks
• Department of Transportation – bridges and overpasses
• CEMUSA – bus shelters
• MTA – entrances to subways


Anonymous said...

Your answer says DSNY has to clean bus stops without shelters. All three pictures are of bus stops without shelters.

Queens Crapper said...

Thanks for pointing out my error. I corrected the post. There's a bus shelter near my house where a real half assed job was done, I'm not even sure Cemusa came out to do it. It looks like the adjacent property owner just shoveled a narrow path to where the bus door might open.

Anonymous said...

Alphabet soup

Anonymous said...

NONE of the bus stops, except for a few actual shelters, had the snow shoveled. I had to risk breaking an ankle every single day, climbing over a 2 or 3 foot pile of snow and then leaping down to the icy street surface to the street. Or, I had to stand IN the street waiting for the bus because it was impossible to even do that. Absolutely disgraceful.

JQ said...

cemusa was the corporation that ruined newstands and ended some of them.

If the creative class, the investor class and the other transients took buses there would have been some effort to shovel. But the majority demographic for bus commuting are the less attractive elderly, who don't spend as much and are considered expendable.

Anonymous said...

Maybe a deluge of lawsuits will correct the situation soon.I slipped and fell the other day and am proceeding to hold NYC responsible....through my attorney, of course .

Anonymous said...

Why aren't the owners of these properties responsible for sidewalk shoveling?

Anonymous said...

They are responsible for shoveling a path for pedestrian passage. The curbs where the bus stops are are owned by the city.

Anonymous said...

I must say that I have never seen Sanitation shovel a bus stop. I have seen Cemusa come out and do an okay job at clearing the bus shelters near me.

Anonymous said...

That is funny - was in Brooklyn and Manhattan over the past week and both areas seem to have figured it out.

By the same token was at Queens Borough hall this week and the place was a filthy shopworn mess.

But, since are lives are centered around a few dozen politician's needs and we don't seem to be concerned by it these things can be expected.

Anonymous said...

And who's responsible for stairs/pathway to the subway? By me it's almost never shoveled.

Anonymous said...

How about that map the other day comparing sidewalk snow cleaning and (you guessed it) Queens came out with the worst sidewalks.

Quality of life is ignored by our borough's leadership.

But, then, at the same time, I did receive a lot a spam on Chinese New Year celebrations in Queens.

Lets face it - sidewalks don't make donations or get your mug in the paper.

Anonymous said...

This neglect and laziness is all over the city and is perhaps why murder stats are down.
Those shelters are the perfect place mug somebody at night and cant find the body's yet ??