Wednesday, February 25, 2015

They needed to take a poll?

From the Daily News:

A whopping 92% of New Yorkers believe state government corruption is a serious problem, according to a Siena College poll released Tuesday.

“People are obviously upset about corruption and think it’s a major problem,” said Siena College pollster Steven Greenberg. “They clearly think we need to change the way the Legislature operates.”

The poll found that 58% of voters support keeping the Legislature part-time as long as lawmakers are forced to publicly reveal all their outside income, where it comes from, and who they work for — compared with 40% who would prefer to create a full-time Legislature where outside employment is banned.


Anonymous said...

Well, here is one of the "benefits" of the current system:

Note how that shitheel Skelos deflects and won't even promise to meet with these people.

While the gop is not totally responsible for this disgrace, his attitude is typical of how the republicans wave flags for the working class, but serve only the wealthy andpowerful.

Anonymous said...

Tony Avella is the ONLY honest politician in Queens! And he also WORKS A FULL DAY! And he MAKES A DIFFERENCE! And he ISN'T A SHILL for shithole developers!!

HEY STINKY - TAKE A LESSON! And eff you for reversing your position on the horses - knew that was coming - I told NYCLASS that you couldn't be trusted!!!

Anonymous said...

Pols want to keep it as part-time, yet when then attend a meeting, they stay just enough for photo-ops, then they're off, claiming they are very busy to stay longer.

Anonymous said...

and yet they fucks will keep voting in the same people because they got promised a handout.

Anonymous said...

First of all define "new yorkers". 90% of the people who live here are not "new yorkers"...lets clarify this are not a "new yorker" if you have just moved here from your shit hole third world country and you are not a "new yorker" if you just moved here from your boring state of Iowa or Arizona.

Now that I clarified that....yes, all politicians are corrupt and they all suck. I wonder though how many of those people that were "polled" actually voted in the last election? Just because you are registered to vote, doesn't mean that most of these people actually do vote.

Anonymous said...

its easy to criticize politicians and not give a solution. the fundamentals behind our system is that if you think you can do a better job you can run for office. these days with the internet its easy for the media to dig up the past on anyone and their family and run with it. Nobody is perfect and 99% of people couldn't handle the public criticism that comes along with public office. this leaves a small pool of people willing to run for office, which greatly limits the choices. now that being said i have no clue on how to fix anything regarding corruption in politics.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't bend over to pick up my soap if there is a pol lurking in my bathroom shower...including Tony Avella. How can you tell when a politician is lying? When he opens up his mouth. Can you blindly trust all politicians? The only honest pol is one who has not yet been indicted? In God we trust. Watch you back. Have a safe day.