Friday, February 27, 2015

Bayside housekeeper tortured by employers

From the Queens Courier:

A cleaning woman was kidnapped, beaten and burned by the Bayside couple she worked for as they accused her of stealing money and jewels from their home and threatened to kill her if she didn’t return the goods, police said.

The 54-year-old victim’s employers, Devanand and Ambar Lachman, and a third unknown person confronted her inside the couple’s 217th Street residence at about 1 p.m. on Feb 13, claiming that she took their money and jewelry.

In an apparent attempt to make the woman confess, they burned her eyebrows and leg with what was possibly a plumber’s torch, and also beat her repeatedly with the object, police said.

The wife then went to the woman’s Port Washington, Long Island home to search for the stolen goods, but came up empty handed, authorities said. She then returned to her Bayside home and all four went back to the cleaning woman’s Port Washington residence around 9 p.m. They told the cleaning woman to get them the cash and jewelry or they would kill her and then left.

Once they were gone, the cleaning woman called the cops and her employers were arrested at their home.

Devanand Lachman, 32, and Ambar Lachman, 31, have both been charged with felony assault, kidnapping and unlawful imprisonment.


Captain Renault said...

Police are still looking for the Lachmans’ accomplice, described as a dark-skinned man, 30 to 35 years old, 6 feet tall and with a medium build.

In other words......


Troll said...

Another example of the breakdown of social standards in this city.

Now you can't beat the help.

What is this city coming to!

I am moving to Dubai* where this is allowed.

* Insert: India, China, Pakistan, Mexico, Honduras, Dominican Republic, Haiti, countless other countries.

Anonymous said...

Apparently, Bayside is not immune from lurid happenings. Tsk, tsk, tsk....for shame. Their past pristine image is now tarnished.

Anonymous said...

31 years old and hires a cleaning lady,SEIU1199 pays really well these days lol.

Anonymous said...

I grew up in bayside and I can honestly say that a lot of the crimes in bayside are swept under the rug to keep up the value of the neighborhood. Over the years, I have seen a guy cut another guy with a butcher knife up the block from me, have seen dog fights in the parks, drug dealers living up the block from me, I still know of a lot of people my age who sell drugs around there, have seen prostitution rings come and go around there, I have seen people's houses get robbed around have here, Cars getting vandalized. Bar fights breaking out. Bayside is definitely not a stranger to crime like a lot of people think it is. I have lived in bayside for 35 years so I've seen and heard a lot.

Anonymous said...

Some of the charming customs the immigrants bring with them.

Anonymous said...

Were they paying employee Social Security tax, and medical fees, or ignoring the law and paying her cash?

Liman said...

Just an idle question... where were the Lachmans born? Just asking.

Anonymous said...

Now she can keep the loot,sue them and retire,
I like this women,I'd rob a bank with her,even a Torch couldn't get her to talk!!!!