Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Subway service on the decline

From the NY Post:

There is a lot of unwanted intimacy underground these days.

Subway riders are being squashed together on increasingly crowded trains, new data revealed Monday — and lack of basic manners getting in and out of cars is contributing to a spike in delays.

Weekday trains experienced overcrowding delays a staggering 14,843 times in December — the most recent month for which data were available.
That is a 113 percent increase from a year earlier.

There's also more trash.


Anonymous said...

Too many people in this damn city. That's what is holding up the trains. Even when I took a day off early last week from work, the six train was crowded at 1120 was a horrible site. I wanted to scream. It's not only the trains though, it's the buses too that are also very crowded. I remember years ago, no one ever got on or off of this one stop by my house and I even remember telling myself that they should just eliminate that stop because no one ever goes there. Nowadays, it's completely different. Nyc sucks these days. I long to go back in time when nyc was regular.

Anonymous said...

I'm aware of the pilot program regarding the removal of the trash cans at some of the MTA stations and I just cannot get over how backward and stupid this idea is.

The corporate fuckheads (almost certainly MBAs by the way) who are responsible for this need to be fired. THEY claim it makes the stations cleaner. Bullshit. Just look around you.

Corporate fuckheads like this (and their flunkies) are also the ones who compile the data and perform the analysis so of course the results say what they want them to say.

This is what happens when you let MBA bean counters start running things. It's happening over and over and over in just about every industry, department or workplace - both public and private.

Any decision that seems nonsensical and makes some service or product less effective or of lesser quality, if you dig deep enough, you'll discover that it's an MBA who is behind it.

These assholes have little to no interest in the public good, little to no accountability, and make everybody else's lives unpleasant while often getting paid a pretty penny for doing so. MBAs make things worse. That's their job.

Enough already. FIRE them. FIRE them ALL.

Anonymous said...

You said it! Everything is in serious disrepair in NYC!

The only people who don't agree are those insulated by their wealth!

Our pols should be forced to visit Chicago - everything is a lot nicer there. One possible reason - it's not nearly as crowded!

It's grown organically - and even though there are Mexican, Asian and PR communities it's not bursting at the seams with an overtaxed infrastructure!

This is all due to Bloomberg and now deBlaz!

Anonymous said...

Great. Let's build more towers.

Anonymous said...

Keep on giving developers's carte Blanche and our infrastructure will never keep pace with all the overbuilding and bloated population growth. These developers make their homes elsewhere, far away from congestion and shoddy services.

Anonymous said...

You think that NYC sucks ?Try living in Tokyo.

Troll said...

Boo hoo hoo.

Increased population is a fact of life as long as there has been civilization.

If you don't like the crowding, move to the suburbs. That's what people have been doing for decades.

Imagine if people stop coming? The tax base won't support all of the mandates we have had forced on us and the city will go bankrupt. Then you will see a city that is really inhabitable. Think of more people, no services, crime rampant.

What we really need is to get new immigrants who work, not illegals and welfare cheats.

That would have to start with the government actually enforcing the laws (vs. illegals and medicaid fraud) which they have proven they won't do. (Bloomberg's sanctuary city).

Start looking for a place in a nice state with lower taxes.

JQ said...

the mta has always been the worst in the world, although I seen footage of commuting in the nation of India and I still hold this belief.

And as anon up there pointed out, the removal of garbage cans is a penny pinching stunt by so called college educated experts that have no knowledge and are willingly oblivious of the habits of commuters,slobs and law-abiding.

As of the latter,although I never eat or drink on the subway.What about the person waiting forever for some unknown reason that the mta refuses to divulge for a delay, gets hungry and buys a snickers from a newsstand. Where does he or she do with the wrapper? Easy answer,throws in on the tracks.Why,who would want to hold on to garbage.

As for the inconsiderate slobs,they have multiplied with the presence of the billion tourists that the city brags about and the proliferation of food trucks.

The MTA coincidentally seems to get lousier whenever the fares are about to rise.

Another anon also nails it with the 6,this line has become the worst in the system.And it's a local that starts in manhattan.It must be the fucking towers downtown and the lower east side.

don't get me started on the fucking A

Anonymous said...

They are removing the trash cans because of terrorists will use them for bombs.

Funny, could not imagine something like this before that immigration 'reform' passed back in the '60 that reversed the earlier immigration policy that all but banned immigration because of ... bomb throwing anarchists....

Anonymous said...

If you don't like the crowding, move to the suburbs. That's what people have been doing for decades

Most parts of Queens was once considered a suburb. Now it is becoming more rural everywhere in nyc. There is no more suburbs in nyc!!

Anonymous said...

"Most parts of Queens was once considered a suburb. Now it is becoming more rural everywhere in nyc. There is no more suburbs in nyc!!"

That's profound.

Anonymous said...

Most parts of nyc are not becoming more "rural" they are becoming more city like.....I think you used the wrong term.

Anonymous said...

Because of the regular delays /over crowding and system shut downs we stopped taking trains years ago:with the exception of to and from work. That translated into our dollars being spent locally: in Queens or via car-in Long Island. No dinners in NYC, no classes or workshops, no shopping . The up side was that our money got funneled, as much as possible, to local businesses who needed our support to stay open. The down side was our spending in NYC dropped to zero. And as mass transit got worse, a temporary habit became our new lifestyle. Pure cause and effect and I love it. Needless to say, this also deeply cut our metrocard costs.

Anonymous said...

They are also cutting buses drastically to the point where, during rush hour, one must wait 20 minutes or more to get a Q64 up Jewel Avenue. The fantasy schedule sign says there should be a bus every 7 or 8 minutes at that time of day, but I know for a fact it's a 20 minute, even sometimes 30 minute wait for a Q64 toward the Queens Blvd. subway station around 5 p.m. And THEN, you have about a 30% chance that the bus will say "NO SERVICE" on the front! How could anyone possibly extend the word "service" to such a Keystone Kops operation?

Anonymous said...

I agree with the bus service declining as well. Q47 buses are horrible. In the morning this week they run 2 buses at the same time so if you miss the first bus, you'll miss the second and have to wait 45 minutes for the next one.

And in the evening commute, you're very lucky to make a connection at 74th street. If the Q47 is missed, that's another 35-50 minute wait. But you can pass the time by counting the number of empty Q70s that pass by (usually about 3-5).

4 out of the 5 days of the commute require some sort of running to try to catch that bus. I'm starting to view my MetroCard as not only as a commuting tool but a gym membership.