Monday, February 9, 2015

Queens Plaza strip club vacates!

From LIC Post:

Scandals, the gritty strip club that was located in the Queens Plaza district, has closed.

The club shut its doors at its 24-03 Queen Plaza North location about 3 weeks ago, according to adjacent tenants and nearby residents. The well-known jiggle-joint had been at that location since 2002.

Scandals stood out from other strip clubs since it was highly visible from the elevated 7-train platform as well as for Manhattan-bound motorists who were about to drive over the Queensboro bridge.

The club’s closure is just part of the ongoing transformation of the Queens Plaza district, which has gone from a beaten-up wasteland to a high-end residential playground.

The Chinese restaurant next door is also closed.


Anonymous said...

maybe they should open up on queens boulevard where the old dime savings bank was -- wouldn't that be lovely but wait -- NOT IN MY BACKYARD - haha

Queens Crapper said...

They can only open in manufacturing zones.

Anonymous said...

Whatever are Kiki and Sparkles going to do for work?

Maybe some Councilman can hire them!

Anonymous said...

I miss the convenience of!

Missing Foundation said...

from a beaten-up wasteland to a high-end residential playground.
It was once a thriving community until city policies all but destroyed it. I am tired of seeing the long suffering residents poked fun at and demeaned now they are faced with displacement by development. That garbage is really getting tired.

High end? - with those human warehouses being thrown together? Playground? Sure, I send my kids out to play under elevated trains all the time.

Who the F*K writes this S*T?

Anonymous said...

Who was the mafioso who ran the strip club?