Saturday, February 21, 2015

East Elmhurst construction center renderings published

From Brownstoner Queens:

New York YIMBY snatched up shiny new renderings of the gigantic convention center planned across from Citi Field and Willets Point, at 112-21 Northern Boulevard. This building will hold a lot: a 105,964-square-foot convention center, 97,180 square feet of retail, 11,300 square feet of restaurants, 292 hotel rooms and 208 apartments. The whole shebang, to be called the La Guardia Convention Center, will be LEED Gold Certified.

The developer, Fleet Financial Group, purchased the former Ford dealership in 2013 for $17 million. Construction was supposed to start last summer but it looks like nothing’s happened yet, and we’re unsure of a construction timeline.


Anonymous said...

Good luck getting there! Becuase there just isn't enough traffic on the LIE, GCP and the Van Wyck!

And don't forget Roosevelt Ave. - that's always a treat to drive on!

Or is the assumption that EVERYONE will fly into LAG and cab it over?

Anonymous said...

Better put in a helicopter landing pad because that is the only way to avoid the vehicular traffic tangle that already exists. A good cardiologist will warn you about clogging arteries. But, of course, the NYC real estate lobby that really runs the city knows better.

Anonymous said...

Roosevelt Avenue?
Northern Boulevard, 108 street, 37 Avenue and Astoria Boulevard are oh so fun as well!
Farce aside I think a convention center is great...theres not much life in that part of East Elmhurst or East Elmhurst in general...the hipster condos that keep going up in that area arent helping either.

Anonymous said...

Another glass curtain wall box that will have burst water pipes during a sub zero cold spell. That's what's currently happening all around town. Art Garfunkles penthouse has been flooded . The cause was frozen pipes.

JQ said...

At least Derek Zoolander's convention center for kids who can't read good will be sized appropriately.

fuck this city up it's festering towering glass ass

Troll said...

I have driven past there on the Van Wyck many times.

What are they going to do about the stench?

Smells like success!!!!