Sunday, February 15, 2015

Leaky hydrant causes hazard

From CBS New York:

For days, the leaky fire hydrant on 73rd Place in Middle Village has delivered an unrelenting flow of frigid water. Local residents said the water has spread all the way down the block, turning much of the sidewalk into a treacherous slab of ice.

And frustration was turning to alarm late Saturday, as a deep freeze was set to hit new lows in New York City Sunday night into Monday.

As for concerns that the hydrant won’t work if there’s a fire, an FDNY source said fire crews have redundancy plans in place for any emergency.

And late Saturday afternoon, city workers finally responded – turning off the water and promising repairs, according to local residents. They hoped the city’s move would mean the end of a leaky hydrant that created a rink no one wanted.


Anonymous said...

What? no comment, no photo-op from the local council member?

Jackson Heights Johnny said...

OK.... so the water has been turned OFF, and repairs have been "PROMISED"....

What's the time frame on the repairs?

Let's all hope and pray nothing (fire) happens and the hydrant is needed.

The FDNY says they have "redundancy"; will anyone remember that if, God forbid, that hydrant is needed?

NOT a good situation!

Anonymous said...

This is not uncommon: across from Forest Hills Tennis stadium you will find a hydrant that has been leaking for months. The conscientious homeowner who lives next to this eyesore has built first wooden and then metal drains in an attempt to direct the water flow in a safe manner as ice can be found traveling down the block towards Yellowstone Blvd. I hate to say this but if hydrants had water meters attached to them and some sort of EPA fines could be levied against the city for failing to address water waste -maybe this sort of thing would be less common? Or maybe it would take some unfortunate persons slipping and falling and suing and the local news giving the story coverage ?